Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

Hardware Bitcoin wallet keeps your bitcoins offline, keeping it away from possible cases of hacks and other online threats that may steal bitcoins.

Bitcoin wallets are very important most especially to users who already have a huge amount of bitcoins. That is why choosing the best wallet for you might take time. After all, you need to carefully check which one of the Bitcoin wallets is good for you. One type of wallet is the hardware Bitcoin wallet. This wallet is in a form of a small device that keeps your coins offline. Users prefer this wallet because it eliminates the risk of virtual theft and hacking.

There are many examples of a hardware Bitcoin wallet, each with a unique and interesting feature. As a result, you should carefully choose the one that best suits your wants.

Top hardware Bitcoin wallets

  • Ledger Nano S – this type of device has a screen where you can keep track of your transactions. Apart from that, users love this wallet because it is cheaper compared with the others.
  • KeepKey – this hardware Bitcoin wallet is hierarchical deterministic that keeps your account safe and backed up. It also allows you to trade with your fellow users.
  • Trezor – this wallet requires you to manually confirm each transaction to keep you in control of your bitcoins. The device also has a PIN that ensures you that no one will be able to access your device.
  • Ledger HW.1 – this is a multi-sig hardware wallet that allows a group of users to share an account. Other than that, the wallet also has a backup and restoration feature.

Benefits of a hardware Bitcoin wallet

Other than keeping your account offline, this device can also act as a vault. You can store all your coins in one place and you will not have to fear that someone will try to hack it. You can also bring it anytime and anywhere.

What if one day, you felt like playing Bitcoin poker and you still need to create a wallet for the Bitcoin casino? You can simply connect your device to a computer and use your account. Who knows, you might earn a Bitcoin casino bonus as you play.

You do not have to worry about being infected by a computer virus because a hardware Bitcoin wallet is malware and virus-free. Developers made sure to create a formula to ensure that your wallet is protected. A hardware Bitcoin wallet can also be in different size, but usually in a form of USB. This makes your wallet handy and convenient. You can easily place it in your bag or any small pouch that you have.

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