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Online Bingo is often overlooked and very few Bitcoin casinos like to push it. Under the right circumstances, online bingo can actually be an extremely fun experience. Because of our undying love for this simple, yet addictive game, we’d like to introduce you to the wonderful world of online bingo casinos!

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How To Play Bingo Online With Bitcoins?

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Playing online bingo with Bitcoins is more or less the same thing as playing with fiat currencies. You simply log into a bingo game, buy a ticket or two (a 5×5 grid paper containing random numbers), and start filling out the numbers.

Numbers will be drawn live from a bingo wheel that will contain balls, each marked with a different number. For maximum immersion, the host will draw one ball at a time. When a ball is drawn, the number is announced and all players who have a ticket(or tickets) with that number cross it out. The first person(s) to fill out their entire ticket/row/combination of numbers wins. As is tradition, once you finally get that last number, you are legally obligated to stand up from your seat and shout BINGO. The rest of the contestants may score second, third, or fourth place while others may win tickets for the next bingo game.

The main problem with online bingo games is that, unlike live casino games, they really can’t happen all the time (unless the online casino is really focused on bingo games with a large player base). Most of the time, bingo games will occur a couple of times a day (once every 4 hours, every 3 hours, or maybe even once an hour). The reason for this is that a decent bingo game needs to have enough players

With Bitcoins, the situation is pretty much the same, except you’ll be using your crypto wallet to buy tickets. Add to that all the other benefits that come with using cryptocurrency and you’ll see why more people are looking for the next Bitcoin bingo casino.

Three Types of Bitcoin Bingo Games

Firstly, please note that not all online Bitcoin casinos will have bingo available as one of their games. It’s not hard to find a Bitcoin casino with bingo games but don’t expect to find them as frequently as slot games or jackpot games. Now, when you do find a Bitcoin casino with bingo available, you are most likely going to find one of the following types of online bingo.

30 – ball bingo

Online bingo that’s played with only 30 balls is often called speed bingo or mini bingo. The speed part is obvious as with only 30 balls drawn, the game will end quicker. The mini part is interesting as it refers to the smaller 3×3 grid bingo ticket (as opposed to the usual 5×5 ticket). 30-ball bingo can be played more frequently than other games simply because of how fast the games are over.

To win at 30-ball bingo, the only way you can win is by filling out your entire ticket. 30-ball bingo doesn’t usually need as many players and because of that, most of the rewards aren’t that great either, at least when compared to other types of online bingo games.

75 – ball bingo

75-ball bingo is usually the default way to play online bingo games. While the games are played as quickly as possible, each game can last about 15-20 minutes. This type of game is played on a regular 5×5 grid ticket.

Unlike 30-ball bingo, there are many ways to win a game of 75-ball bingo. You may have to fill only specific spots on your ticket, fill out lines or sometimes even form a pyramid, top hat, or other cute symbol using your numbers. The rules vary depending on the Bitcoin casino. Normally, the prizes at 75-ball games are much better than those at 30-ball bingo games.

80 – ball bingo

The 80-ball bingo is an interesting take on the traditional bingo game. Most of the time, players will get 4×4 grid tickets but they will all have colorful columns. Each of the colorful columns contains 4 of the 20 available numbers.

  • The red column can have numbers from 1 to 20
  • The yellow column can have numbers from 21-40
  • The blue column can have numbers from 41-60
  • The white column can have numbers from 61-80

Depending on the casino, these colors and columns can differ but the concept will be the same. Just like 75-ball bingo, you can win the 80-ball in a lot of ways. You may have to fill in just one column or you can score a winning combination. The prizes for the 80-ball bingo are also much better than the 75-ball bingo (or at least the same).

90 – ball bingo

The 90-ball bingo is one of the most advanced forms of bingo. For this type of bingo, players will get 3×9 grid tickets and they need to fill out either 1 or 2 lines or all numbers. Now, even though there is a prize for each of these combinations, players can (in some cases) get all three rewards.

