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Becoming a VIP is a unique casino experience in and of itself. Bitcoin casinos are no strangers to elaborate VIP or Loyalty programs, which are often loaded with cool and unique bonuses. Check out some of the best Bitcoin casino VIP bonuses for casino members who deserve them!

Top Casinos With The Best VIP Bonuses

Metaspins Casino Review


Among many truly amazing VIP clubs out there, Metaspins Casino made it to our list thanks to the multi-layered rewarding system and the chance to win cool prizes via two Metaspins – whenever you level up and a daily Metaspin. Combining your VIP level advancement with your Daily Metaspin could get you a total of up to a 60% Rakeback bonus, which is no slouch.

Every time you play your favorite games at Metaspins Casino, you gain points toward reaching a new level. There’s a number of spins you have to reach for every Level Up, and each spin is equal to 1 XP point. Once you Level Up the casino’s custom-built Metaspin will magically appear in your Rewards section, and you will get a guaranteed crypto reward every time you spin it.

The Rakeback percentage will determine the base value of the prize which you will see on the Metaspin. With each spin, the prize is multiplied by a value of up to 25x for an even bigger reward. You’ll find it in your balance straight away. Unlike cashback bonuses, Rakeback gives you back a part of the house edge gained during your play, in other words, unlike cashback bonuses that are based on your losses, rakeback bonuses are tied to your entire casino play history.

RocketPlay Casino Review


What we love about RocketPlay Casino’s VIP program is the fact that everybody joins automatically as soon as they start to play, and through the course of leveling the casino will reward you with diverse prizes, such as free spins, no-deposit cashback, and other incentives.

But that’s not all – RocketPlay Casino features a relatively cheap Comppoint (1CP=$20 of bets), so advancing through the VIP ranks is not as expensive as in other online casinos. On top of that, free spins have a pretty good longevity of 5 days and somewhat forgiving wagering with a multiplier of 20.

Speaking about wagering, Rocketplay Casino VIP rewards come with a wagering multiplier of just 5, which makes this online casino wager-friendly and not something you will have to stress about for a long time.

The downside is obvious – you can only use your real money and spend it on slot machines. Free spins gained upon reaching a new level are awarded in the following slots: Book of Sheba (iSoftBet), Hot Nudge (No Limit), Monkey King (IGTech), Platinum Lightning (BGaming), Eastern Emeralds (Quickspin), Gold Digger (iSoftBet).

Spin Samurai Casino Review

spin samurai

If you are passionate about Japanese culture and the art of war-making, Spin Samurai has the coolest loyalty scheme we’ve seen in a while. There, you get to choose between two different paths of two completely different casino combatants – Samurai, a noble warrior, and Ninja, a dark assassin.

Not only does this sound great, but it’s also set in motion depending on your specific casino play style. Samurai is designed for players looking for better cashback bonuses, while Ninja is focused on more deposit bonuses. Both loyalty paths enjoy the same, very friendly cash wagering of only 3x, and an acceptable free spins wagering of 25x.

However, once you get to receive better cashback bonuses and higher deposit-based rewards, the bonus wagering jumps to 40x and the minimum daily losses can get as high as $5,000 if you opt for a cashback bonus.

As far as Comppoints go, they are awarded for playing any slots for real money at the exchange rate of 1 CP = $20 or equivalent in cryptos. As with other competitors, Spin Samurai offers relatively cheap Comppoints, but it takes a dedicated, lucky roller to exploit them properly all the way to the highest level.

N1 Casino Review


If you are a fan of gamified casinos, or you just want to play games in a wider concept, you might want to consider N1 Casino and its great VIP voyage. This is an exciting and very rewarding journey across 30 levels every season. With the beginning of the new season, players have the chance to enter the Drift Pro competition, with a prize pool of $10,000 euros and 250 free spins, in addition to regular membership benefits according to your VIP level.

The cash bonuses have a very low wagering of only 3x, while free spins come with a near-excellent wagering of 25.

