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Don’t want to miss the thrill of sports betting? Bet on sports with Bitcoin and find out why so many bettors are getting into Bitcoin sports betting.

What Is Online Sports Betting?

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Sports betting has been around since the very first competitive games. People bet money on potential winners and if their predictions are correct, they win more money depending on the odds. Nowadays, sports betting has evolved. We have more sports, lots of different betting establishments, and more ways to bet.

This is where online sports betting comes in. The main benefit of online betting is that you don’t have to visit a brick-and-mortar bookie to physically hand your money to the cashier. Instead, you can do everything from the comfort of your home. All you need is an online payment method (most of us do without even realizing it), and an account on a site where you can place your bets from your PC  or mobile phone.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Because of how easy the entire process is, lots of online sports betting websites started to compete for the attention of bettors. What ended up happening is that, just like with online casinos, we have a ton of online sports betting websites to choose from. In a way, even though online sports betting websites are always competing, it’s the bettors who prosper. We have a ton of choices, a bunch of bonuses, and endless excitement because of all the different sporting events that we can bet on.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Sports Betting

Opening an account with a regular online sports betting site is pretty straightforward. Fortunately, opening an account at the best crypto gambling sites is just as easy but it does require a few extra steps (especially if you are new to cryptocurrencies in general). Down below, we wrote a quick guide on how you can set up your first crypto wallet and register with a sports betting website of your choice.

choose online casino

Pick a sports betting website that suits you

First of all, go out there and look for a sports betting site that looks good to you. Don’t just settle for the very first good-looking website you come across. Browse a little using our filters. There are so many websites out there that might appeal to you. Alternatively, you can simply check out our list of the best sports betting websites.

crypto wallet

Create a crypto wallet

If you are happy with your BTC gambling site, it’s time to create your first crypto wallet. Creating a crypto wallet is just like creating a Paypal account but with few extra steps. You have quite a few wallets to choose from but they all function the same way. Sometimes, you may be prompted to pick the wallet preferred by the sports betting websites (most sports betting websites prefer that players use Metamask, Coinbase, Binance, or other wallets).

Most people use wallet apps on their phones since using the camera for QR code depositing and withdrawing is super convenient. At first, you only need to enter your personal information like name, address, email, etc. However, seeing as how the crypto world is still untamed, numerous newly created wallets require users to go through a KYC check.

KYC stands for know your customer and it is an annoying check that all newly created wallets have to go through. For the KYC, users need to take a photo of their ID and a selfie of themselves holding the said ID along with a randomly generated key. Fortunately, this only needs to be done once. Once you pass the KYC and confirm your wallet, you should be ready for the next step.

make a deposit

Deposit funds to your crypto wallet

If your wallet already doubles as a crypto exchange website, this step will be considerably more straightforward. Simply open your wallet, navigate to the marketplace, select the cryptocurrency you want (if you aren’t sure, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the safest bets), and select how much you wish to buy. You can buy cryptocurrencies using your credit card. Once the transaction has gone through, call yourself a proud crypto owner.

If, however, your wallet does not double as a crypto exchange website, you will need to find one. Find a crypto exchange website and create an account. Unfortunately, this means going through another account creation and another KYC check. Once you’ve created an account on the crypto exchange website, send your newly bought crypto using the QR code with your crypto wallet. After you send the funds from the crypto exchange website to your wallet, you can call yourself a proud crypto owner.

link wallet to casino

Optional: Link your wallet

Once you settle for one of many pure Bitcoin betting sites, you might be able to skip the entire registration process by using your crypto wallet as a means to log in. Similarly to using Google accounts on third-party sites, you can use crypto e-wallets to log into a lot of different websites.

Using this method, we make the registration process quicker, bypassing the waiting times for all future deposits and withdrawals completely. If you are able to link your account, skip to the next step.

deposit cash

Open a casino account and deposit funds

It’s time to create an account on the Bitcoin betting site. Go to the registration page and pick a username and password for yourself. Fill in all the other details, including your email address, and confirm it by clicking on the link you receive from the sports betting crypto site.

play casino games

Enjoy crypto sports betting!

You should be good to go. You were able to successfully create a casino account as well as a crypto wallet and are ready to enjoy betting on your favorite sports. Good luck and have fun!

