Bitcoin Video Poker

Bitcoin video poker provides the same instant satisfaction as slot Bitcoin games. Unlike a poker room where you compete against other players, a round of video poker only takes a couple of minutes. The game lets you enjoy the thrill of poker without having to wait for everyone to finish their turn.

There are many online video poker Bitcoin games available. Each one provides an interesting twist to the poker game and even comes with a Bitcoin video poker bonus.

Bitcoin video poker uses the same rules as the Five Card Draw poker game. In this case, there are some strategies that you can use for video poker to increase your chance of winning your hand.

Basics of Bitcoin video poker

The rule of video poker is the same as the Five Card Draw. You will get five cards in order to form your hand. You can exchange some or all of your cards to get a new one. This lets you create a hand with a better value.

The payout you receive in a Bitcoin video poker game depends on the hand you form. In most bitcoin casino video poker Bitcoin games, the minimum hand to form is a pair of jack cards or better. The prize for this hand is usually twice your bet amount. Forming a better hand, such as a “full house” hand can give you five to 10 times your bet.

Bitcoin Video Poker

Variety of Bitcoin video poker

Many Bitcoin sites provide different types of video poker. One example is Bitcoin Jacks or Better poker. This is one of the easiest Bitcoin video poker game to play with because of the “Jacks or Better” payout. Basically, you simply need to have a pair of jack, queen, king or ace cards to get a prize. is one Bitcoin site that has this video poker game.

Another popular variant is the Bitcoin Deuces wild video poker. In this game, the 2 cards are wild cards. The deuces can substitute any cards when you form a hand. For example, if you have three 4 cards, one king cards, and one 2 cards, you can form a full house because the 2 card become a king card. In exchange for the wild 2 cards, the minimum prize available is for a ‘three-of-a-kind’ hand.  FortuneJack is one the best video poker Bitcoin sites that offer this variant game.

Strategy for Bitcoin video poker

This Bitcoin video poker strategy works for regular video poker and ones with variant rules. The best way to increase your chance in winning a hand in the game is to be familiar with the poker hands you can form in the game. This helps to give you a good grasp on the possibility of forming a hand when you exchange a certain set of cards. One basic strategy is to keep any pairs or three cards with a similar rank to easily form a ‘three-of-a-kind” hand or get a good shot at a “full house”. Playing with free video poker Bitcoin games lets you get a good grasp on the odds of getting a good video poker hand.