is a software wallet that stores your crypto currencies. The wallet has PIN and multi-factor authentication to keep your account safe.

Bitcoin wallets store your private key and public address needed for you to use bitcoins. There are different types of Bitcoin wallets, but there are users who prefer to use a software Bitcoin wallet instead. One of the popular examples of this kind of wallet is This wallet is easy to download and can be used in any web browser you can find.

What is

All software wallets have passwords, PIN, recovery passphrase, and other security features. But this wallet is just one of the few that has a multi-factor authentication. This can be through Google, SMS, email, and Yubikey. To access these, you have to take note of the password that you used when you created the wallet. is created for users to store, pay, buy, sell, receive, send, and transfer crypto currencies. But what made this wallet stand out is its simple design. As a beginner, you will try a wallet that is user- friendly and easy to use. With its simplicity, you can easily access your wallet through its search box. You just type what you are looking for and the wallet will directly take you there. No need to adjust to the whole interface of the wallet because you can easily use it.

Moreover, the wallet also promises you that there will be no transaction fees. You can easily use this wallet for your Bitcoin poker. Other than that, the wallet also has a hardware intrusion protection and packet inspection. Lastly, your wallet will be up to date because the blockchain is downloaded each time you login.

What will you benefit from

Considering that it is a reliable wallet, you will no longer be worried that someone will hack into your account. You will be at ease as you play crypto slots games even if your wallet stays online. You can also transfer bitcoins to a Bitcoin casino because it is easy to access. You do not need to wait for a long time just to open your wallet.

Other than that, the wallet is continuously upgrading to satisfy its users. It will make sure that you will not experience any security or technical issues. Expect more high-quality user experience with better features. If this is your first wallet, will make sure that you will not move to another wallet. The company that created this wallet also plans to open it for mass adoption. You can also expect that you can even use it through your mobile phone. is a wallet that prioritizes you and plans to exceed your expectations. This wallet will prove to you why a software wallet is the best type of Bitcoin wallet.

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