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Plan on winning huge prizes with zero effort? A lottery game may be all that stands between you and that fortune. If you’re feeling lucky enough, simply click on your favorite software provider and find the best Bitcoin lottery casinos!

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The Bitcoin lottery is all the rage right now, especially since traditional lottery systems are slowly becoming obsolete. Sure, you can always buy a physical lottery ticket at a kiosk and such games will be with us in the future to come, but online lottery games, especially BTC lottery, are obviously here to stay.

In this text, we analyze crypto lottery games so you could find your sweet spot in a matter of minutes and who knows – maybe you’ll hit it big the next time you play. Just remember, the online lottery is all about luck mixed with how you feel during gameplay.

First, let’s see what separates a lottery from an ordinary gambling game. At a first glance, they appear to be the same, but there are some key differences. Later on, we will discuss what types of lottery games exist in online casinos, and what to look for when deciding to play Bitcoin lottery.

Online Lottery vs Online Gambling

It all boils down to this: In a crypto lottery, players compete against other players. Crypto lottery sites do not participate in the Bitcoin lottery game, and the jackpot prize is set in advance. On the other hand, online gambling involves customers playing online casino games against the casino operator, or online gaming sites.

The best crypto lottery sites will offer you both ways – you can gamble against the casino, or other players during tournaments, or you can enter the lottery and compete exclusively against other lottery players.

What Are Bitcoin Lottery Games?

Crypto lottery games are basically the same as traditional lottery games, with two major distinctions. They are played online, using a computer, tablet, or phone, and you are playing with cryptocurrencies at an online casino, rather than cold, hard cash in your actual pocket, or for casino chips in a brick-and-mortar gambling house.

Unlike jackpot slots, the prize pool of a particular lottery does not change in real time. Instead, the more people decide to play the lottery – the bigger the prize pool will be. Of course, this is not to say that if you play the Bitcoin lottery online you are deprived of a Bitcoin jackpot (BTC jackpot) – not at all! This just means that the mechanics of the pool raising and the distribution of rewards is a bit different compared to other casino games.

There are plenty of ways you can play crypto lotteries. There are classical Bingo games, scratch cards, or specific games like Keno. They can be quite different games play style-wise, but they share specific traits related to all lottery games – they are based on pure luck, there’s no skill involved, you get to know the winner right away, and you can expect an instant payout.

The History of Bitcoin Lottery Games

It is believed that the conventional lottery traces back all the way to Roman Empire, and the first recorded and organized lotto game took place in Genoa in the 16th century. Around the same time, Queen Elizabeth I introduced the first lottery game on the Island, back in 1569.

When it comes to the Bitcoin lottery, historians are somewhat baffled and the data tends to differ, depending on the source. Still, it is fair to say that online Bitcoin lotteries became a reality from 2017 to 2018. Parallel to the rise of cryptos, lotteries using them became an instant hit for apparent reasons. It’s not just the ease of use, security, and the lack of taxation.

What made them so popular is that you can choose one of many lotteries to play with and your odds are in general a lot better than in most ordinary lottery games. Granted, you can not win much if you do not irks much, but some players are perfectly happy to play low-risk games and hope for that single big hit.

How Do Bitcoin Lotteries Work?

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A crypto Lotto shares most of its mechanics and design with conventional games of luck where players compete against each other using an impartial drawing system and a mutual prize pool. At the moment, there are a lot of crypto lotteries in circulation. Some of them are stand-alone crypto lotteries with independent systems, prize pools, and legal entities standing behind them (such as Crypto Millions), while others are connected to crypto casinos that offer a variety of gambling games, and not just lottery online.

With that in mind, all crypto lotteries are well known for their decentralized system that offers superior privacy, safety, and randomly selected winners. Tax evasion is also much easier, the payouts are almost instant, and your privacy is 100% guaranteed. Some of them let you earn Bitcoin by playing games, and others give you free lottery tickets if you complete a simple task or two.

There are lotteries that even copy the mechanics of state-owned lotteries, offering 10% of net winnings to charity causes. Some lotteries function more like a bank than a conventional lottery. For instance, a lottery has a savings program based on premium bonds, and prizes are paid via interest on deposits made by participants. And there are lotteries with unbelievable prizes.

It’s not that unusual to find a Bitcoin jackpot worth 1,000 Bitcoin. Can you even imagine a prize like this? Lastly, there are Bitcoin lotteries that are fully licensed and comply with existing legislation. They offer a bit more legislative protection, but less privacy and tax benefits compared to unregistered Bitcoin lotteries.

Bitcoin Lottery Tickets

Unlike a traditional lottery game, you don’t buy lottery tickets at a kiosk, or a store, but in an online casino, or a lottery game website. The advantages of such a system are numerous and pretty obvious. You cannot lose your ticket, tear it apart, burn it, and it can’t get stolen.