The Benefits of Using Bitcoin for Sports Betting

The bonuses that come with using bitcoin for sports betting are, unfortunately, just general benefits that you would get for using cryptocurrencies for any other transaction. With that said, these general benefits are still very much worth it.

anonymous casino


Something that a lot of sports bettors don’t like is leaving a trail from their bank account to the sports betting website. Many potential bettors don’t ever use online sports betting because they are worried about their bank monitoring their activity.

Fortunately, this is something that crypto users don’t have to worry about. Cryptocurrency transactions take place on the blockchain. And while all blockchain transactions are visible to everyone with the correct hashcode (transaction ID), you can only see how much was sent from one wallet to another. The owners of the wallet remain anonymous.

This obviously creates a very nice shield for those of us who wish to keep sports betting a secret. The best thing about all of this is that cryptocurrencies in no way, shape, or form involve any pesky banks.

bitcoin transaction fee

Lower fees

Transaction fees can be a real pain. Just sending funds from your credit card, e-wallet, or through bank transfer can cost you as much as your next deposit. With cryptocurrency, the fees are minimal.

Transferring funds from your wallet to the sports betting account costs a small gas fee that’s minuscule compared to bank transfer fees. For some cryptocurrencies, like Tether, the fees are as low as a few cents per transaction.

winner online casino easy verification

Crypto bonuses

Because of the benefits we mentioned above, a lot of hybrid sports betting sites and casinos like to push their players to start depositing in cryptocurrencies. To incentivize this, crypto gambling sites offer special bonuses for depositing funds in crypto. Bettors can expect more generous bonuses for depositing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptos at such websites.

best online casino that accepts bitcoin

Worldwide availability

One of the best things about cryptocurrency, in general, is how it’s accepted worldwide. Wherever you are, cryptocurrencies have their own universal value that isn’t in any way influenced by banks. No matter which crypto wallet you choose, your cryptocurrencies are treated the same which is more than what we can say for using different banks.

The Drawbacks of Using Bitcoin for Sports Betting

The benefits of using Bitcoin speak for themselves but there are, unfortunately, some clear drawbacks to using bitcoin for sports betting.

crypto volatility

Crypto volatility and crashes

It’s no secret that Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies, in general, are extremely volatile. Only a couple of months ago, a single Bitcoin was worth more than $60,000, and in a matter of days, that price dropped by more than 60%. Crypto volatility and crypto crashes in general are risks that all crypto users need to accept if they wish to enter the crypto market.

can you get chargeback crypto

No chargebacks

If you accidentally send your funds to someone by mistake, you can usually call your bank and have them halt, reverse, or issue a chargeback for your transaction. With cryptocurrency, this is impossible. Once you send your crypto to another wallet, your cryptocurrencies are gone. The only way to get your crypto transaction back is to contact the receiving user and have them refund your transaction.

no recourse bitcoin

Almost no regulation

Many people have issues with how much control the banks have over their funds. Cryptocurrencies are the complete opposite: they have almost no regulation. If anything goes wrong with your transactions or you get scammed, there is no official representative to mend this. Such is the nature of blockchain-based payment methods.

What Do Crypto Sports Betting Sites Offer?

So what exactly can we bet on at sports betting websites? You might think that this is a silly question but it isn’t just sports anymore. Sure, betting on sports is still the main draw of these online gambling sites, but there’s a lot more to it than just physical sports. The rise of the Internet and technology in general gave birth to new kinds of betting opportunities. Here’s what you can expect to see at most modern sports betting sites.

sports betting bitcoin


Obviously, you’re going to see a lot of sports at sports betting websites (who would have thought?). Before you even ask which sports you can bet on, the answer is YES. Unless you are betting on some extremely minor league, sports betting websites will be all over it. Football (both American and European), Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Hockey, you name it, the betting site is going to have odds on it.

bitcoin esports Betting


Who would have thought that one day we would be betting big bucks on people playing video games? ESports casinos started off very low key but pretty soon, they took the world by storm. Nowadays, almost all sports betting sites have a special section dedicated to electronic sports.

Unlike regular sports, there aren’t that many video games that qualify for eSports. eSport games need to be well-balanced and popular enough before they can qualify for the scene. As of writing this, the most popular eSports games are Dota2, League of Legends (LoL), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Rocket League, Overwatch, Starcraft 2, and a few others.

casino slots bonus virtual sports betting

Virtual Sports

Similar to watching movies on demand, bettors are able to bet on demand through virtual sports. Whenever players want to bet on their favorite sports, even if it isn’t on, they can do so through virtual sports.

