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With the emergence of Bitcoin as a digital currency, a lot of online casinos have started to adopt it. Bitcoin is now being used in these online casinos and players have subscribed to using it as well. Moreover, it’s convenient and easy to use; you just have to exchange your money for Bitcoins that you can use for playing the casino games you want.If you’re interested in playing Bitcoin casino games, then you’ll definitely find one that you’ll like over the internet. Being a digital currency, Bitcoin allows you to choose from a wide variety of games in numerous casinos online.

Here are some of the most popular Bitcoin games that you can play:

Classic casino games

  • Bitcoin Roulette – Just like the regular Roulette, the goal of this game is to make a correct prediction of which number and color the Roulette ball would land on. Although European roulette may be the favored game variant of online casino enthusiasts, other versions like American roulette, French roulette, 3 Wheel roulette, and Card roulette among others are also present in the Bitcoin casino market.
  • Bitcoin Blackjack – This version of Blackjack distinguishes itself from the standard Blackjack by using Bitcoins as its currency. However, it basically employs the same rules as the regular Blackjack. Moreover, blackjack aficionados are surely going to enjoy playing it with bitcoins because of the variety of blackjack games one can truly adore playing.
  • Bitcoin Video Poker – There are many variations of this Bitcoin game that you can play. One of the most common variations is the JacksUp, also called “Jacks or Better”. The Bitcoin video poker uses the same rules as draw poker, except for the fact that you’re not playing against any other players. You win based on the cards on your final hand after you push on the “draw” button.
  • Bitcoin Poker – An example of this Bitcoin game is the Caribbean Poker. You can easily learn this game because it’s like the classic poker with an added twist. You can find this game in most online Bitcoin casinos. Similarly, you may find other exciting poker games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha when you play them in tournaments in most Bitcoin casinos.
  • Bitcoin Slots – You can also choose from a wide range of slot machine games that use Bitcoin. An example would be the RGBells Slot Machine game. It’s a loose slot machine game, according to some players who have tried the game. There are numerous Bitcoin slots nowadays, and they boast high graphics, extreme entertainment, and an overall outstanding online betting experience.
These are just some of the most famous Bitcoin games that use traditional game rules. There are so many more classic casino games that you can play using Bitcoin such as the Craps, Baccarat, Sic Bo, and Pai Gow.Take note that there are also new casino games online that accept Bitcoin. These games vary in their nature –some are individually played while others are suited for multiplayers. Below are some of the newer Bitcoin games.
  • SatoshiDice – This game uses simple mechanics that can be understood by anyone. All you have to do is to send Bitcoins to the designated address, making sure that the amount you send is within the min and max range. You then choose a Lucky Number and the dice will be rolled after. You win if the number you selected is higher than the Lucky Number.
  • Hi/Lo – In this Bitcoin game, all you have to do is to predict whether the next card is higher or lower in value than the card that is currently being shown.
  • Over/Under – Somehow similar with Hi/Lo, all you have to do is to predict whether the value of the 2 rolled dice would be under or over. It’s considered “under” if the dice show up a value of up to 2,3,4,5, or 6. Otherwise, it’s “over”. Make the right prediction and you can get a 1:1 payout.
There are several other new Bitcoin casino games available now. Though they may come in different graphics, style, and gameplay, they all aim to provide a highly entertaining, rewarding, and unforgettable gambling experience.

Perks of Betting on Bitcoin Casino Games

Playing the online casino games using Bitcoin is absolutely fun. Bitcoin slots are always a great source of fun and thrills while Bitcoin poker continues to become the hotspot for players who favor skills and strategies over luck. Bitcoin blackjack and roulette remain to be exciting to play, and the highly attractive and simple game of Bitcoin dice adds variety to the regular betting sessions.Aside from the entertainment these games bring to the table, the convenience of wagering digital currencies instead of chips and real money also adds to the charm of Bitcoin betting. These games become more interesting and absolutely appealing since they can promise fast and instant cashouts every time they reward you with small and big payouts.Moreover, as Bitcoin gambling becomes more popular by the day, more Bitcoin casino brands are launched in the market, providing you with a host of innovative, fresh, and feature-packed casino games that are designed for non-stop betting.

What to Look for in the Best Bitcoin Games

If you are all set to place a wager on your favorite online casino games, make sure that you have already browsed through the various game inventories of different casinos to ensure that you are playing the best of the best in Bitcoin casino gaming.The visual quality of the games should be one of the top priorities when finding the right games for you. When the graphics and design are stunning, you will be more pumped up to play.Likewise, the performance of the games should never be discredited. For instance, when you are playing roulette, it will be a major disadvantage when the wheel spins very slowly. Therefore, guaranteeing that the performance of the games is top-notch is a must.Most importantly, ensuring the fairness of each of these Bitcoin casino games will also keep your online gambling sessions on a high note. Go for the provably fair games and you will never have to worry about getting cheated, ever again.