The automatic bonus issuance feature needs to be switched on to receive any bonuses associated with the VIP program by switching the “Use bonuses” toggle while making a deposit. Each $20 of real bets placed in slot games is rewarded with 1 complimentary point (CP) and 1 redeemable complimentary point (RCP). Players progress through VIP levels as they accumulate the required number of CPs.

The exchange rate of the RCPs is $1 or its equivalents per 100 points, but the key thing to remember is that the VIP progress of each player resets every three months on the first Tuesday of the new month. There are no limits on your maximum winning amounts by means of any bonuses for VIP levels.

Horus Casino Review


Unlike most online casinos, Horus Casino features a closed VIP program where one needs an invitation in order to join. This sounds more intimidating than it actually is. All you have to do is play and deposit regularly, and the VIP managers will likely call you up. You don’t have to deposit or lose tremendous amounts of money – but you do need to play and deposit constantly.

Players receive a personal VIP manager, improved cashback bonuses, increased free spins value, exclusive bonus offers, and relaxed game restrictions, if necessary. The best perks and benefits are, naturally, reserved for players with a Horus status, and the casino greets them with custom-tailored bonuses that perfectly fit their gambling style and habits.

The key point to remember is that each VIP player has a different deal with Horus Casino, and it’s up to you to negotiate the best deal by playing many games and wagering many assets. The cashback bonus comes with zero wagering, which is the good news, the bad news is that most players will have a monthly bonus wagering of 30 times your bonus and deposit, which can be devastating if a player has a jinxed streak.

This VIP program is especially lucrative for true high rollers and people willing to invest a lot into a casino, the only question is are you ready for such an endeavor?

What Is A Bitcoin Casino VIP Program?

vip casino bonus

Being a casino VIP member means you have certain privileges that regular players don’t. This implies having better bonuses, more casino games, blockchain gifts, and other great benefits.

While this sounds appealing on paper, especially in traditional online casinos, not all of them are truly worth it. Some casinos will give you the bare essentials disguised as VIP rewards and expect you to be happy. These can be higher cashback amounts, faster withdrawals, and VIP managers.

But before you decide whether you should go for the VIP or the loyalty program, reading the terms between the lines can spare you a world of trouble further down the line. Join us as we uncover the secrets of a top VIP bonus at online Bitcoin casinos.

How Bitcoin VIP Bonuses Work

Betting regularly at bitcoin casinos with VIP bonuses comes with several types of perks that you can pocket. Here’s what you should know:

vip bonus

Better conversion rates

Some of the top bitcoin casinos typically offer loyalty points for betting which serve two purposes:

  • Enabling players to reach new loyalty levels and unlock even more perks.
  • Redeeming points for real money bonuses once they have been sufficiently accumulated.
bitcoin vip casinos

Cashback and free spins

Two of the most common bonuses that Bitcoin casinos offer are free spins and cashback deals. The former allows players to play bitcoin slots for free, with the potential to win real money. These are most likely only valid on particular slots and can be played at the minimum stake using all active lines.

On the other hand, cashback bonuses are often used on a wider array of games, although the amount you stake per spin or hand is often limited. The higher you climb the VIP ladder, the more free spins or the bigger the cash bonuses you get.

bitcoin vip casino

Extra deposit bonuses

VIP Bitcoin bonuses are usually bolstered with additional deposit bonuses. Also known as reload casino bonuses, these are similar to welcome bonus offers. Their increase in value may also be attached to the loyalty tier you have attained.

bitcoin gaming

Personalized Promotions

High-ranking members of a crypto casino often receive exclusive bonuses and personalized promos depending on their gambling activity. For instance, if slots are your go-to game, you can expect heaps of free spins.

casino tournaments

VIP Tournaments and Competitions

Players who frequent tournaments may receive an invitation to join exclusive VIP tournaments and competitions. This means even higher table limits for high rollers or exclusive prize pots for players who rose high on the loyalty ladder.

bitcoin casino instant withdrawal

Faster Withdrawal Times and Higher Withdrawal Limits

When playing at bitcoin casinos with VIP bonuses, you may notice that not all the perks are cash-based. Sometimes, they are privilege-based. A classic example is faster withdrawal times and higher withdrawal limits. Both perks may be reserved for the highest-ranking members of a loyalty program, or they may be increased for all members the higher up the VIP scheme you climb.

