MetaMask Review | Crypto Wallet Guide For Casino Players

Of all the wallets and crypto-wallet websites we’ve tested out at online casinos, few seem to be as popular as MetaMask. It’s often considered the default crypto wallet for all crypto needs, including online gambling. Why is it widely accepted and loved by the crypto community?  This MetaMask wallet review explains it all.

What is MetaMask Wallet?

metamask review

MetaMask is one of the most popular crypto wallets currently available on the market. It’s simple to register, and simple to use, it easily integrates with your Google Chrome Browser and it also has a very recognizable logo of a polygonal fox head.

Even though users are able to buy cryptocurrency using MetaMask, the crypto wallet itself does not work as an exchange. Instead, direct links are provided to other crypto exchanges.

MetaMask is also famous for its convenience – it can be seamlessly linked to different crypto services, including crypto casinos. Many online casinos don’t even require users to register for an account. As long as a player has an active account, they can simply enter their login details and start playing casino games instantly.

MetaMask Company Overview

MetaMask came out in 2016 as a non-custodial crypto wallet. Founded in San Francisco it quickly gained popularity because of its ease of use and compatibility with other crypto apps. Unlike other crypto wallets at the time, it allows users to receive funds from any source/exchange which wasn’t something that other wallets did at the time.

In 2021, MetaMask also introduced the swap feature which allowed users to trade assets using the application. As of writing this, the platform serves over 10,000,000 active users and supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and even NFTs.

Pros and Cons of MetaMask



  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Doesn’t require any KYC when buying crypto
  • Can be integrated with other crypto accounts/applications


  • Doesn’t offer live chat support
  • Doesn’t allow users to withdraw funds
  • Doesn’t allow users to view their NFT collection

How to Create a MetaMask Account?

Follow these steps to create a MetaMask account/wallet quickly:

  1. If you are a PC user, visit and click the Download button. This will install an extension to your Internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Microsoft Edge).
    If you are a Mobile user, you can visit either the AppStore or the PlayStore and download the application.
  2. Once you install the application, you will be asked if you are creating a new wallet or if you already have one. Pick the new wallet option.
  3. On the next page, agree to the terms and conditions. MetaMask Crypto Wallet also asks you if you are ok with collecting data. We picked No Thanks but if you are ok with that you can agree (It doesn’t really matter).
  4. Choose a password for your MetaMask account. Your password should contain lower and upper case letters, numbers, symbols, etc. However, the password isn’t as important as your key phrase.
  5. Receive your new wallet key phrase (private keys/secret recovery phrase). Write down your key phrase on a piece of paper and put it somewhere safe. Key phrases cannot be recovered or changed. 
  6. Confirm your seed phrase. You will be asked to write certain parts of your keyphrase to confirm your new wallet.

Note: If someone gets ahold of your keyphrase, they have permanent access to your wallet and there won’t be anything you can do about it. With the keyphrase, anyone can access your MetaMask wallet, change your password and take all your funds. Never share your wallet key phrase with anyone.

Using MetaMask in Online Casinos

This is one of the friendliest crypto wallets you can have for online casinos. Because of the MetaMask Browser Extension, many casinos may actually let you create a casino account using your MetaMask wallet. You only need to click a few times to confirm that you are linking your wallet and you’ll be set.

If the casino you are using does not support crypto wallet linking, it’s still pretty easy to do. Simply create a new casino account, copy and paste the Ethereum (or other cryptos) address of your casino account and use it with MetaMask to send some funds over.

Interestingly enough, many online casinos may even give you special rewards if you link your MetaMask account.

MetaMask Accepted Cryptocurrencies

MetaMask started out as an Ethereum Crypto Wallet but has since added support for other coins. Currently, over 100 different types of cryptocurrencies are accepted.

ethereum eth Ethereum (ETH)
tether usdt Tether (USDT)
binance coin bnb Binance Coin (BNB)
cardano ada Cardano (ADA)
solana sol Solana (SOL)
polygon Polygon (MATIC)
filecoin Filecoin (FIL)
Algorand Algorand (ALGO)
crv Curve (CRV)
polkadot dot Polkadot (DOT)
avalanche avax Avalanche (AVAX)
other Many other…

Note that Bitcoin isn’t accepted! While this may seem strange, MetaMask does not accept smart contracts which are necessary to support tokens such as Bitcoin.

Even though Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world, there are many hybrid casinos that only accept Bitcoin. Please keep this in mind before creating your MetaMask wallet.

