ICE London 2019 Interview with Max Trafimovich, CCO of SoftSwiss

Softswiss Cco

Max Trafimovich, COO of SoftSwiss, gives a preview of what to expect from the leading global iGaming brand in ICE London 2019 this coming 5-7 February.

SoftSwiss continues to strengthen their positing in the iGaming industry and will once again showcase their competitive products and solutions in the coming ICE London 2019 event on February 5 to 7 at ExCel London. had the privilege to speak with Max Trafimovich, CCO of SoftSwiss, to know what the community can expect from the leading global brand in this year’s ICE, as well as his visions for SoftSwiss and the gaming market in the next years. ICE 2019 will be the biggest event with 30,000 expected attendees. What do you look forward to at ICE London? Are you planning some special reach out to the market or do you have new products / services to present?

Max Trafimovich: We have exhibited at ICE for as long as we’ve been in the iGaming industry. Over the years our portfolio of products expanded to the point where one booth was patently not enough.

So, this year we are coming with 2 stands! One of them (S1-204) will be fully devoted to Bgaming, our game content creators. The other one (N6-233) will present SoftSwiss as a leading casino platform, game aggregator and affiliate platform.

Perhaps more importantly, we will showcase CoinsPaid, one of our growth points for the next year. We are really excited about it.

BBC: What is CoinsPaid? 

Max: It is a robust tool for processing payments in cryptocurrencies. Basically, there were certain events in 2018 in this space that undermined trust in crypto payments and crypto gateway solution providers. We want to bring this trust back to the industry.

Our solution supports versatile cryptos and tokens, including “hot” ones like Tether. And it just really nails it from the technology standpoint.

All SoftSwiss platform operators currently rely on it to process cryptocurrency payments. Furthermore, we have signed several high-profile iGaming companies (B2C and B2B) to use CoinsPaid as their crypto processor of choice. The feedback has been exceptional. This is just a beginning.

BBC: As a market leader in the iGaming business, which topics do you believe will be the focus this year? Do you believe the cryptocurrencies will take major part? Or maybe Blockchain technologies? Perhaps something else?

Max: The early hype around cryptocurrencies gradually transformed into interest towards Blockchain and distributed ledger technology. I firmly believe both cryptocurrencies and DLT are here to stay. But they’re not the ultimate buzzwords like a few years ago.

The topic riding the crest of this year’s ICE, it seems, is Artificial Intelligence. As the iGaming industry matures, AI may become a key success factor for companies like ours.

You see, a gambling platform gathers heaps of data on players and their choices. Everyone tries to figure out how such data could help take better business decisions. And it is AI that’s extremely good at this task.

A well-built, well-trained AI can dig out really unobvious insights and make really precise predictions. Some of which would be absolutely frightening, so precise they are. All of this in real time.

BBC: Several changes happened in the market in Q4 2018 and there will be more to come in 2019: Decentralized solutions, Provably fair games, New platforms for hosting and marketing, and so on. How do you and your team get ready for these innovations?

Max: At this stage all our R&D focuses on our main products, which are the casino platform, the games, the aggregator, and the affiliate marketing platform. We make “targeted” innovations that build upon what we already have, rather than develop new concepts from scratch.

For example, for our affiliate platform we have rolled out a Commission Builder which lets casino operators set rewards for affiliates in a super flexible way, reflecting their nuanced arrangements. We haven’t seen features like this anywhere yet.

Another good example is our Bgaming kit of games. It actually comes with a Provably Fair module since 2015! Players can ensure the fairness of any spin or table bet right after the result was shown. To be honest, this is not rocket science, but it still adds a layer of trust in our casino content.

BBC: How do you see the iGaming sector, specifically the online casino market, in 5 years?

Max: There will be more regulation, which is good if done right. Sweden is a fresh example (by the way, we applied for a Swedish gaming license in November). But many more unregulated or restricted geos will follow, realizing the upsides of a transparent and taxable industry.

The whole iGaming will be more saturated, and the competition will be truly fierce. We always keep our axes sharp for this battle 🙂 It will lead to higher quality of both B2C operations and B2B software solutions. The industry will become more attractive for talented individuals to work in.

I’m sure it will be an exciting time for all of us at SoftSwiss.

BBC: What do you want everyone to know about your brand?

Max: That we are focused on two things.

First thing — being hardcore geeks and perfectionists. From the very start we put the emphasis on the quality of our software: solid technological foundation, code scalability, security. This is non-negotiable for us. And you won’t believe how many software suppliers in the industry underdeliver in those three basic aspects.

The other thing — customer service. Being likeable, efficient, client-oriented, eager to work together to find a solution. The main result of top-notch service is so obvious: our clients are happy to recommend us further or expand our existing partnerships.

We find everything else not as important as the two points above.

BBC: Your company is leading its sector. Where would you like to see your business in ICE conference 2020?

We’d like our business to grow at the same fast pace, with happy clients and of course new challenges!

ICE is definitely a must for anyone serious about iGaming to visit. We are looking forward to this conference and invite everyone to come by our stands to say hi.

Visit SoftSwiss at N6-233 and BGaming at S1-204 in ICE London 2019 on 5-7 February at ExCel London.

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