Word of advice: Don’t expect to see all the perks and VIP bonuses listed above at the same site. Not every Bitcoin casino is eager to dish out exclusive bonus deals, if at all. But if you do stumble upon one of these listed perks in the VIP club, know that you are in safe hands.

The Difference Between VIP And Loyalty Programs

It can be confusing to tell the difference between a VIP and a Loyalty program. In fact, it’s so confusing that certain bitcoin casinos get it wrong sometimes. Grasping the key difference between loyalty programs and VIP programs isn’t rocket science so much so it’s quite possible for a BTC casino to feature both at the same time.

Loyalty program

Even though the term VIP sounds a lot catchier than Loyalty, most casinos employ some type of loyalty system. The main difference between VIP and loyalty programs is that it’s easier to join the latter.

Both normally come in tiers, however, loyalty schemes require players to collect loyalty points (Comp points), helping them progress. Each new tier unlocks new rewards or improves existing ones. In most cases, the number of loyalty points needed to get to the next tier is disclosed front and center.

VIP program

There are lots of loyalty programs disguised as VIP programs. Players either are VIPs or they aren’t – there’s no middle ground. The key difference is that any player can start working through the loyalty scheme as soon as they join a Bitcoin casino whereas becoming a VIP requires an invitation.

This is also one of the reasons why most players remain unphased by VIP bonus offers (until they get the chance to claim them, that is). Not knowing when or how one becomes a VIP member may have something to do with it. In other words, it’s ultimately the casino’s decision.

Contrary to popular belief, a VIP system doesn’t come in tiers but rather gives players a bunch of exclusive benefits straightaway. The benefits that players receive from a VIP program are normally greater than those from a Loyalty program although even this claim is open for dispute.

How To Become A VIP At Bitcoin Casinos?

If you visit the VIP page of a bitcoin casino, it likely highlights all the great things that VIP members get – but that’s pretty much it. There is no information about how to become a VIP. On the other hand, if the casino requires you to collect points, that is no VIP. Instead, you are dealing with a loyalty program.

To become a VIP, a rule of thumb is that you have to spend a lot of money at the casino in a certain timeframe. Only by meeting both of these conditions may merit you an invitation to the VIP program.

But as you can probably tell by our tone, this is all speculation. The only one who really knows how to become a VIP is the casino itself – and most BTC gambling sites refrain from sharing their secrets.

Progressing The Loyalty Scheme At Bitcoin Casinos

Fortunately, things are much easier with a loyalty program. In most cases, the casino will tell you straight how to join the loyalty program, what each tier will bring you, and how much more you need in order to hit the next tier.

In most cases, reaching the first tier of the loyalty program is easy but reaching the highest one can be a long and expensive process. Here’s how you can join and progress through the Loyalty programs.


Playing games

After making a deposit at the casino, all you have to do is simply play games by wagering real money. As you play casino games, you’ll slowly progress through the loyalty ranks by earning comp points/loyalty points.

It’s important to note that this only applies to “real money” wagers. If you wager bonus money, like those you would get from the welcome bonus or reload bonuses, they will not count towards the loyalty progression.


Earning CP

Earning CP (Comp points) is the default way to progress through the loyalty ranks. Casinos will have a conversion rate between real funds and CP.

Example: 1CP can be worth $1 but many casinos will also have a conversion rate of 1CP per $10 or even $100 (if they are feeling particularly greedy).

For each rank of the loyalty tier, players will need to collect more CP than the previous amount, and reaching the highest tier can often cost thousands if not millions of dollars.


Using CPs

While the main purpose of CPs is to help players progress through the loyalty ranks, players can also exchange them for goodies in the casino shop. Most commonly, these goodies include bonus money and free spins.

The downside? Going for these kinds of rewards usually isn’t worth it. For example, many Bitcoin casinos will tell you that you need 100 CP in order to get 1$ which is just bull. The same can be said for online casino free spins.

