Ignition Poker Reaches the Australian Poker Market

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Ignition Poker is now available to players in the land down under. This is good news to Ignition Casino affiliates since a new market is now open to them.

Ignition Poker just landed in the land down under to offer its competitive card game to the Australian poker market. The popular poker room will cater to Australian players despite the government’s legislation of prohibiting online poker in the country.

Ignition Poker’s expansion is a good opportunity for affiliates of the poker room. With some big poker names leaving the market, it is sure to have many Australian players looking for alternative poker rooms.

Ignition Poker vis-a-vis Australia poker ban

Ignition Poker opens to Australian poker market

Online gambling is illegal in Australia as imposed by the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act. Due to a loophole, however, poker rooms can still accept players. All poker sites have been operating in the gray area of the law over the years up until the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 was introduced.

The latest bill will close the loophole from the previous act. Doing so will outlaw poker rooms and other forms of gambling that were somehow legal before. The bill requires the vote of the House of Representative to make it official.

In anticipation to the passing of the bill, some poker rooms are leaving the Australian market, while others will continue to accept Australian players until the bill comes to pass. PokerStars, one of the leading poker room providers, is among the online poker sites that will leave the market once the poker ban is in place.

Despite the legal issue with the country, however, Ignition Casino, which acquired the poker platform from Bovada, will still reach out to the Australian market and welcome players to its Bitcoin poker rooms. Ignition Poker views this as an opportunity to fill in the shoes of all poker sites that choose to leave the Australian market. In fact, the poker site will still be open to Australian players even after the poker ban is in effect.

Affiliates opportunity

Given that the Australian market will have only a few poker rooms left, Ignition Poker’s debut in the said market is timely not just for the players but also for the affiliates.

Betting Partners, one of the popular casino affiliate program providers, handles the affiliate program of Ignition Casino. In preparation for the casino and poker’s debut in the said market, Betting Partners has prepared various promotional materials that are aimed at targeting the Australian market. Affiliates can expect high-quality animated banners, direct links, and more.

Ignition Casino and Poker can be a welcome alternative poker site to the Australian market due to its features and offerings. The website offers different buy-in prices to accommodate various poker players. There are different poker tables that use variant rules such as the favorite Hold’em and Omaha. The poker site also offers Zone Poker that moves a player to another table with new cards when he folds his hand. This allows anyone to keep the action going.

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