90-ball games will often have their own house rules, so it’s highly recommended that you sit and watch a few games before buying any tickets. Needless to say, the prizes for 90-ball bingo tend to be the best, especially if the casino allows you to get more than one prize per game.

How To Improve Your Online Bingo Game?

Now that we’ve covered the rules and the types of bingo games, we’d like to share with you a few tips that may just improve your online bingo experience. Please note, that since bingo is a luck-based game only, these tips won’t actually help you win more games. Rather, they will help you avoid unnecessary losses and, help you get the best possible experience you can have during online games.

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Playing bingo online in practice mode

Before playing bingo online for real money, remember to learn the rules first and foremost. Each virtual bingo game may have its own set of house rules and knowing them can mean the difference between winning and losing. Besides, these practice games are free games, so there’s no reason not to try them out.

So, just tune in during live games, watch, observe and learn. You’d be surprised by how much you can pick up on by simply watching other people play.

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Buy multiple bingo cards

Something that not a lot of bingo players realize is that they can (and should) buy more than one bingo ticket per game. It’s actually extremely uncommon to find an online Bitcoin casino that will limit you to just one ticket. Most hosts will let you buy anywhere from 16 to 96 bingo tickets per game in the online bingo world.

So if you are feeling lucky or you just want to improve your chances of winning, buy more than one ticket and hope for the best.

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Play during the rush hour

We already talked about how online bingo cannot be played at all times because of how the game works. So, most of the time, you will have a set number of times that you can play bingo during the day.

Unfortunately, not all of those times will be the same. A bingo game at 4:00 AM won’t draw in as many people as the 7:00 PM game (unless the casino manages to attract players from across the globe). The more players join, the higher the rewards and because of this, you should head for the most populated games to get the best possible prize(s).

Playing Online Bingo With Bitcoins

While you can play with fiat currency, there are many benefits to playing online bingo using Bitcoins. None of these benefits are specifically bingo-related but rather, general benefits you’d get by simply using crypto.

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Nobody knows who you are

One of the main reasons why gamblers prefer to use crypto over fiat currencies is because of anonymity. Not everyone is ok with proudly showing their personal information, and that’s fine. More importantly, most people don’t like the idea of other people knowing they like to gamble (or play bingo in this case).

With cryptocurrencies, learning identities is much harder. Even though all crypto wallet transactions can be checked by everyone at any time, nobody can really tell who is who. Because of this, when you play bingo or other online casino games, most observers will only know that a crypto wallet is depositing and withdrawing money but not exactly who is the owner of the wallet.

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Lower transfer fees

Don’t you just hate high transfer fees? Sure, some fiat payment methods are better than most but there will always be transfer fees for both withdrawals and deposits. Not to mention that some of these fees can get really expensive, especially if you are using methods like a bank transfer.

With crypto, the fees are minimal (but you can always leave a tip to speed it up) and crypto transfers are really fast. If you value speed during your deposits and withdrawals and don’t like paying hefty transfer fees, then go crypto and never look back.

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Online bingo is provably fair

Online bingo games that accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are also based on the Provably fair algorithm. As of writing this, provably fair is the most advanced and fair gambling algorithm available on the market. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

With each number drawn, reel spun, and card dealt, the provably fair algorithm creates a unique hash code that is saved on the blockchain forever. Literally, anyone can use the hash codes to check the legitimacy of each move on a bingo game and see how legitimate it was. If you value security and want your bingo games to be as fair as possible, look for a bingo game that uses a provably fair algorithm.

What To Look For At Bitcoin Bingo Sites

If we’ve got you interested to play bingo games, let us help you find the right one for you. Here are a few tips to help you find the best possible place to play Bitcoin bingo games.

