Bitcoin Scratch Cards

Bitcoin scratch cards games offer a fast-paced betting action, innovative gameplay, and satisfying rewards to boot. Know your way around the game here.

What Are Online Scratch Cards?

Unlike some other casino games, scratch card games online require zero skill to play. Both traditional scratch cards and the best online scratch cards rely solely on luck. If you’re looking to hit those huge jackpots, we can help find the best online casinos that offer motherloads of them.

But before we get to the first deposit and huge bonuses you can use in scratch card games, let’s take a look at how this classic came to be.

The History of Scratch Card Games

The lotteries go a long way in human history and real money scratch cards came pretty late. The first computer-based scratch card game was invented in the 1970s, while instant scratch cards were patented in the 80s.

Winning real money is easy, all you have to do is collect three or more symbols of the same type and you have won a prize. The more sophisticated scratch-offs include several different ways to win on one card, including pictures, and words, or incorporating other casino games such as Monopoly, or Poker. As with other online casino games, scratch cards feature a plethora of exciting themes, from sports to epic fantasy.

The popularity of Online Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are extremely popular due to several crucial factors.

  1. They are easy to obtain.
  2. Scratch card games are cheap to play.
  3. All winnings and losses are instant once you scratch the card.
  4. The prizes, especially jackpots, are huge.

Lastly, as mentioned above, scratch-offs are luck-dependent and they require no skill whatsoever to play. In many ways, online casino scratch cards are similar to progressive slot machines popularity-wise and they all exploit the same key strengths – availability, low cost, potentially big rewards, and ease of use.

Traditional vs Online Scratch Cards

Well, this is super simple to explain, and you probably know the answer. Traditional games of scratch are physical pieces of paper you can buy at grocery stores and other places, after which you wait some time for a winner to be drawn. If that’s you congrats, now you have to contact lottery officials and physically be there to collect your reward.

An online scratch card can be bought at an online casino of your choosing, using the money from your account. Your winnings will be paid as soon as you scratch the card and you don’t have to bother with showing up anywhere.

Both types of games have the same odds, but some like traditional games for their tactile value and the expectation build-up before the winner is drawn. When all is said and done, online games have a slight advantage due to speed and ease of use.

The Rules of Online Scratch Card Games

Simply put, online scratch cards are twin sisters to the traditional lottery scratch card games. They are a digital variation to preexisting scratch cards you can buy on the kiosk next door and peel it away with your nickel or a penny.

As with the old lottery game, in order to win you need to collect three matching symbols hidden under the metal foil of the scratching panel. What was once a paper panel now is replaced with a 3×3 grid on a phone or a computer screen.

All you have to do is to click on the panel that catches your eye and a symbol will appear. Gather three of a kind and you are a lucky winner. A lot of top online casinos offer scratch card games, so finding the one you like the most is not a difficult task.

How Do Online Scratch Cards Work?

Online scratch card games are a byproduct of one of the most important tools in all online casinos – the Random Number Generator (RNG). This digital algorithm will determine whether you hold a winning ticket, or not, and it is governed by math and luck alone.

Some players still wonder if an online casino can rig scratch cards or influence jackpot odds. We have to disappoint them and the truth is much more mundane and expected.

A casino site has no control over online scratch card games, and it is not capable of disrupting or rigging a particular game. They are all made by the best software developers in the industry of online gambling, and each individual game is governed by the specific RNG which determines winning tickets.

Getting Started With Scratch Cards Online

Before you jump to buy scratch-offs online, let’s see how a game of scratch cards works in the reality, shall we? Keep in mind that some games might differ but in essence, they all rely on the same principle.

Buy a Scratch Card

The first step is to buy a scratch card ticket using your real money deposited into your casino account. Before you place the bet make sure to understand the rules of the game 100%.

Scratch the Virtual Tin Foil

The ticket contains at least 9 rectangles, sometimes more than that. Click on the rectangle of your choice and reveal the symbol. On a 3×3 grid, a winning combo is formed by revealing three identical symbols. In case of a multiple chance scratch game, the symbol you have revealed will serve as a reference winning symbol in that particular game.

Claim Your Winnings

Online scratch cards work like any other instant game of chance. As soon as you reveal the secret symbols you know whether you won or lost, and your prize immediately is awarded to you right away.

The best choice by far is to use e-wallets or crypto wallets, due to superb withdrawal timeframes and top-notch security and discretion. If they are not supported, your credit card or bank account will do, just do not expect equally swift money delivery.

If by any chance you win truly big time, then even the best online casinos are not financially prepared to cash you out all at once. Instead, you will be paid monthly, with each monthly transaction matching the maximum monthly payout set by the casino in question. We know it is a bit underwhelming but you will get your money eventually, to the last dime.

