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Bitcoin Scratch Cards

Bitcoin scratch cards games offer a fast-paced betting action, innovative gameplay, and satisfying rewards to boot. Know your way around the game here.

Getting Started With Using Bitcoins in Scratch Card Games

Scratch cards are one of the most welcomed opportunities for new players in the Crypto games market. Enjoying the scratch cards platforms, you can play games bitcoin based and blockchain based. with great bonuses and promotions. But before the game found its way into Bitcoin dice sites, bitcoin scratch cards were first played on local post offices, street sides, and multiple land-based casinos.

Although numerous variations of scratch card games are available online, Bitcoin scratch cards are one of the top picks. The game lets you experience the fun of placing small bets in exchange for an enjoyable gameplay in a multitude of themes and colors. If you are lucky, you can transform your bets to huge crypto wins.

Bitcoin scratch cards are playable anonymously. Even better is you get to enjoy instantaneous deposit and cash-out transactions. And unlike some lottery games, Bitcoin scratchies are provably fair. This means you can you can ensure that all results of the game is not rigged. Sounds promising? Here is everything you need to know about the game.

3 Pros of Playing Bitcoin Scratch Cards

Bitcoin scratchies have plenty of benefits over their conventional counterparts. Apart from the exclusive betting benefits that come along with Bitcoin gaming, Bitcoin scratch card titles flaunt several features that will keep you scratching cards on loop. Look forward to these exclusive perks when you play the game:

1 | No Gaming Time Restrictions

In a brick-and-mortar setting, playing scratch card games typically follows a certain betting period. For instance, when you purchase a scratch card meant for daily draws, you have to wait until the end of the day to confirm whether you win or not. In Bitcoin scratch card games, however, you can play the game and confirm your winnings anytime, anywhere. The Bitcoin casino pays out every win in the game. As a result, you can get your crypto wins at any time of the day and you do not need to wait for certain draws.

2 | Higher Prizes up For Grabs

Most Bitcoin scratchies feature multiplier symbols. If you get these multipliers on matching symbols, your potential wins will proliferate in multiple folds. Several Bitcoin scratch cards titles even offer over 2,000x multipliers. Such case is a 180-degree turn from land-based scratch card games that often pay out only the value you bet on.

3 | Convenient Betting Sessions

When playing Bitcoin scratch cards, you do not have to worry about long queues in scratch cards stalls or long processing hours in online casinos. You can purchase your cards and place your Bitcoin wagers in just a few clicks. Since no central authority controls bitcoins, you can deposit and withdraw your coins anonymously and instantaneously—with low transaction fees to boot.

A Closer Look at Bitcoin Scratch Cards’ Gameplay

Bitcoin scratch cards often feature several sets of playing cards, each with its own set of rules. But in general, the rules in playing the game are essentially the same in traditional scratch card games; you just need to scratch your virtual cards to reveal the game icons. If any of these symbols match, you will be paid accordingly.

To start the game, select a scratch card of your choice. The card will then expand for you to play the game. An Instruction button is usually located to the lower part of the scratch card. Click the button if you want to know the winning matches on your card. If you like to proceed with playing your card choice, simply click the Purchase button and start scratching to reveal hidden symbols. Note that you can scratch your cards manually or in Auto mode.

There are different ways to match winning symbols in scratch cards. Some of the most common are matching two or three identical symbols or unlocking a bonus symbol on the card. Some icons even consist of multipliers that will bolster your wins in multiple folds. For instance, if you get three 2x symbols, you win twice the amount of your wager. Getting three 10x multipliers, on the other hand, will multiply your bet 10 times.


3 No-Sweat Tips to Maximize Your Bitcoin Scratchie Sessions

Just like most titles under the Bitcoin games blanket, Bitcoin scratch cards are based on chance. That being said, there only a few strategies applicable when playing scratch cards. Still, there are several useful tips you can use to get the best value out of each round you play.

1 | Maximize Your Fun Credits

Bitcoin casinos are not complete without crypto bonuses. Use these rewards to try out the game without placing any real-money bets. This is like playing the game in free-play mode, except you get the chance to rake in real-money wins. Make sure to play on a reputable betting site with a stellar library of bonuses to get the best value out of your bets.

2 | Play the Game in Auto Mode

Most scratchies had kept their traditional counterpart’s “scratch” gameplay. As a result, players can still virtually “scratch” and reveal icons from the card. While doing so simulates an actual scratch card game, you can save time and have more chances of winning when you play in the Auto version. This mode lets the game reveal all the cards at once. It is recommendable to play in this Auto mode if you want a faster-paced gameplay. Doing so lets you play, scratch, and have a shot to win in just a short period of time.

3 | Manage Your Stake According to Your Bankroll

Although you cannot control the results of a scratch card draw, you can manage your losses and wins. Remember to bet only what you can afford to lose. While wagering for huge prizes is adrenaline pumping, you must regulate betting on expensive cards—unless you afford to—because they can be costly in the long run. Consider setting a budget per session and try not going beyond that budget.

Playing scratch cards is a fun experience, especially if luck is on your side. But to guarantee a worthwhile betting experience, make sure to take note of these easy-peasy tips.


The Role of Variance in Bitcoin Scratch Card Games

Life-changing crypto jackpots are one of the crowd-pullers of Bitcoin scratch card games. But this does not mean you can jump head first to high-paying variants of the game. You must consider which variance level suits you best.

Variance refers to the level of “risk” involved in a certain game. It determines how payouts will be awarded to players. In playing scratch card games, you will come across three types of variance—low, medium, and high with each type holding the following differences:

  • Low-variance scratch card games – award low payout in frequent intervals
  • Medium-variance scratch card games – award average payout in slightly less frequent intervals
  • High-variance scratch card games – award huge payout in seldom intervals

Noticeably, high-variance scratch games hold the highest risk among these variants. Since such games offer mega jackpots, you have elusive chances of winning. Simply put, high-variance games are a perfect choice if you have an extensive bankroll. Common examples of scratch card games under this category are progressive scratch card games.

Low-variance games, on the other hand, are ideal in stretching your bankroll to long betting sessions because you get the highest chances of winning enough to cover your lost bets. But if you want to your gaming experience to be the middle ground of these two variances, then your best shot is low-variance scratch card games.

Scratch cards games, in essence, feature incredibly straightforward gameplay. But this does not mean you cannot enjoy entertaining gaming sessions. With the right gaming tips and tricks, you are off to a rewarding experience. Now that you know the basics of Bitcoin scratch card games, you can sign up with a reputable online casino today and scratch your way to big crypto wins.



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