Virtual sports are entirely played by an AI. The matches and the results are always generated using an RNG (Random Number Generator) so that every game can feel different. Virtual Sports used to be pretty big before eSports appeared. While their popularity isn’t what it used to be, they still have dedicated fans.

bitcoin casino games

Casino Games

Finally, when visiting crypto sports betting sites, there is a pretty good chance you’ll also see casino games. Given how similarly online sports betting and online casinos work, it’s no wonder that some websites decide to implement both.  Playing casino games can be a great opportunity to take a break from sports betting, especially, when you don’t have to create a new account (or link a new payment method).

Unfortunately, many gambling sites usually prefer one over the other so you may just find some great sports betting bonuses but really lousy casino games (and vice-versa). There are, of course, gambling sites that handle both categories really well, so if you happen to find one, you’ll be in for a treat.

Bonuses at Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites

When selecting between different sports betting sites, bettors often pick the one with the better bonuses. Both traditional betting sites and pure cryptocurrency sports betting sites offer some kind of bonuses to players. The following are some of the most common bonuses you can expect to see.

crypto casino sign in bonus

Welcome bonuses

Casino welcome bonuses are a staple at sports betting sites since they are the perfect way to break the ice. The welcome bonus is usually a match bonus where players get a percentage of their deposit (100%, 50%, etc.) in bonus money.

This bonus money only activates after the player has used up their deposited amount. Players can use the bonus money to wager on more sporting events but they still need to roll over the bonus funds a few times before it turns into real money and becomes eligible for a withdrawal. Some of the best crypto betting sites also have an online casino and players might be able to get two bonuses for a single deposit.

crypto casino reload bonus

Deposit bonuses

When bettors make deposits at BTC sports betting sites and online casinos, they can sometimes activate a bonus along the way. These bonuses come into play once the bettor runs out of real funds for sports betting.

If this all sounds familiar to you, that’s because we described the same thing in the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is, usually, the most generous deposit bonus while all future deposit bonuses offer less. Just like the welcome bonus, the bonus funds you receive need to be rolled over before they turn into real funds.

vip casino bonus

VIP bonuses

Many crypto gambling sites, whether they are online casinos or crypto sportsbook oriented usually have some form of VIP or Loyalty system. Players who stay active and make frequent deposits can become VIPs. VIPs get a couple of benefits like betting customer support, reward points that can be exchanged for bonus funds, prizes, and cashback rewards.

crypto casino cashback bonus


The cashback bonus is a great way to get back into sports betting without even needing to make a new deposit. Bitcoin betting websites may offer a weekly cashback to all players by returning 10-20% of their total weekly losses at the end of the week.

Bettors simply need to log in during the cashback promotion days and simply contact the customer support team to receive their cashback reward. The cashback amount received will be in bonus money and needs to be wagered before it can be withdrawn.

best bitcoin casino bonus

No deposit bonus

The rarest of all the bonuses is the no deposit bonus. As the name suggests, this bonus requires no deposits. This is similar to receiving a welcome gift for just becoming a member of a club. If you happen to find a crypto betting platform that offers a no-deposit bonus, you can expect to see a small amount of bonus money by simply registering an account (without even registering a payment method).

Unfortunately, there is a catch. The catch is that there are huge limitations to the no-deposit bonus. Bettors may only be able to get a maximum of $20 (or less) and that’s if they can roll over the no deposit amount enough times. Ultimately, even bettors that do manage to pull off this feat, say it’s not worth it. No deposit bonuses are often seen as glorified demos so don’t expect to gain a lot from them.

Understanding Sports Betting Odds

sports betting odds

Betting, in general, is pretty easy to understand. You predict who you think will win, place some money, and if your prediction ends up happening, you win double (triple, quadruple, etc.) of your wager. Otherwise, you lose your funds. However, we as a society, have come a long way since then and can now bet on more than just winners. We can bet on individual players and overall winners, use a handicap for our bet and so much more.

Now, all of these can be a bit overwhelming at times but if there’s one thing that can drive interested players away is when they see the odds. Here’s the thing about odds: they really aren’t hard to understand. Unfortunately, they look very similar to math class problems.

Don’t worry, though. This is not rocket science. These are just odds – give them some time and they actually become straightforward. Gambling sites can use a couple of different ways to calculate their odds. Down below, we listed the three most common odds you’ll likely see when visiting crypto sports betting sites.

American odds

American odds are the easiest to understand. Instead of showing you complex tables and calculations, all they will show are pluses and minuses in front of numbers. American odds are all about how much you need to stake to win $100. Simple as that.

