Trezor is a small device that acts as your hardware Bitcoin wallet. The device has high-quality security features to ensure the safety of your wallet.

Trezor is a hardware Bitcoin wallet that stores and protects your bitcoins. This small device has advanced cryptography and plain interface. This wallet is water resistant, durable, and perfectly fits in your palm. You can easily bring this device anywhere you want to. Apart from these advantages, you had better know more about the wallet’s features.

Features of Trezor

This minimalistic device is created to have intense security features that will keep your crypto currencies safe. Not only does it protect your bitcoins, but it also ensures that your wallet is secured by a PIN.

In case you forget your PIN, however, you can access your device using the recovery phrase. Security experts created the Trezor code to make sure it is safe. This can help you recovery your account in case it gets hacked, stolen or lost. The recovery phrase is also encrypted in your Google Drive or Dropbox. The wallet is also virus-proof to make sure that your account is still safe even if you connect it to a corrupted device.

Moreover, the wallet also provides you with a two-factor authentication. This feature keeps your account protected against unknown accounts. Through this authentication, you will need an app or your phone to login. Also, this feature lets you see if someone is trying to hack your account.

As a crypto currency wallet, it is easy to use and manage. You just simply connect your device and you can now access your account. You can check, sign, and verify your transactions. The device also requires you to manually confirm each transaction. Other than that, this wallet is also open to other altcoins, such as Litecoin and Ethereum.

Advantages of using Trezor

Apart from securing and storing your bitcoins, the device also has different third-party plugins that you can use. There are online services and recovering funds that do not hold any private keys but provide you with your balances. Through these plugins, you can monitor and manage your transactions.

You can also access any Trezor or Bitcoin related services through your wallet. Another benefit is that you can now recover your funds without the actual device. There are apps in which you can use the paper backup in case your device gets lost or damaged.

If you are an online bettor, you will appreciate this wallet because it does not require much. You just have to make sure that your wallet is physically safe. You can store as many coins as you want from crypto slots or Bitcoin poker. Trezor also has enough space for more coins you get from Bitcoin casino bonus deals.

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