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Bitcoin Video Poker

Video poker boasts simple gameplay and rewarding returns, making it one of the popular games in casinos. Know more about playing this game using bitcoins.

Bitcoin Video Poker 101: Get to Know This Simple but Rewarding Casino Game

Video poker is one of the most popular casino games that you can play with Bitcoin. Based on five-card draw poker, this game is played on an interface that looks like a slot game. It made waves in the land-based casino space in the 70s but has now made its way to online casinos.

Though there are many variants of video poker, the main gameplay is straightforward. You are dealt five cards, and you can choose to discard one or more of them in exchange for new cards from the deck. You win if your hand matches one of the winning combinations on the pay table. The amount you get will depend on the value of your hand and the game variation. To know more about this simple but exciting game, read on.

3 Reasons Why You Should Play Video Poker over Table Poker

You might have asked at one point: what is the difference between video poker and table poker? After all, they rely on the same hand rankings and terminology. But beyond these similarities, video poker offers many features that you will not get from its table game counterpart. These are:

Faster Gameplay

Depending on the table poker variant, you have to come up with the best hand to beat the casino and your fellow players. To do so, you have to make decisions such as raising, folding, calling, or more. You then have to undergo several betting rounds before the winner is determined.

But as mentioned, playing video poker is easy because you have only one decision to make: come up with the best five-card hand by discarding cards and adding new ones. After that, the draw occurs, and the game is over.

No Bad Bets

In table poker, you lose if you have a low-value hand. But even if you get, say, a four of a kind in video poker, you will still be paid. Of course, the better your hand is, the higher your payout will be at the end of each round. The best part of playing video poker is that since it is fast-paced, you have more opportunities to draw rare hands.

Simpler Strategies

While table poker relies on both luck and skill, video poker mostly leans towards luck.  There may be many strategies out there that suggest what cards you can discard to get a certain hand, but the outcome of every round is entirely random. You can use these strategies as you please, but remember—there is nothing you can do to influence a video poker hand.

Table poker may be more popular in an online casino, but video poker is definitely worth checking out. If you prefer fast-paced betting sessions with a simpler gameplay, this casino game is definitely for you.


December 23, 2016

2 Categories of Bitcoin Video Poker

Like many games available in Bitcoin casinos, video poker offers a variety of game versions, giving you a chance to win in different ways. These games are split into two categories, their differences being the paybacks they give to players like you.

Full-Pay Games

Simply put, full-pay games are the Bitcoin video poker variants that give the highest paybacks. These games are:

  • Jacks or Better
  • Bally’s All American
  • Tens or Better
  • Joker’s Wild
  • Deuces Wild
  • Sigma Flush Attack
  • Bonus Poker
  • Double Bonus
  • Double Double Bonus

Some of these games have payback percentages usually close to or more than 100%. This means that if you played a video poker variant with a 99% payback percentage, you can expect to lose US$1 for every US$100 wager you make. This lets you stretch your bankroll and play longer as you are getting almost all of your funds.

Low-Pay Games

If you get high paybacks from full-pay games, expect to get less from low-pay games. Below are the games that fall under this video poker category:

  • 9/5 Jacks or Better
  • 8/6 Jacks or Better
  • 8/5 Jacks or Better
  • 7/5 Jacks or Better
  • 6/5 Jacks or Better
  • Progressive Video Poker

Most of the time, online casinos choose to reduce the maximum payout percentage of these games. But not to worry as payouts from low-pay games usually range from 95% to 98%, which is still high. Still, the house edge of these games is higher compared with full-pay variants, so do not expect to get into lots of winning streaks.

Besides the differences in payout percentage and the ways to win, the gameplay between full-pay and low-play games is similar. This means you will have no problems when playing as you generally just expect to get paid back a higher amount in full-pay games. But if you want to aim for more rewarding betting sessions, have a go at low-pay games.


Choosing the Best Bitcoin Casino for Video Poker

Understanding the gameplay of video poker is a piece of cake. The challenge, though, is choosing the right casino where you can stake your bitcoins to play the game. To help you find the perfect Bitcoin casino for you, look for the following features:

Easy Registration

Choose an online casino that will let you create an account quickly. Some casinos request from you only an email address and a password, which means you can start playing right away. Even better, look for casinos that do not require you to create an account. To play, simply send your bets to the provided Bitcoin wallet address. If you win, the casino will send back the amount you won from that wager.

Stellar Bonuses

Casino bonuses usually make or break your stay in a casino. This is because these bonus deals give you additional money in your bankroll, giving you a head start in your gaming sessions without spending your deposit amount. Choose those online casinos that offer no deposit bonuses because you can get these deals without topping up your account. Just make sure to read through the bonus terms before claiming the bonus because you do not want to have a hard time clearing the requirements.

Various Game Versions

As mentioned, video poker has a lot of variants that will offer you with different ways of winning. Ideally, you should have a lot of options because you do not want to play the same title repeatedly. In the Video Poker section, there should be a decent choice of full-pay games and low-pay titles. That way, you can choose whether to play safe or stake your bitcoins for a chance to earn larger winnings.

Convenient Banking Options

Since Bitcoin offers instant transaction times, you should have no problems transacting in your chosen online casino. Of course, the casino should support Bitcoin wallet payments. But if you prefer staking your fiat money, look for casinos that accept e-wallet payments. Besides a variety of banking methods, the casino should also assure that you would get your money right away. For crypto wallet cash-outs, you should get your money within minutes. Meanwhile, withdrawals from e-wallets should take not more than 24 hours.

Since playing video poker is simple, have your convenience in mind when searching for the perfect Bitcoin casino. To make your search easier, read online casino reviews to narrow down possible casinos where you can stake your crypto coins.

No doubt, video poker remains to be one of the favorite game choices of casino players because of its simple gameplay and reasonable returns. Now that online casinos offer this game, betting sessions just got more exciting. Play a round of video poker now in your chosen Bitcoin casino.

Popular Bitcoin Video Poker Casinos

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