It is virtually impossible to forget about it or to miss a significant win. For the most part, these games are fully automated and all you have to do is claim your win if there is any. Bitcoin lottery tickets have different prices, but most of them range between a couple of dollars to $10. Naturally, you can buy as many tickets as you wish, but that way you are putting your bankroll at substantial risk without improving your odds correspondingly.

Types of Online Lottery Games

Crypto lottery games come in spades, but they all share common features and an equal amount of excitement. Sometimes, it’s game providers they have in common. In this segment, we talk about the best Bitcoin lottery games found in almost all internet casinos, how are they played, and what to expect out of each one of them:

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Apart from Lotto and similar crypto games, Bingo is the most popular lottery game in the world. There are many variations of the base game, but the basic rules are pretty much the same – you buy a scorecard and you wait for numbers to be drawn. If you match all of them first – it’s BINGO! Time.

It is possible to have more than one winner. Although rare, it’s a possibility nonetheless. In that scenario, the reward is split in half. In a game of online Bingo, you do not get to cross your matching numbers by hand. Instead, it is done automatically, which some players might find not satisfying enough.

The most popular versions of the online Bingo game have 90 balls to pick from, 15 numbers over 3 rows on a ticket, then 80-ball Bingo with 16 numbers on a ticket, and Bingo with 75 balls and 24 numbers on a 5×5 ticket grid.

scratch card casino

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards can be a fantastic filler in between different casino games such as blackjack or video poker. It all started back in the 70’s when the first scratch ticket was introduced.

At first, players were scratching a metal foil to unveil hidden symbols and if they scored three same symbols it was possible for the first time to claim their winnings instantly. Nowadays, there are various scratch card games with slightly different rules but needless to say, they are all extremely easy to play and they offer a unique gambling experience.

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Like so many other games, Keno was invented in, you guessed it – ancient China. We are talking here about the same game that practically invented Bingo as such. You can play Keno in land-based casinos, bars, pubs, and naturally crypto casinos.

The rules are very simple: you pick a handful of numbers and hope they will turn out to be winning numbers. The payout is calculated according to the select-hit ratio and of course, the house pay table which is different from casino to casino. At the beginning of the game you chose spots (numbers), and the more you match – the bigger the payout.

Each set of numbers requires a wager of some sort, and you can usually choose between 10 to 15 numbers, even 20 in some cases, out of 70 or 80.

Free Lottery Games on Crypto Lottery Sites

The Free Bitcoin lottery might seem like a fool’s errand, but playing the online lottery for free is very important for some casino players. They are playing the free Bitcoin lottery not just to practice the game and get an insight or two, but they are doing it for pleasure too. By all means, find a lottery site that will enable you to play crypto lotteries for free and check out which of the games (and payouts) fits your play style the best.

The Best Strategies for Playing Lottery Games

If you say out loud you want to play the Bitcoin lottery online, some players might not take you seriously, but this is all just for show. Playing Bitcoin lotteries involves as much strategy and playing as online slots, and although it is a game of pure chance and luck, there are a couple of things you can do in order to make your playing sessions as lucrative as possible, or at least less costly.

The best crypto deposit bonuses

There are a couple of things to consider when choosing a deposit bonus during lottery play. As usual, choose bonuses that offer the biggest amount of money and the lowest wagering possible, with enough time to finish your rollover requirements.

Try to find a bonus that will not affect your lottery play. This is not hard at all, since lotteries along slots have a high house edge and casinos will gladly let you play them. However, you should always be on the lookout for crypto bonuses you could exploit, especially in new casinos eager to attract fresh customers.

If you plan to play with Bitcoin and other cryptos, finding an exclusive crypto bonus could improve your chances greatly because those bonuses are generally far more generous than regular ones, and they come with more player-friendly terms and conditions.

Crypto lottery banking

If you want to play crypto lotteries you will definitely have to deal with banking, one way or another, so finding a crypto lottery site with reliable and versatile payment methods is a must. The best way to join the gambling crowd is to be absolutely ready.

If you already have a Bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin cash account, or some other e-wallet, and conventional means for keeping fiat currencies, like credit cards, or even PayPal and other hard-cash services, then you are good to go. In conclusion, try to play a Bitcoin lottery game at online casinos with impeccable banking records and versatile deposit-withdrawal options at your disposal.