You may see odds like:

  • X: + 500
  • Y: – 200

The pluses and the minuses represent how likely the sports betting site thinks the game will play out. So, if the website doesn’t think that a team can win the game, they will improve the odds making the winnings more irresistible.

In our example, team X is less likely to win the game, so for a wager of $100, players can walk away with $600 (the initial $100 + $500 in winnings). Now, winning $500 sounds great, but that’s only because X team has a really low chance of winning.

Team Y, however, is much more likely to end up winning. The sports betting site believes Y will win, so much that, in order to win $100, you actually need to wager $200. Always keep in mind that all these wagers are based on a wager of $100 and you should have no problem reading American odds.

Decimal odds

Decimal odds are often used in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. They are often called European odds simply to differentiate between American odds. Unlike American odds, decimal odds are calculated on a $1 base. To calculate your profits using decimal odds, simply use this formula:

Total profit = Stake x Decimal odd

When wagering on a sporting event, each winner has a decimal odd. Unlikely winners have higher decimal odds while likely winners have lower odds. Here’s an example of how it usually works:

  • Team X: 5.00
  • Team Y: 1.20

Right from the start, you can see that there is a very small chance that team X will win, while team Y is strongly believed to win. Let’s say we place a $100 wager on team X and, against all odds, Team X actually wins. With 5.00 decimal odds, we would collect $100 x 5 which equals $500 ($100 we wagered plus our winnings of $400).

If we take the safer approach and bet on the stronger team Y, we will likely win, but our winnings are also going to be lower. Again, we shall use $100 as an example. If team Y wins, which is highly likely, we can walk away with 100 x 1.2, which means $120 ($100 for our wager and $20 in winnings). Not much of a profit but it is the safer approach.

Decimal odds are a bit harder to understand than American odds but as long as you understand how multiplying works, you should be good to go.

Fractional odds

Arguably, the hardest odds to understand out of the three, Fractal odds have been known to drive a lot of potential bettors away. If you remember studying fractions back in school, fractions can be converted into decimals. In a sense, fractional odds are just decimal odds that look more confusing.

To calculate fractional odds, we can use the following formula:

Total Profit = (Stake x (Numerator/Denominator)) + Stake

It’s no wonder that odds have been simplified seeing how this one looks quite intimidating at first glance. Fortunately, it’s very straightforward when you get down to it. Here are a few examples of how fractional odds:

  • Team X: 7/1
  • Team Y: ½

Again, we can clearly see that team Y is the preferred team while poor team X is the underdog. If we take another $100 for this example and bet on team X, we can win a total of $800 ( 100 x 7/1) + $100 (our original wager. Clearly, someone doesn’t think that team X can pull through.

Team Y on the other hand, is almost certain to win and that’s why the odds aren’t that great. For Team Y, if we bet $100, we can only get back $150 in total. $100 x ½ + $100 original bet, which would result in our $100 back plus winnings of $50.

Again, while fractional odds look confusing, they work very similarly to decimal odds and shouldn’t pose a problem to anyone who’s made it through elementary school.

Types of Bets

sports betting bitcoin

It used to be that bettors can only bet on who they thought the winner might be but nowadays, you can pretty much bet on anything. And as time goes by, sports betting sites are coming up with new types of bets that it’s impossible to list all of them.

Down below we picked a few of our favorite bet types so that you can get a general idea of what to expect out there:


The obvious and most common type of bets. Beloved by newcomers and still preferred by most sports betting sites are the winner bets. With winner bets, players bet on who they think the winner will be.

Players check the odds, pay their stake up front, and if luck is on their side, collect their stake back along with their winnings. Nowadays, experienced bettors don’t prefer winner bets simply because they just aren’t exciting enough compared to other bet types.

Over\Under bets

Over and Under bets are really popular in the world of sports betting. Before a match starts, the sports bettors determine what the total score of both teams is likely to be at the end of the match. Bettors then place over or under bets.

  • An over bet is when the bettor thinks that the total score of both teams is over the threshold.
  • An under bet is when the bettor thinks that the total score of both teams is under the threshold.

With over/under bets it’s not important which team wins or loses, but the overall score at the end of the game. Let’s use everyone’s favorite team X and team Y again as examples. Let’s say that the teams were playing each other in a basketball game. A sports betting site would look at both teams and say: “Between the two, the total number of points will probably be around 110. Well, the quote has been set and the match begins and ends and these are the results:

  • Team X vs. Team Y
  • Final Score: 40 – 84

In this example, Team Y completely destroyed Team X but that’s not important in this case. What IS important is taking both team scores and adding them up into a single number and in this case that would be 40+84 = 124.