Online Scratch Cards Odds and Payouts

We think this is quite an individual preference since both physical scratch cards and those bought online yield pretty much the same odds and rewards. But this is not to say they are exactly the same, and in our humble opinion if you decide to play online you are doing yourself a favor. Here’s why.

Apart from the obvious advantage, and by that we mean sheer convenience and ease of use, playing scratch cards online brings a unique safety feature to the table. You see, every year there are several thousands of unclaimed winning lottery tickets and most of them are scratch cards.

Playing scratch-offs via phone or computer eliminates the perils of forgetfulness, since your winnings will be paid instantly, or over several months in case of a big jackpot.

The bottom line is this – we have to agree that online cards are superior to traditional scratch cards because they are easier to buy and play, and you will never forget to claim your reward.

Types of Scratch Games Online

To give you a heads-up, here are some of the most popular scratch card games you can play right away. We named them without any particular order, depending on the software provider behind the listed titles.


  • Slam Funk, Granny Prix, Foamy Fortunes, Scratch Card, Wild Champions, Super Zeroes, Mumbai Magic…


  • Pharaoh’s Kingdom, Love Match, Blackjack, Beetle Bingo, Easter Surprise Scratch, Kong, Iron Man 2…


  • Penguin’s Payday, Gunslinger’s Gold, Beach Burns, Pirate’s Pillage, Cast for Cash…


  • Tribble, Zodiac, Lucky Double…

Real-Time Gaming

  • Lucky 8s, Magic 7s, 5 Diamond Blackjack, Hot Dice…

Free Online Scratch Cards

This may sound silly but we encourage players to try free scratch cards before they invest their real money. This goes for all the games in the industry since knowing how they work is half the job done.

If you want to play online scratch cards find a casino that will let you do it for free. Only after you managed to learn all there is in every attractive scratch game is safe for you to start playing the best online scratch cards using nothing but your real money.

Scratch Cards Online Mobile App

It used to be a novelty of some sort, but nowadays it’s all but expected. Having an excellent mobile app is a must for most online casinos, and when it comes to lottery cards there are a whole bunch of mobile apps you can use in order to play them on the move.

But you don’t even need an app if you want to use your mobile device for online casinos alone. Almost all of them are well made and properly optimized so all you need is a decent phone, a fast internet connection, and a regular internet browser.

Sure, having a casino mobile app will bring more features and perks into your life, but it will not affect your winnings or play style. In conclusion, scratch card apps are nice to have, but not essential if you love to play them at online casinos.

Scratch Cards Online Bonuses

Finding a welcome bonus specially designed for online scratch-offs can be a fool’s errand due to the fact that deposit bonuses mostly correlate with slots, live games, table games, and Bitcoin sports betting.

However, real money scratch games are extremely bonus-friendly, meaning you can play them using almost all bonuses out there. Most online casinos allow players to use their bonus funds playing lottery games, and the wagering contribution is at a maximum of 100%, so what’s there not to like?

As a rule of thumb, go for the biggest welcome bonus possible, paired with low wagering, 100% wager contribution on scratch cards, and a wagering period of 14 days or longer. Your best chance to hit it big is to claim one of many crypto bonuses since crypto casinos tend to make better offers than casinos offering bonuses in fiat currencies.

What is Wagering in Online Scratch Cards?

In all casino games, wagering represents the amount of real money a player has to bet in order to finish the wagering requirements and starts withdrawing money from the online casino. Most frequently, wagering is an inevitable part of a welcome bonus, or other deposit bonuses offered by online gambling sites, serving both as an anti-money laundering tool and an important income asset.

Here’s how it works – imagine a generous welcome bonus you can use playing scratchcard games worth some $1,000. Now, that deposit bonus has mediocre wagering of 40 times the bonus money. That’s $40,000 of the real money that you have to wager before you can make withdrawals or claim another deposit-based bonus.

Wagering Contribution and Scratch Cards Online

Wagering contribution is a measure of how much of your real money bets are taken into account when determining the wagering requirements, and it differs from game to game. Sadly, not all games contribute the same towards wagering, but luckily for us, scratch cards are the best in the business, next to slots.

Slot games and lottery cards contribute a full 100% of your bets to the wagering requirements because casinos want you to play them. Those are luck-based games with zero skill involved which is why all casinos do their best to incentivize players to play them. Almost every casino site offers 100% wagering contribution on slots and lotteries because those games have a high house edge and casinos are making a lot of money out of them.

This is not to say for live dealer games, for example. They involve a lot of skill and experience on the player’s behalf, so casinos are usually preventing you from playing in a live casino using your bonus money, or they simply scoop live casino wagering contributions to 10% or less. That means that only $0,10 of your $1 bet is taken into consideration wagering-wise.

Make sure to find a top online casino that will let you play online scratch-offs using your welcome bonus, or any other deposit bonus, and go for casinos that offer 100% wagering contribution on scratch card games online.