Pure Bitcoin Casino vs Hybrid Bitcoin Casino

lottery casinoRoughly speaking, crypto casinos can be split into two categories in terms of banking and the use of currencies. In pure Bitcoin casinos, you can play games and buy lotto tickets using nothing but cryptos. But, if a crypto casino accepts fiat currencies and exchanges them for cryptos, then we are dealing with a hybrid crypto casino. This does not affect your Bitcoin lotto game but it can impact your Bitcoin lottery account due to exchange fees and arbitrary value of Bitcoin imposed by Bitcoin lotto sites.

We know of a couple of top Bitcoin lottery sites that come from both sides of the banking spectrum, so this is not a question of which one is better, just the reality of the situation in which online casinos have different banking approaches regarding cryptos.

  • Manage your bankroll. Set aside a certain amount of cryptos, or fiat currency for that matter, you wish to spend playing the cryptocurrency lottery.
  • Be prepared to lose it all. Consider it an entertainment expense at Bitcoin casinos. Remember, the Bitcoin lotto is not a job, nor an investment – it’s fun and games, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Do not chase losses. This is the mother of all sins committed in the world of online gambling. Bitcoin lotto games and other casino games, including cards, slots, etc, will not cover your losses and chasing them is a foolish thing to do that will only help online casinos.
  • Employ variety. Try to make each lottery ticket worth it, do not buy lottery tickets online with similar or close to similar numbers. The same goes for Keno cards. It is worth saying that some players believe that they know the odds for different lottery games and they tend to play various lottery games combining versatile odds. They will play out several lottery tickets with low odds (at a low cost) and shuffle them with a few expensive lottery tickets with bigger chances to hit a bit.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself with the number of tickets. If all fails, you can always turn to a free lottery. We know that the excitement is not the same, but there’s quite a lot of fun lurking around free games and your bankroll will remain unscathed. For some unlucky losers, this equals success in the long run.

The Best Online Casinos With Bitcoin Lottery Games

Playing the Bitcoin lottery is super fun and exciting, easy to learn, and relatively safe compared to more risky games. We advise you to only play provably fair Bitcoin lotteries that you can find on the best Bitcoin lottery sites (2022 edition).

For starters, the best crypto lottery site offers plenty of lottery games to choose from. You should be able to play them for free, in demo mode, which we encourage you to do so. In Bitcoin lotteries space, draws are the same as in traditional lottery games – there is a prize pool set in advance, depending on the number of tickets involved, and prizes are divided between players according to the payout ratio and the number of matching hits/numbers/symbols.

Finding the best crypto lottery platform is quite easy. You need a licensed and well-regulated crypto lottery site, with tons of lottery titles, and possibly a hefty welcome bonus with other incentives you can use for your benefit. Make sure to avoid high wagering of 45 times the bonus and above. Always opt for exclusive crypto bonuses because they tend to yield the biggest amount of bonus money.

Needless to say, you need top-notch banking that supports the most important crypto wallets, and cards, bank accounts, vouchers, and e-wallets if this is a hybrid crypto casino we’re talking about. Having quick-to-respond and reliable customer service is also important. But if you feel you can pull it off without it – choose the games, bonuses, and wagering over support if the compromise is not an option. Please, play responsibly!


  • Do Bitcoin casino scratch cards work?

    Of course, they work, and a lot of people are winning serious cash rewards and Bitcoin lotteries in general are very profitable for crypto lottery sites. Just make sure to play on well-regulated and licensed Bitcoin lottery sites.

  • How to win the game of Keno?

    This greatly depends on a payout table, but as a general rule of thumb, you should opt for the number of spots that will give you the same amount of minimum matches to win as the one-step lower number of spots.

    For example, if a ticket with 4 selected spots enables you to have at least 2 matching numbers in order to win, and the same goes for 3 or 2 spots, then you should bet on 4 selected spots, thus improving your odds of winning.

  • How are lottery numbers drawn?

    Online casinos use different methods to draw lottery numbers. They rely on an automated draw machine, a ball drum, or a random number generator. From a user’s point of perspective – it doesn’t matter because Bitcoin lotteries are too complex and risky to rig.

  • What do I need to play the Bitcoin lottery?

    You need Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency. Then, you must join a certain online casino, or a Bitcoin lottery operator, and open an account. After that, you must deposit some Bitcoin in your account, and from there on you can play the game.

  • Is it safe to play Bitcoin lotteries?

    In general – yes. However, most of the operators are not properly regulated, so a scammer or two is always on the loose. Our advice is to look at our list of best Bitcoin casinos that are safe to play at or seek advice from a person you trust and most importantly – who already played the Bitcoin lottery safely.

  • Is the Bitcoin lottery fair?

    Surprisingly so. This may sound like a joke, but the Bitcoin lottery has some things in common with people landing on the Moon back in 1969.

    They are far more complicated to stage and rig than to actually produce a fair decentralized lottery you can earn quite a lot of money from, without directly breaking the law or stealing from players.

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