Make sure the Bitcoin casino is safe and secure

First and foremost, make sure that the website you are playing at is safe. We cannot stress this enough. When it comes to scam online casinos, there are a lot of them. While most will offer huge bonuses for slots and table games, a lot of them will also beckon unsuspecting bingo players. So, don’t be that guy or gal!

Check and see if the Bitcoin casino is safe before you go and deposit some Bitcoins into it. But how do you tell if a casino is safe? Well, that’s simple. You need to look at the bottom of the homepage and find a symbol that displays the casino license. Most online casinos will have the Curacao, Malta, or the UK gambling commission license. If you find the license, you can navigate over to the license holder’s page and check and see if the casino’s license hasn’t expired yet.

Alternatively, you can simply ask us. We keep track of all the licensed casinos on our website. Find the casino you are looking for on our site and check the top of the review which license it holds. If you can’t find the casino on our website, it probably means that it is unlicensed and unsafe.

Get some bonuses while you’re at it

If you are going to play bingo, don’t just settle on the first legitimate website you find. Peruse a little, see what they offer, and then decide. By this we mean: see which casino offers you the best bonuses.

One of the best bonuses you can get at bingo games is free bingo games (free bingo tickets). Free online bingo games have been a great way to draw in new players to the wonderful world of online bingo. Casinos that offer online bingo games are still raking in new players every day.

Some casinos will give you just one free bingo card for your very first game (probably with some wagering requirements attached, should you win) and others may even go as far as to give you a free ticket each week. After all, online bingo sites are always looking for fresh meat and the best way to draw in new players is to let them have a good taste.

You can’t play bingo by yourself

This one should go without saying but, you really shouldn’t play bingo on a barren online bingo site. If there are only a few players (or even worse, if you are the only player playing), just do yourself a favor and find a new online bingo site.

As we already said, bingo games aren’t the most popular games on most online casino sites and many of them fail to promote them. Those casinos that do manage to promote them should always have a lot of players in the lobby. More players mean better rewards and more fun so it’s in your best interest to pick online casinos that have an active player base.

Online Bingo Summary

Online bingo can be a lot of fun under the right circumstances. If you can find a legitimate online casino that can gather a crowd and offer you a few free bingo games, you’ll be in for a treat. While real money bingo games are a lot of fun on their own, they can be made even more fun with crypto. Get out there, grab your virtual tickets and start filling those numbers.

Thank you for reading our little guide on bingo games and we hope that we helped you make your decision about online bingo!


  • How to play Bingo Online?

    You can play bingo online on any Bitcoin casino that has online bingo available. Simply create a casino account, link your payment method, make a deposit and enjoy your games.

  • How to win online bingo?

    Because Bingo is a purely luck-based game, there aren’t any strategies that will help you win. With that said, you can improve your chances of winning by buying more tickets and knowing the house rules.

  • Can I play free bingo games online?

    Yes, you can. Many Bitcoin casinos will offer new players free bingo tickets (for their first game or even weekly). Note that if you win a game using free bingo tickets that you might need to wager your winnings a few times before you can withdraw them.

  • Can I win real money by playing bingo games online?

    Yes, you can win real money by playing bingo games online. As long as you bought your tickets using real money, nothing will be stopping you from withdrawing your winning money the same way.

  • What are the best online bingo games?

    The best online bingo games are the ones that have the best winning pools and the most amount of players. Makes sure you are playing in a populated bingo lobby and make sure that the prizes are decent.

  • Can you play live bingo online?

    Yes, you can play live bingo online. Almost all bingo games will have a live broadcast that will show the host drawing numbered balls for maximum enjoyment.

  • Can I have more than one bingo ticket?

    Yes, you can have more than one bingo ticket. Almost all bingo games will allow each player to buy multiple tickets. Players can usually have from 16 to up to 96 tickets per game.

  • Can I play Bingo online whenever I want?

    No, you cannot play bingo online whenever you want. Most casinos will have certain times during the day when games will be held so you will have to schedule accordingly.

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