PC App

The platform works amazingly well as a PC app. For starters, users can install this software cryptocurrency wallet directly into their preferred browser and use it seamlessly with many online casinos that support it.

If you visit an online casino that has the [wallet connect] option, you can start playing casino games in just a few clicks, with no registration required. The funds on your MetaMask account will directly link with your wallet, adding your winnings instantly.

If the crypto casino you’ve chosen doesn’t allow [wallet connect] you can still easily access your wallet seeing how the extension is already available on the same (browser) screen. MetaMask is simply the ultimate crypto wallet for any PC online casino player.

Mobile App

metamask app

The MetaMask wallet app is quite safe and secure. The app is incredibly friendly and allows users to easily access, top up or send funds to other wallets. It’s also great for playing online casino games on the go. While it’s not as innovative as the MetaMask browser extension, the mobile app is still a great choice for any mobile casino player.


Despite always being unlocked on your PC internet browser (phone app), MetaMask is one of the safest crypto wallets on the market. With that said, experts suggest that users should only use it for storing smaller amounts of money (nothing over $100,000).

Even though this self-custodial wallet has never been hacked as of writing this, there is a possibility of becoming less stable when a large number of funds are stored on it.

Fortunately, there is a workaround. Many long-time users claim that MetaMask can be one of the safest wallets in the world when paired with a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets (such as Ledger) are great for keeping your crypto safe (and offline) and will give you the ultimate security for all your cryptocurrencies.


MetaMask is generally light on fees. Users pay a service fee of 0,875% for any swaps made using the app. When buying, trading, and transferring tokens, users may be expected to pay a processing fee, base fee, and gas fee. However, many of these can be adjusted.

Tokens aren’t sold directly but the platform does allow users to purchase them from other exchange sites via the app, like a middleman.

MetaMask Customer Support

Unfortunately, the MetaMask customer support team is only available when it comes to technical issues with the wallet itself. Generally speaking, users won’t be able to contact customer support for account-related, buying, trading, and selling issues.

This is also one of the biggest downsides. Even though it is still one of the most popular crypto wallets in the world, users are left on their own when it comes to account/wallet issues.

User Reviews

What Users Like

Users praise how easily it integrates with any PC browser. By acting as a browser extension, this is one of the easiest-to-use and friendliest crypto wallets on the market. Compatibility is also a huge boon because many crypto casinos directly support MetaMask account linking.

What Users Dislike

Users dislike the lack of customer support when it comes to account-related issues. Many questions why such a popular wallet does not have better customer support (not even email support is available). Another huge reason that users dislike is that MetaMask does not support a lot of popular cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin.

MetaMask Review Summary

Despite its flaws, there is no denying that MetaMask is one of the friendliest and easiest-to-use cryptocurrency wallet, especially when it comes to online casinos. Because of its incredible browser integration and the ability to link to many crypto casinos, this is one of the best wallets for crypto casino players.

As a hot wallet, it’s great with small amounts but if you add a hardware wallet, it works even better. Give it a try and see for yourself why this is one of the most popular wallets in the world.


  • How does MetaMask wallet work?

    On a mobile device, MetaMask works just like any other crypto wallet; simply install the app and use it like any other wallet.

    On PCs, MetaMask is much simpler. Just install the browser extension and use it almost seamlessly with all compatible websites.

  • Is MetaMask wallet safe?

    Yes, it is very safe as far as hot wallets go. It is, however, not recommended that you store large amounts of funds on your MetaMask account without first connecting it with a hardware wallet.

  • Is MetaMask good for online casinos?

    MetaMask is one of the best wallets for online casinos. Most hybrid casinos accept it as an Ethereum wallet while many pure crypto casinos may even allow you to link this software wallet directly with the casino.

  • Is MetaMask available in my country?

    MetaMask is available worldwide, however, not all countries are eligible to buy crypto with it. With that said, no matter where you live, you are able to buy crypto elsewhere and transfer it to a MetaMask wallet.

  • Can I use an existing wallet on multiple PC/mobile devices?

    Yes, you can use an existing MetaMask wallet on multiple PCs or mobile devices but it is not recommended. Like any account sharing, the more devices you use, the less secure it gets. Try to use your MetaMask account on as few devices as possible (preferably just one).

  • How can I keep my crypto assets/crypto tokens even safer?

    If you want to keep your MetaMask crypto assets even safer, the best thing you can do is to link them with a hardware wallet. Buying a hardware wallet (such as Ledger Nano X) is a great way to add an additional layer of security to any crypto wallet.

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