124 is over the quota of 110, which would mean that bettors who placed an over bet would walk away with winnings.

Note: On rare occasions, the sports bettors might actually guess the exact score making it impossible to issue winning to either over or under wagers. In these situations, all the stakes are returned to players.

Next scorer

Sometimes, we don’t really know or care about which team will win or what the overall score will be, but, we do know that one player that will probably score the next goal. Just as the name suggests, the next scorer bet is when we bet on a player that will score the next goal. This type of bet is most popular in football/soccer bets but it can, technically, be used for any other sport, including esports (Rocket League for example).

Depending on player activity, each player will have their own odds for how likely the sports betting site thinks that player is likely to score. The next scorer bet is also very popular for live betting because of how frequently goals can be scored.

Handicap bets

Handicap bets really prove how much betting has evolved over the years. Again, let’s use good old team X and team Y. By now, you probably noticed that team Y is the better of the two. So, if you were to bet on the winner, it would usually be team Y, correct?

Yeah, after a while it gets boring to bet on team Y. After all, the odds aren’t great and the games aren’t that exciting to watch. So, how can we spice up this dull competition between teams X and Y? With a Handicap bet, of course.

So, we can already tell that team Y is going to win, but what if we were to make a bet that team Y has to win with more than 40 points against team X?
This is where we dive into the exciting handicap betting.

Basically, we can place bets on games where we give the competitors advantages and disadvantages. In our example, we gave team Y a disadvantage of 40 points, so even if team X loses (which they probably will), they need to lose really badly for our bet to go through. Suddenly, the games become more exciting and our odds get better. Depending on how risky your handicap is, the larger your winnings can get.

Proposition bets

Finally, if none of the above bets excite you any more proposition bets come to the rescue. With Prop bets, you can bet on almost anything related to a game. Things that you can bet on include: passes, assistance, penalties, and whatever else can be counted.

Sports betting sites usually have a few prop bets on their own before the match starts so you can pick one or more of them and treat them like any over/under bet. Prop bets are really fun when you know how players behave regardless of how the match might play out.

How To Select The Perfect Bitcoin Sports Betting Website?

If you happen to be looking for the perfect bitcoin sports betting site you can call home, you’ll notice that you have hundreds, if not thousands to choose from. While we already have a list of our favorite sports betting sites, we understand when players want to pick one themselves and we applaud the effort.

However, if you are going to pick a bitcoin sports betting website yourself, please make sure that you check the following.



Even if you come across a website that appeals to you, it doesn’t do you much good if you can’t register an account. In other words, there are a lot of online gambling rules and restrictions that apply to different countries around the world. These restrictions may only prevent you from activating bonuses or they can flat out forbid you from accessing the website itself.

The United States of America, France, and China are notorious for having incredibly strict online gambling laws and because of this, many online gambling sites will not even allow players to access them. So, make sure you check if your country/region is available before you get too excited about joining

casino cryptocurrency

Website Reputation

One of the most important thing about any online gambling site is its reputation. If the website has a bad reputation, stay away from it like it’s the plague. Even a licensed website can have a poor reputation (because they fail to issue withdrawals, they don’t assist players, etc.) and in this industry, we really shouldn’t let things like that slide.

So, when you finally do come across a sports betting website that you like, check out a few user reviews and see what other people think. You can also search for the sports betting site on dedicated review sites (like ours) if you want a professional opinion.

new bitcoin casinos usa

Odds, Lines, and Sports available

Last but not least, make sure that the sports betting website has the sports, the lines, and the odds that work for you. For example, if you are into eSports, make sure the website of your choosing has eSports available (most of them do, but some sports betting sites are still on the fence).

Check if you like the lines as well as the odds that the website offers. If all of the above conditions are met, chances are the sports betting site will meet them as well.


Bonuses and VIP

When it comes to picking a sports betting website, you may end up in a situation where you have multiple websites to choose from. One of the deciding factors that usually make bettors choose one website over another is the bonuses.

If you have to pick just one sports betting site from the sea of websites, you may as well go for the one with the best bonuses. The same applies to VIPs. After all, if you are planning to stick with a website for a while, the least they can do is award your loyalty. When looking at bonuses, pay attention to the wagering requirements. If the wagering requirements are too high, you’ll have less of a chance to turn the bonus money into real money.


