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The great thing about Bitcoin video poker games is that they don’t require just luck to make you a winner. If you’re looking for the best video poker online casino sites,

What is Bitcoin Video Poker?

Video poker games come with one of the lowest house edges in the entire gambling industry, second only to a game of blackjackThe main thing that separates video poker from a regular slot machine is that it takes skill to master and generate wins. Learning how to handle video poker games isn’t rocket science – and we can show you what you should pay attention to before you make your bets.

Technically speaking, Bitcoin video poker isn’t that different from regular video poker. The only difference is the acceptance of Bitcoin which comes with greater bonuses. Like many casino games, video poker is based on five-card draw poker. It comes in two variants:

  1. A physical machine much like a slot game.
  2. A digital game played on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Due to physical similarities, video poker games are often called poker slots. Still, in reality, they hold a significant feature that separates them from regular slot games, both real machines, and software-powered gamesBitcoin video poker games have fixed odds.

The History of Bitcoin Video Poker

Before there was cryptocurrency video poker, back in the late 70s, we had to settle with gigantic video poker machines made out of TV screens and solid-state CPUs. People begin to play video poker at the same time that personal computers made it to the consumer market, and they were hugely boosted by the invention of a Draw Poker machine in 1979.

Throughout the 80s, land-based casinos were swarmed by video poker slots and funny enough people at the time found them less intimidating than casino dealers, thus paving the road for poker slots in general.

Nowadays, there is literally not a single decent online casino without some form of video poker game. We can play online video poker games via mobile devices on the go, and we can even withdraw Bitcoin money if we are good enough, with just a pinch of luck.

How To Play Video Poker?

Winning big in a game of video poker is a demanding task, even if you are the luckiest person alive. Here, we will cover all the basic moves as well as the more complex ones.

The game starts by setting your bet value and pressing the deal button. The machine deals five cards, and you have to discard the ones you don’t need, if at all. Press the deal button again and video poker will replace discarded cards with new ones, automatically forming the winning bet, if possible. In other words, the stronger the hand – the better the payout.

The Benefits of Playing BTC Video Poker

Making the transition to Bitcoin has A LOT of advantages. You can withdraw Bitcoin faster than normal currency, keep your identity concealed, and save money depending on where you are playing video poker. Here are the details:

Faster Bitcoin Transactions

Cryptocurrency video poker sites tend to offer faster transactions. With a few steps, gamers can withdraw and deposit money quickly with no transaction fees whether they play mobile Bitcoin video poker or their desktop versions.

Universal Acceptance

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency to date. Many countries accept this cryptocurrency, prompting gamers to use it at online casinos instead of real cash.

Enhanced Security

Giving out personal information online poses numerous risks. Fortunately, a well-regulated Bitcoin video poker site provides reliable and proven money transfer services in order to avoid such risks.


Your identity remains confidential, helping you to play video poker games with Bitcoins easily and safely.

Video Poker Rules – How to Win at Online Video Poker?

Here are a few tips and tricks for you to use when playing video poker games. Make sure to remember them or write them down so you can maximize your winnings.

  • If you have a pair, no matter what kind of pair, hold it and go for the poker or three of a kind. Keep your low pair and discard a single high card from your hand.
  • If your hand is a disaster, hold one high card, jacks, queens, kings, and aces, if available.
  • If you are dealt three cards to a straight flush or a royal flush, hold them.
  • If your hand has four cards to any kind of win, hold them naturally.
  • If you have a chance of hitting a flush royale (or jackpot) but you have to break up a straight or flush – do it.
  • If you need two cards to hit a flush or a straight – drop them. Only go for a two-card deal if you are going after major wins – royals and straight flushes.
  • If you are hunting for big wins and jackpots, play with a maximum of 5 coins per hand.
  • Play as slowly as you can. Video pokers are designed to make money for casinos in the long run, and it’s beneficial to have as few hands as possible. Plus, you are not gambling on the clock and your sessions don’t have a time limit.
  • Join a player’s club of some sort. That way you will reap the best perks and benefits, share knowledge, and improve your edge over casinos.
  • Go for the game with a 9/6 payout chart and consider nothing else, at least not before you master the game.
    At all times, know your payout table by heart.

Terms in Video Poker

Before you begin playing, we have to sort out the lingo. Here are the crucial terms and phrases used on video poker slots, as well as a rewarding system.