Scratch Cards Online Banking

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and the same goes for casino winnings made by matching symbols on your card. Depending on the casino, when making deposits and withdrawals you can choose between regular payment methods such as bank account and credit/debit cards, cheques, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies.

We encourage you to use e-wallets and cryptos simply because of their ease of use, speed, and security. Nothing beats cryptos when it comes to withdrawing your money, especially when it comes to instant win games like scratch cards. Buy a ticket, scratch it, win a prize, pull out your money – all done in a matter of minutes, provided that the crypto traffic isn’t too congested.

Online Scratch Cards Tips and Tricks

Winning real money is quite hard, but there are some things we can use to switch the tide a little to our side. It’s not much, really, because this is a hardcore luck-dependant game, but put together these practices can produce a surprisingly favorable cumulative effect.

Learn the rules

This goes without saying. Fortunately, the rules of every single game we have come across are extremely simple and easy to grasp. Just make sure to know what you are up against, and what are the pros and cons.

Plan your bankroll

Make a decision in advance and be honest – how much money are you comfortable with spending? Do not exceed this limit because it can lead to addiction over a longer period of time. Remember – the longer you play, the more you will lose. It’s just casino math, nothing personal.

Get better by playing free online scratch cards

Nothing beats practice! Use the possibility to play games for free and get familiarized with a particular game. Know all the ins and outs, scale the pros and cons, and try to find a reasonable angle.

Find the right online scratch offs

Go for the games that you actually like. Do not listen to your friends and other players, even if they are knowledgeable and have good intentions. This is a deeply personal journey and finding a game that makes YOU happy is paramount.

The Best Casinos to Play Online Scratch Cards

When done properly, playing scratch cards online is a fun thing to do, possibly quite rewarding, depending on your luck. Do not listen to players telling you what is the best casino for scratch cards – there is no such thing in this world, only the best casino for you, your play style, and your bankroll.

Needless to say, find a well-regulated and licensed casino that hosts a game that you like and stick with it. The game should be well-proven and popular enough, but most importantly you should feel good playing it.

Here’s an obvious statement: opt for Bitcoin gambling sites with the biggest online casino bonus. This is a must because scratch cards are an extremely bonus-friendly game of chance. Try to find generous bonuses paired with the lowest wagering possible and a long rollover period.

Crypto casinos are a good starting point for their lucrative bonuses and great security. Having a quick-to-respond customer service is nice, though not a deal breaker when it comes to scratch cards.

Banking should be tight as a Fort Knox and equally fast, so going for cryptos and e-wallets seems to be the most obvious solution. If this is not an option do not despair, there are tons of great casinos that accept only fiat currencies or hybrid casinos that will convert your Dollars and Euros to Bitcoin.

Please, play responsibly! If you are experiencing a gambling problem please refer to the help and support links from the top casino sites.


  • How do you win by playing online scratch cards?

    By being the luckiest person alive. Seriously, there is no viable strategy, tip, or trick, because a scratch card game is based solely on chance. Our advice is to visit many online casinos, choose the best online scratch game you can find, and buy a scratch card or two when you feel lucky.

  • What are the chances of scoring a winning ticket in online lottery games?

    In theory, the chances are 1 in 2,45 to 1 in 5, so buying 5 lottery tickets should grant you some real money wins. However, that’s based on the average ticket sales ratio and there are no guarantees you will win real money even if you buy 100 online scratch cards.

  • Is it smart to play online scratch games with more expensive lottery tickets?

    Well, some lucky winners made it with free online scratch cards, while others lost a bunch of real money playing with expensive scratch cards. It’s all about luck and your financial situation, so if you can afford fancy scratch cards be our guest and try your luck.

  • How much money can I win?

    You’d be surprised. The best online scratch card lotteries can muster grand prizes worth millions of dollars.

  • Can I play no-deposit scratch card games?

    Yes, you can, there are a couple of casino games you can try without making a deposit or claiming a welcome bonus. However, the best online scratch card games are reserved for players who claimed a deposit bonus of some sort.

  • Are real money games involving scratch cards rigged?

    Any casino game can be rigged, including real money scratch cards. However, if you decide to play in a well-regulated and fully licensed online casino this chance is literally 0%. Online casinos are doing just fine with legit online scratch offs and there is no need to fix perfectly lucrative casino games such as this.

  • Is it good to buy online scratch cards in a row?

    One thing is for certain – you should definitely buy more than one ticket if you plan to seriously play scratch cards online in order to improve your chances. On the other hand, having two winning online scratchcards in a row is a borderline miracle, so do not expect multiple wins at gambling sites in this scenario.

  • How do I know if I win prizes in scratch card games?

    All online casinos publicly announce their specialty games winners, their usernames that is, including your preferred game of scratch cards. Scratch card game winners know whether they won or lost as soon as they scratch their virtual card.

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