Accepted payment methods

The focus here is the benefits of cryptocurrencies. With that said, the more payment methods a sports betting site has, the better. Bettors are pretty adaptable when it comes to payment methods and they are able to freely switch between all of them.

On the other hand, some bettors can only have one method and for them, a sports betting site that accepts that one payment method is worth more than all others combined. Make sure you always check the accepted payment methods before you register an account, especially if you are limited to only having one (or a few) payment methods. Fortunately, if you are a crypto user, you usually won’t have too much trouble.

Pure Crypto Betting Sites Vs. Hybrid Sports Betting Sites

When it comes to crypto sports betting sites, there are two types. Hybrid betting sites accept both fiat currency and cryptocurrency whereas pure crypto betting sites only deal in crypto. There are a couple of key differences between the two types.

Hybrid sports betting sites

For the most part, hybrid sports betting sites are just regular online betting sites that accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. They may also offer a bonus for making a deposit using crypto but this is usually where the benefits end. In most cases, when players deposit cryptocurrency into hybrid sports betting sites, the deposit simply converts into the website’s preferred currency.

Hybrid sports betting sites are great for bettors who are still on the fence about whether or not they should get into cryptocurrency as they often incentivize players with bonuses and other crypto-related promotions. Most bonuses on hybrid crypto betting sites are match bonuses that give players a percentage of their deposits.

Pure crypto betting sites

Pure crypto betting sites only deal in cryptocurrency. Usually, these websites have 10 or more different cryptocurrencies that they accept and everything around the website is made around crypto. By this, we mean that bettors are able to link their crypto wallets directly with the pure crypto betting site and that they can freely use any cryptocurrency without needing to exchange it for a different one.

Pure crypto betting sites also offer unique bonuses that encourage interactions between players, staking the website’s own cryptocurrency, using a specific wallet and so much more. These bonuses are usually considered small when compared to regular bonuses, but when they all add up, they create a very entertaining and engaging experience.

Our Top Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites

If you happen to be looking for a bitcoin betting site but don’t know where to begin, consider the following websites.

stake casino

Stake Casino

Stake Casino is one of the best-known crypto gambling platforms and for good reason. It offers high-quality sports betting opportunities, as well as a polished online casino experience. This crypto gambling site has an easy-to-use interface, a quick registration process, and a ton of betting options. Stake Casino also allows players to become partners with various sponsors of the website.

fortunejack casino

FortuneJack Casino

FortuneJack is just a well-rounded online casino and sports betting platform. It offers a quick registration process, a bunch of online casino games, and some fantastic sports betting opportunities. While its main focus is on online casino games, sports betting fans keep coming back to Fortune Jack Casino and we believe that speaks volumes about the sports betting that the website offers. casino


BC.Game is a pure crypto gambling platform that offers a completely unique experience, very different than those at other gambling platforms. It offers its own cryptocurrency, its own casino games, and some really unique bonuses that players can claim without even spending dimes. The online community is the main reason why BC.Game is so popular. Players that are registered at BC.Game are encouraged to talk to each other, share tips, and brag about their achievements.

Enjoy Crypto Betting Sites

If you are someone who wants to enjoy online sports betting with added anonymity, fast transactions, and no pesky banks to slow you down, crypto betting sites are the way to go. Cryptocurrencies may seem complex to get into at first, but if you give them a chance you should be able to see why so many people prefer to use the blockchain for sports betting.

Thank you for reading our piece on sports betting with Bitcoin. Stay safe and keep the betting in moderation!


  • Where is online sports betting legal?

    Online sports betting is legal in most countries around the world unless otherwise stated by the official government. In the USA, online sports betting is illegal in Delaware, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

  • How to use Bitcoin for sports betting?

    Bitcoin can be used for sports betting just like any other payment method. Bettors simply need to log into their sports betting account, go to the deposit/withdrawal option and use Bitcoin as a payment method.

  • What is the best Bitcoin casino sports betting?

    The best Bitcoin casinos for sports betting are Stake Casino, BC.Game, and FortuneJack Casino, to name a few. Basically, any website that is licensed and meets your demands deserves that title of best bitcoin sports betting website.

  • Is online sports betting safe?

    Yes, online sports betting is safe. As long as you use a legitimate sports betting website that has all of its licenses and registrations, your private information and money will be safe.

  • Can I bet on sports and play casino games with the same account?

    Yes, you can bet on sports and play casino games if the website has both available.

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