  • High card – On some gambling sites there are different versions of games included, and in some video poker variants the weakest hand is called simply high card. Basically, this is the strongest single card in your otherwise totally useless hand.
  • On pair – In most other games of poker, this is the lowest value hand, consisting of just one matching pair of cards, like two Kings.
  • One pair of jacks and above – The weakest winning hand if you play Bitcoin video poker on Jacks or Better and some other machines. It has a 1:1 payout and it consisted of one matching pair of face cards or Aces.
  • Two pairs – unlike one pair, a winning hand of two pairs can be made out of any two matching pairs in the deck and you do not need face cards, for instance, two 5’s and two 7’s make a hand of two pairs.
  • Three of a kind – A winning hand consisting of three matching cards, like three Aces.
  • Straight – A string of five sequential cards that are in the perfect counting order, but they do not share the same suit. For example, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, all in different suits.
  • Flush – If you play video poker then you know this is the opposite of a straight. You need a hand of five cards of the same suit, but not aligned in a particular order, like 3, 7, J, K, and Ace of diamonds.
  • Full House – A combo made out of three of a kind and a pair. The suits are irrelevant, all you need are 3+2 matching values, for instance, three Aces and two queens.
  • Four of a Kind – Very simple and very strong, a hand containing four cards with matching value, such as four aces.
  • Straight Flush – Essentially a hand that is both a straight and a flush, like 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, all of the Spades.
  • Royal Flush – A straight flush made out of the strongest cards in the deck. Royal Flush, or Flush Royal, is the strongest hand in almost all Bitcoin video poker games. Still, there are online Bitcoin casinos with video poker titles that feature even better hands such as Five of a Kind (four of a kind plus the joker or wild card) and Natural Royal Flush (Royal Flush with no jokers and wild cards included).
  • Four Deuces – In a crypto video poker game of Deuces Wild, this is a mammoth of a hand, despite being made out of four 2’s.
  • Five of a Kind – The strongest hand in all BTC video poker variants, provided it is included in the game. You need four of a kind, plus a wild card, or a joker – if available.

Types of Bitcoin Video Poker Games

A casino featuring the BTC video poker segment will most likely have at least a couple of video pokers at its disposal. Let’s see what kind of video pokers exist, and how should you approach them if you ever find yourself in an online casino faced with a video poker game.

Deuces Wild

Deuces wild is a crypto video poker game similar to Jacks or Better, and it is available in most Bitcoin casinos. The game is top-rated and fun to play, offering a great gaming experience and potentially high RTP if you apply the right online gambling strategy.

The main difference between Deuces Wild and other video poker machines is that all of the deuces (cards with the value of 2) are in effect wild cards
Playing video poker this way is much easier than on most BTC video poker machines and games, which is why in Deuces Wild you need a five cards poker hand with at least three of a kind in order to win. In a regular poker game, or a machine, a player wins if he or she has at least one strong pair made out of face cards or aces, but here you need at least three of a kind to form a winning combination.

Deuces Wild belongs to the group of most popular games in Bitcoin video poker casinos, and here are all possible winning five-card hands combos, in ascending order: Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Fivendndnof a Kind, Royal Flush, Four Deuces, Natural Royal Flush (no wild cards included).

Jacks or Better

This is the oldest variant of the game. Jacks or Better, as the name suggests, requires a player to collect a hand consisting of at least one pair of jacks, queens, kings, or aces, in order to win the amount of money equal to the bet made. Depending on how many coins you need to make a bet, the credits go between a quarter of a dollar to several dollars – the machines and games differ in this regard.

Bonus Poker

This variant of the game is based on Jacks or Better. You choose a wager value from 1 to 5 coins, and you are dealt five cards. After you discard the ones you don’t need, they will be replaced by new cards and if you can form at least a pair of Jacks and better – it’s a winning hand. The main difference between the two games is that Bonus Poker has more elaborate rewards for four-of-a-kind wins, depending on whether you’ve landed aces, 2s, 3s, and 4s, or four-of-a-kind 5s and higher value cards.

Double Bonus Poker

There’s no other way of saying it, but this is a variation of a variation based on Jacks or Better. Simply put, the word double is added to the game’s name to indicate twice the bonus money on 4-of-a-kind wins. However, this is not a gift from the sky, and Double Bonus Poker pays better on 4-of-a-kind wins because it pays only 1:1 on a two-pairs win, not 2:1 as expected in a game of Bonus Poker.

Joker Poker

Sometimes called Joker Wild, the game of Joker Poker is another variant of Jacks or Better. The main difference is, you guessed it, the introduction of a Joker card, with a card deck totaling 53 cards. With the additional wild card in the deck, and odds slightly shifted towards players, Joker Poker had to be tweaked a little to retain balance, so a different payout is to be expected.