Bitcoin Baccarat

Baccarat had been one of the most popular Bitcoin games along with blackjack and poker. Among all other card games, your skills, strategies, and intuition will be tested in playing Bitcoin baccarat. You have three choices to bet on. You can select the banker, player, or a tie. Only one among these will give you

Bitcoin Bingo

With just getting the winning pattern combinations, everything will certainly get right with Bitcoin Bingo. You certainly read it right! The plain and simple game Bingo is now made advantageous and more exciting with bitcoins. Hence, it is a must to be prepared to meet the perks and winnings you might have by playing it as

Bitcoin Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games of all time. Since brick-and-mortar casino days, bettors have enjoyed the game and rewards it brings. This popularity never died down during the present day. In fact, Bitcoin blackjack made the game more interesting and convenient to play. Bitcoin games are different from the typical online

Bitcoin Craps

sAt first sight, you will think that Bitcoin craps is probably the most nerve-racking Bitcoin games in the casino. And surely, what greatly made that impression is the seemingly complicated table because of its complex layouts with all those labels and numbers. However, contrary to this impression is the fact that this game is easy

Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice is turning into one of the most played Bitcoin games in many gambling sites. Players flock to sites that have this game because of how simple and rewarding it is. There are many Bitcoin casinos that are offering the dice game. The best dice Bitcoin casinos are offering various promotions that entice new

Bitcoin Keno

Keno is a classic gambling game. It shares similarities with lottery. The game is played in most modern land-based casinos. Bettors can enjoy video keno games and control their own pace instead of the fast-paced traditional keno. Through the advancements of technology, the game expended to the online gambling industry. It later went on to

Bitcoin Live Dealers Casino

Validity of the result and fairness of the games are just some of the priorities bitcoin players always look into. Hence, to give their clients their wishes of genuineness, Bitcoin casinos utilize random number generator (RNG) as well as provably fair service to gain the trust and cater more and more Bitcoin live dealers casino

Bitcoin Lottery

Everyone loves playing lottery. Whether its land-based lottery or online lottery, it offers loads of fun and chances of winning. This game of luck is loved by many thanks to its simplicity. You can be an instant jackpot winner in a few clicks. Simply select a few numbers and purchase your ticket. After all of

Bitcoin Poker

Bring your poker experience to the next level! If you are sick of the usual humdrum that the typical one offers, why don’t you try to spice it up with bitcoins? Yes, your favorite card game poker can now be played with bitcoins at your preferred Bitcoin casino; hence, Bitcoin poker is sure to give you

Bitcoin Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest casino staples and is what many think of when people think about Las Vegas. Most casino bettors either play Bitcoin roulette regularly or will give it a quick try before playing other Bitcoin games. The reason many play roulette is its simple and deep betting mechanic. Bitcoin roulette is

Bitcoin Rummy

Literally, if Bitcoin and the card game Rummy are combined you will get Bitcoin Rummy. However, it’s more than that, as with this simple game powered with bitcoins, you can get perks that will certainly rock your world. So, are you ready to know the tons of boons Bitcoin games like this offers? Well then, let’s

Bitcoin Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are one of the easiest chance games to play. Its nature requires strong luck to guarantee wins. Nevertheless, win or lose, it is a fun game no matter what. Now that Bitcoin scratch cards are available, the game can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Scratch cards were once the most popular lottery game.

Bitcoin Sicbo

Sic Bo, an ancient Chinese gambling game, is one of the most interesting casino games. At first, it may appear mind boggling and complicated. Since, like Bitcoin craps, it has a table that consists of numbers and symbols that you have to place your bet on and your luck will be determined by three dice.

Bitcoin Slots

Slots are one of the easiest yet greatest fortune bearers in the domain of gambling, online or not. Since it has been one of the games that mostly capture and captivate any player’s attention, this gambling game has been made more accommodating and exciting with bitcoins, the Bitcoin slots. Bitcoin slots is not at all

Bitcoin Video Poker

Bitcoin video poker provides the same instant satisfaction as slot Bitcoin games. Unlike a poker room where you compete against other players, a round of video poker only takes a couple of minutes. The game lets you enjoy the thrill of poker without having to wait for everyone to finish their turn. There are many

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