The upside? Players should still be able to spend their CP at these shops without lowering their loyalty program progress.

VIP Vs. Loyalty – Which Program Is Better?

This is a question we get asked very often and every time we do, we answer it the same way: It depends on the casino.

In our experience, a loyalty program is usually the better choice because at least it discloses what you need to do in order to get certain rewards. Then again, certain cryptocurrency casino sites are known to give players a bunch of meaningless rewards as part of their loyalty program.

VIPs usually have better rewards like exclusive access to various casino features and new bonuses. But none of that matters when it’s unclear how anyone becomes a VIP, to begin with. That’s why loyalty programs in BTC casinos are usually better because the progression itself is comprehensive.

Types Of Bitcoin Casino VIP Bonuses

Now that we explained how VIP and Loyalty programs work, it’s time to talk about the actual rewards. VIP and loyalty programs can offer a lot of things as part of their programs and as casinos keep evolving, the rewards too increase/decrease in value. Down below, we compiled a list of some of the most common rewards we usually see in VIP or loyalty programs.

cashback bonus


Cashback is probably the most common reward you’ll see in most loyalty programs, especially in those that have many tiers. Players who reach the first level of a loyalty program will start off with a small cashback bonus (for example 3%) but as they progress through the tiers, their cashback amount will increase (to about 20%).

In our opinion, BTC cashback should be offered to all players (regardless of their loyalty rank) so we aren’t huge fans of this type of promotion.

bonus money

Bonus money

When players reach a new loyalty tier, the casino may just reward them with some bonus money. This is usually normally just a one-time deal. The bonus money that players receive from reaching a new rank will have its own wagering requirements but it won’t be as hard to roll over as deposit bonuses, for example.

bitcoin casino free spins

Free spins

Just like bonus money, players can also get some free spins by reaching new loyalty ranks. It’s quite common for a bitcoin casino to award players with no deposit free spins for reaching the first few levels of the loyalty program. Just like the bonus money, the free spins will also have their own wagering requirements and which shouldn’t be hard to rollover.

VIP manager

VIP Manager

Arguably, the most popular VIP benefit sounds a lot better than it actually is. Having a VIP manager sounds great on paper. It may sound like you will receive a free personal financial adviser but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

In actuality, a VIP Manager will simply try their hardest to make you spend even more money at the casino by offering you more bonuses, telling you which games to play, and threatening what might how he/she may go away should you lose your VIP status.

Out of all the VIP rewards and benefits, this is the one that we are least excited about.

vip bonus

Better conversion rates on CP

More of a boost than an actual bonus, but it does come in handy if you are working towards higher loyalty ranks. Simply put, once players reach higher loyalty ranks, they may need less CP than they originally thought to reach the next rank. For example, the normal exchange rate between CP and real money can be $10: 1 CP but at tier 3, the exchange can go down to $10: 1,5 CP.

deposit bonus casino

Exclusive deposit bonuses

This is commonly found among VIP rewards. Players who become VIPs will suddenly find many new bonuses on the promotions page that will be exclusive to VIP members. In our experience, these are simply the same types of match bonuses and free spins but with higher maximum winnings. These are great if you are planning to make a big deposit and just happen to be a VIP. Most of these will work like reload bonuses, with their own minimum deposit and maximum bet.

best casino bonuses special bonus

Custom made bonuses

These aren’t bad at all, actually. Normally, only VIP members get access to these. If a casino notices that you prefer some games over the others, they might just create a bonus specifically made for you.

So, if you only like to play roulette games, the casino may just create a custom-made roulette match bonus for you. Still, don’t expect very generous offers. The wagering requirements are probably going to be pretty high with custom-made bonuses.