Compared to most video pokers, some payouts are different to compensate for the joker. Two pairs payout is 1:1, Three of a kind payout is just 2:1, not 3:1, and so on.

Aces and Eights

This video poker variation has the same rules as Jacks or Better, but Aces and Eights has a better payout on four-of-a-kind made out of aces, 8s, and 7s. A hand with four aces or eights has an 80:1 payout ratio, and 7s will get you 50 times your bet. All other hands with four-of-a-kind wins have a 20:1 payout ratio, which is a bit lower than in Jacks or Better due to the higher player’s edge caused by higher payouts on aces, 8s, and 7s.

Online Video Poker Bonuses

Over time, you will notice that online Bitcoin casinos have different promotional offers as an incentive for players to keep them around. Casinos might offer you welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, cashback, or free spins for slot machines, but sadly, there’s hardly any casino bonus specially designed for video poker games.

What you can do is choose Bitcoin bonuses that offer you the best amount of bonus money, that’s burdened with the smallest wagering possible, and the longest validity period there is.

Click here to find Bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses.

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Video Poker Casino?

In most cases, choosing a casino is a deeply personal decision. We all have our quirks and needs, so choosing a Bitcoin casino can be a totally different process for different players. However, if you want to play video poker games the selection is a bit easier, luckily for all of us.

First of all, find a reputable, well-regulated casino with a strong gambling license and numerous tools designed to combat gambling addiction. Number two, pick a casino with the best video poker games for you, and you alone, because playing the game you like is essential if you want to win big time.
Further down the road, you should look for the best bonuses possible. Go for the bonuses with the highest amount of bonus cash, the lowest wagering requirements, and the maximum wagering contribution for video poker games. If you can, always take crypto bonuses because they tend the be the most lucrative of them all.

Finally, you should play in an online Bitcoin casino with versatile banking options cheap money transfers, and quick-to-respond, 24/7 live chat support if anything goes south during your play. Play responsibly!


  • How much money do I have to deposit to play video poker?

    Well, as a rule of thumb you should start with a bankroll that allows you to make at least 1,000 to 1,500 bets in one gaming session. That’s $100 if you opt for $0,10 bets, or ten grand if you want to go big and bet $10 per hand. But if the house’s got the edge at some point you’ll lose all your money.

  • Can I beat video poker games, or make a living playing them?

    Technically yes, but this is an iffy proposal at best. Your best chance to make a living by playing this type of game is to join a team of professionals or form one by yourself. It’s a team effort of pulling bankrolls together and carefully keeping an eye on progressive jackpots, and when an opportunity arises, you all start to play until someone hits it big, after which you share the money.

  • Are there any hot or cold video poker games, like slots get hot or cold?

    No, casino games like these can not get hot or cold. The random number generator built in a video poker game, or a slot for that matter, is not aware of the reality we players perceive. If you hit a jackpot, the machine does not know it just dealt a royal flush (or a hand with five of a kind) and it should stop producing them for another 40,000 hands. It’s similar to the “heads or tails” logic – if you land heads 100 times in a row, the odds of landing tails in the next spin is yet again 50%.

  • How many cards are used in video poker?

    All of them use a regular 52-card deck, with one joker if available.

  • What’s the return-to-player percentage in video poker games?

    It’s quite good actually. Some casinos in Nevada have video poker slots that offer an RTP over 100%. Crazy as it sounds, some video pokers are biased towards players rather than casinos, but, and this is a colossal but, in order to exploit such an advantage, you would have to play one single video poker for unrealistically long periods of time.

    Instead, you can focus on Jacks or Better and similar games that feature an RTP of 99%+ which is great and only matched by games of Blackjack, and always remember that an RTP is not the only element when deciding whether you will hit, or miss.

  • Can I cheat video poker machines?

    As a matter of fact yes, you can. Every single game can be cheated, but this is so hard, tech-demanding, and not mention risky and illegal, that we refuse to even entertain the notion.

  • What is the worst hand I can keep in video poker?

    By far, holding two different face cards of different suits. Just pick one, hit a deal button, and hope for the best.

  • Should I bet maximum coins on video poker?

    Well, this is a tough one. Most pros claim that you increase your chances of jackpot and other lucrative rewards by sticking to the max bet all the time, but this is extremely risky for anyone who is not at least semi-professional, or not seriously involved in jackpot hunting.

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