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Bitcoin Lottery

Lottery is a simple game that gives you a chance to win huge prizes by picking a few numbers. Learn why you should play this game with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Lottery 101: Get Rich Quick with the Right Picks

Whether you are in a casino or outside your home, chances are you will run into a lottery game. With roots dating to 205 and 187 BC, this game has become popular all over the world because of its simple gameplay. And even with low chances of winning, there is a promise of an enormous jackpot prize. Because of these features, it should not be a surprise that this game is available on many Free Crypto games to play online. These new games features on the top 10 bitcoin casinos are mostly slots. Since Crypto is based on Blockchain technology, the games the market has to offer are Provably Fair, which means high level of transparency

There are many variants of lottery, but Bitcoin casinos make the gameplay as straightforward as possible. Simply pick six numbers from the ticket and then make a wager. If the numbers on your ticket match the drawn numbers, you win a prize based on how many matches you made. But if you matched all the numbers, there is a huge jackpot prize waiting for you.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play in a Bitcoin Lottery Site

Head to an online casino, and you will find a lottery title or two in the Specialty Games section. While not a popular area of the Games segment, specialty games are still worth playing because their gameplays are simple and they do not require huge bets.

But if you are looking to play just lottery, consider heading to a betting site dedicated solely to the game. There are many casinos in the online space that offer lottery for Bitcoin stakes. You will not find any difference in the gameplay of regular online lottery titles, but by playing Bitcoin lottery, you get the following benefits:

1 | Easy Registration

Sign up with a Bitcoin lottery site, and you will have to key in at least a username and a password. Meanwhile, other online casinos will require an email address. With this quick registration process, you do not have to worry about providing your personal information. After creating your account, you can already start making a wager.

2 | Better Odds

The odds of winning in Bitcoin lottery is 10 times easier than winning in other lottery variants like EuroMillions. Your chances of winning the huge jackpot prize may be slim, but you have better chances of winning something from the prize tier just by matching a few numbers from your card to the draw.

3 | Available Bitcoin Faucet

Unlike in land-based casinos or regular casinos that require you to bet before playing, most Bitcoin lottery sites let you get started with free coins. And using a Bitcoin faucet is easy—simply click the faucet, complete a CAPTCHA, and wait for the free satoshis to reflect in your Bitcoin wallet or your casino account. Take note, though, that you cannot use the faucet regularly as some casinos will let you use the tool only for a few times during the day.

4 | Provably Fair System

Like in many Bitcoin casinos, lotteries that let you bet with crypto have a provably fair system in place. After placing a bet, click on the Bet ID to find two long strings of numbers. Use a third-party tester to check if these hashes produce the same result generated by the casino. If the results match, they are authentic. This may be troublesome, but at least you can personally check that the casino is not cheating you of potential winnings.

5 | Generous Bonuses

Lottery offers low chances of winning, so you should have an incentive to keep buying tickets. Luckily, online casinos have this in mind as they offer bonuses that encourage you to play longer. At the minimum, you can activate the referral bonus that gives you unlimited income from your referrals’ bets in the casino. Meanwhile, other casinos will offer welcome gifts and deposit bonuses so that you have a lot of free cash on hand to keep playing.

Thanks to the convenience Bitcoin provides, playing lottery just got easier as well. Besides enjoying a simple gameplay, you will also benefit from better odds, fair software, and free cash. Even better, you can play the lottery in the comfort of your home.

Want to Win the Lottery? Try These 3 Tips

Admit it—your chances of winning the lottery are practically slim, especially if more players buy tickets. Still, it is rewarding to see that some of your chosen numbers match the numbers in the draw. To make that situation more possible, follow these tips:

1 | Buy as Many Tickets as You Can

Buy one lottery ticket, and you stand a chance to win something for a few of the six required numbers. But if you buy another ticket, you can guess six more numbers, increasing your chances. Just make sure you do not blow off your bankroll while doing so.

2 | Use Your Free Cash

As mentioned, Bitcoin lottery sites offer faucets and bonuses that give you free cash. Make the most of these features so that you can bet as many times as you can. That way, you do not have to that much money to buy lottery tickets.

3 | Use the Quick Pick Feature

With so many combinations to pick, choosing the right numbers on your ticket can be overwhelming. Luckily, online casinos offer a Quick Pick feature in which the software picks a random set of numbers for you. This saves you the time—and the agony—of figuring out what numbers you should pick.

4 | Check the Previous Winning Numbers

If you would rather pick your numbers manually, look at the winning numbers of the past draw. Sure, the numbers may be drawn randomly, but you should still see a pattern. By doing this, you will be able to see which numbers show up more often and which ones do not. You can base your picks based on these patterns.

Lottery may be a game of luck, but it gives players like you a chance to take home an enormous jackpot prize simply by picking six numbers. Aim for that chance by buying a lottery ticket in your chosen Bitcoin casino.


November 29, 2016

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