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btc casino bonus

Access to more casino games

This isn’t a very common practice nowadays but some crypto casinos still like to gate some of their games behind a VIP wall. This is normally the case for high-stakes table games such as blackjack, roulette, and poker (especially the live casino ones).

bitcoin online gaming tournaments

Access to exclusive tournaments

Some of the best bitcoin casinos like to host tournaments and limited-time events. Some, however, only allow VIP players to access. By being a VIP you get access to these exclusive tournaments. The biggest difference between VIP tournaments and regular ones is that the stakes a much higher in the former.

online casino fast payout

Faster withdrawals

This is mostly the case with fiat currencies as crypto payments are usually much quicker. When players finally decide to make a withdrawal from the casino, the very first withdrawal is usually the longest.

Every next withdrawal is faster but it can still take a while before your hard-earned winnings reach your credit card/e-wallet and (not so often) crypto wallet. As a VIP member, you get to skip most of the background checks and can enjoy your winnings faster than most.

As we already said, this benefit is more catered towards non-crypto payments as most crypto payments are instant anyway.

casino withdrawal limit

Higher withdrawal limits

Only very lucky players know the struggles of withdrawal limits. Each casino will have its own policy of how much money they are willing to issue with each transaction on a monthly basis. For example, a casino may only allow $10,000 per month to regular players.

With VIP players, this number can go much higher. Casinos are willing to issue larger withdrawals to players who have already spent enough money to earn the VIP status.

casino support

VIP live chat support

One of the most shameful benefits that we could think of is the VIP live chat support. In our experience, VIP live chat is the very same thing as regular live chat support, only the VIP live chat will be “nicer” to you.

In our opinion, all players, whether or not they are VIPs should receive the same customer support, and being VIP shouldn’t matter.

casino gift

Online casino gifts

Some VIP programs (and loyalty programs) may just send free gifts in the mail to their members. These can be no deposit free spins, no deposit bonus money, or maybe just cashback on the player’s next deposit. Many of these promotions will be sent to the players via Email.

Players normally get links or Bitcoin casino bonus codes which they can use to claim special bonuses and cashback rewards. A Bitcoin casino bonus code can be entered on the casino account page. These are great gifts to help players get back in the game, although they tend to have wagering requirements.

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bonus cash money

Gifts outside the online casino

The best of the best crypto gambling sites give their highest and most prestigious members gifts that are outside the casino. These include tickets to events, trips, gadgets (phones, tablets), and even cars.

Needless to say, players need to reach the highest ranks of most loyalty and VIP programs and spend way more than the actual gifts are worth.

Bitcoin Casino VIP Bonus Summary

VIP and Loyalty programs are great ways to keep existing players entertained and loyal. Unfortunately, not all of them are made the same and some aren’t even worth the effort. If you want a detailed analysis of VIP schemes at individual Bitcoin betting sites, make sure to check out our Bitcoin casino reviews. We leave no stone unturned.

We hope that our introduction to bitcoin casino VIP bonuses has given you a solid outlook on how they work. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to play responsibly!


  • Are VIP programs and Loyalty programs the same thing?

    No, VIP programs and Loyalty programs are not the same things. Many casinos may confuse the terms but VIP programs can actually co-exist with a loyalty program. Loyalty programs work on a point-based system while VIP programs use the invite-only system.

  • Can I lose my VIP rank?

    Many casinos will have disclosed rules about what players need to do in order to keep their VIP rank. At the same time, many casinos will proudly brag about how reaching their VIP level will be a permanent thing.

  • Can I become a VIP on the same day that I join a Bitcoin casino?

    Possibly. We believe that if you were to deposit a lot of money at once (even on your very first day at the casino) you would probably attract the attention of the casino owner. We strongly believe that it’s possible to get a VIP status using this method.

  • Why do I need an invitation to join some VIP programs?

    VIP programs are designed to make their members feel like they have more benefits than non-members. As such, a personal invitation is usually one of the best methods to make someone feel special. Other than that, getting an invitation to join the VIP is simply the policy of most bitcoin casino owners.

  • Are all VIP programs worth it?

    This depends on the casino itself. Most bitcoin online gambling sites will have some sort of VIP or Loyalty program but quite often, the rewards won’t be worth it. You need to decide for yourself if the rewards offered by the program are worth your time and investment. In our experience, only a few of the best cryptocurrency casinos have really worthwhile VIP/Loyalty programs.

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