Bitcoin Live Table Games

Live table games combine the interactive gameplay of land-based casinos and the convenience of Bitcoin casinos. Are they worth trying? Know more here.

Your One-Stop Guide to Playing Live Table Games in Bitcoin Casinos

The rise of live table games as one of the top casino games online brought along a new kind of entertainment. These games blur the line between land-based casinos and online betting sites. As a result, players can have a whole new level of game immersion and betting action.

It is easy to see why live Bitcoin table games are popular among bettors. These games combine the best of both worlds. First, you get play with other players, including the dealer, and you have the chance to win the jackpot. In addition, you can enjoy all of these betting actions through the convenience of online play.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Live Dealer Games

Since live table games is an innovative tier of online gaming, some might perceive the game complicated. If you are one of those bettors who does not know where to begin, you must first purchase crypto coins. You can get a Bitcoin wallet (where you will send and receive cryptos) and buy crypto on reputable exchanges online. After securing your coins, sign up with a credible betting site offering live table games and fund your account via your wallet. Ticking all of that in your list, you are ready to play.

Most bitcoin casinos have a separate section for their live table games, which is likely labeled as “Live Casino”. This lobby contains all the live table games available for play. The most popular options are classic live table games, including roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, and more. Some titles are also separated by their stake levels. If you are a high roller, your best picks are the high-limit titles. Otherwise, you can enjoy the low-limit variants. Apart from stake levels, live table game titles are also classified by sizes. If you want to bet along with other players, your best picks are multi-player table games.

After picking a table suitable for your tastes, you can start playing the game. Some live casinos give you the option to choose which dealer you want to play with. From this point, simply play the game just like you would in its offline counterpart. Yes, it is that easy!

4 Essential Elements Behind a Live Table Game

Do you ever wonder how gambling with live dealers in real time is possible? Producing live casino games are no small deal. In a typical setting, live casinos consist of several areas. The studio is where the streaming of games happens, and the software room is where the technical aspect of the game is handled.

Apart from those, Bitcoin casinos apply many technologies to deliver smooth-flowing live feeds. Some of these include:

1 | Cameras

Cameras play an important role in streaming live-dealer games. They capture all the action in real time. Most casinos use at least three cameras to stream their game in various angles. Live roulette games, for instance, typically provide three different views. These include the overview of the table, the close-up shots of the betting table and wheel, and a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature.

2 | Game Control Unit (GCU)

GCU is one of the most important tools in a live casino game. It helps dealers run the game by digitalizing information from the dealt cards or roulette wheels. To put it simply, live casino games will not function without CGU.

3 | Live Dealers

Live casinos set dealers—who have comprehensive knowledge about the game—to work on the live tables. This enhances the brick-and-mortar ambiance of the game. These dealers also use real-life casino game equipment like roulette wheels and tables.

4 | Monitor

Monitors are essential—especially on multi-player tables—to help dealers know how many bettors are online and are participating in the game. These also let dealers keep track of the stakes and observe the moves in the game. Plus, in some live tables, dealers use these monitors to interact with players via live chat.

Thanks to these technologies, live casino games are able to deliver a whole new level of betting experience. Some of the big names in giving high-quality live casino techs are Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, and more.

You can experience a casino game as near as you can in a brick-and-mortar setting—but without the hassle. Just make sure that you have a fast internet connection to avoid streaming lags and glitches.


December 5, 2016

Pros of Playing Bitcoin Live Table Games

Live casinos feature various perks that are not evident in other casino platforms. These advantages certainly contribute to the rise of live dealer games’ popularity. Here are some of the fun features you can look forward when you play in live casinos:

1 | Real-Time Betting Experience

Needless to say, one of the main perks of playing in a live casino table is you can enjoy your favorite game with a real dealer in real time—all within the comfort of your home. These games also give off a level of trust because you can see how your cards shuffled and how your wheels are spun.

2 | Brick-and-Mortar Casino Ambiance

Live casino games not just let you gamble with real dealers in real time, but they also play in a realistic casino setting. These games use actual cards, roulette wheels, betting tables, and a real-life casino backdrop. Plus, you can even hear the shuffling cards and screeching roulette wheels during the game. To some degree, live-dealer games are the closest counterpart of brick-and-mortar casinos.

3 | Good-Looking Dealers

This is arguably one of the main reasons bettors play live-dealer games. Whether you prefer a male or a female dealer, rest assured that they are all eye candies! Some live casinos automatically assign a dealer for you, while others give you the freedom to take your pick. Although the appearance of the dealer is not the main point of playing casino games, this factor certainly adds enjoyment to the experience.

Did any of these live casino perks make you want to play? Playing live table games offers a new way to enjoy your classic table game favorites. If you want to enjoy these perks, make sure to find a reputable and good live Bitcoin betting site.

Cons of Playing Bitcoin Live Table Games

Live table games offer a fun and immersive betting experience, but they are not exempted to some minor drawbacks. Here are some of the cons you might encounter when you play live casino games:

1 | Have Limited Game Selection

Compared with the huge game library of most online casinos, live dealer games lag behind. Most live casinos generally offer few live versions of blackjack, roulette, poker, and such. These limit players in terms of game variety. Live casino games require high costs in order to run. As a result, most live casinos offer only the popular variants.

2 | Might Require Higher Stakes

Live-dealer games generally require higher bets. For instance, the minimum bet on most live games is US$5. This is higher than the US$1 and above minimum bet range of most online casinos. But do note that the higher betting rates of live casinos are needed to sustain the technology used to operate the tables.

3 | No Demo Versions

Most standard online casino games are available in demo or free-play versions. Sad to say, most live table games are available only for real-money play. This is understandable as the cost incurred on streaming studios, high-quality cameras, and other essential elements are high. It will not be cost-effective to offer the games without real-money bets covering the expenses.

As you noticed, some of these shortcomings might just be a matter of perspective. Nonetheless, it is always best to be familiar with a game’s pros and cons before placing real-money bets. By doing so, you can easily decide whether to give such games a shot.

3 Features that Make up an Ideal Live Dealer Game Site

Live table games are one of the most sought-after games in Bitcoin casinos. As a result, many betting sites are joining the industry, making it challenging to pick an ideal live-dealer site. Even so, there are three key features that you must always look for when playing the game:

1 | Top-Tier Software

Most casinos use the services of third-party service providers to power their live-dealer games. These providers are responsible for the overall quality of live games. Live casinos with top-tier software providers are equipped with game variety, smooth video stream quality, cross-platform compatibility, as well as efficient payment process in the game.

2 | Bonuses and Promotions

Apart from having solid game software, an ideal Bitcoin live casino must offer a great deal of bonuses and promotions. You can use the offered deposit bonuses, cashback incentives, loyalty programs, or any rewards on trying out the game without putting your bankroll at risk. Plus, since most live-dealer tables do not offer a Free Play mode of their games, you can use these freebies to try out the game.

3 | Strong Player Support Service

Stumbling into a question or two in live-dealer games is—almost always—inevitable especially if you are a newbie. There might also be instances when you are experiencing tech problems and other casino-related conflicts. In such cases, the players support should address the problem for you. The common indications of a strong support team are multiple contact options, comprehensive FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions), a 24/7 live chat widget, and more.

Give an extra kick to your game today. Whether you want to bet it out with other players or try your luck on random tables, you should play and get the optimum experience of Bitcoin live table games.


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