Bitcoin Casino Cashback Bonus

Bitcoin casino bonuses come in many forms. Players usually associate them with no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins, etc. But let’s cut cashback bonuses some slack! Below, you’ll find a curated list of the best Bitcoin casino cashback offers so check them out.

Top Casino Cashback Bonus Offers

space lilly casino

Space Lilly Casino Review

Space Lilly casino offers a cashback promotion that consists of three welcome bonuses. After each bonus, players can get 20% or 25% cashback. The total amount that players can get from this promotion is $1,000. Other than the welcome bonus, Space Lilly also offers VIP cashback to players who reach a high enough VIP level.

lucky star casino

Lucky Star Casino Review

Lucky Star Casino offers a welcome bonus that’s all about cashback. If you deposit €20 or more as part of your first deposit, you can get 20% of your money. Simply play until you run out of real money and contact the live chat support and they will issue you your funds back. The cashback amount received will need to be wagered twice.

fortunejack casino

Fortune Jack Casino Review

FortuneJack has a few cashback offers. The first one is available alongside the welcome bonus, where players will get 20% of their cashback along with the regular welcome offer. This cashback doesn’t come with any wagering. The other type of cashback is the VIP one, where players can get up to 45% cashback.

trueflip casino

True Flip Casino Review

TrueFlip Casino used to have welcome and reload bonuses but as they leaned more towards cryptocurrencies, they ditched it all for a really good cashback bonus. TrueFlip Casino offers a 20% cashback bonus and 30 free spins every week. Players need only spend some funds to receive 20% of their weekly losses without any wagering.

unique casino

Unique Casino Review

Last but not least, Unique Casino offers a very decent cashback. Every day (up to 4 times a month) players can request a cashback amount from their account page. The cashback amount received is based on the player’s VIP rank and the maximum amount can increase up to €100 a day.

What Is A Cashback Bonus?

casino cashback

Although the name of this Bitcoin casino bonus suggests players will receive their cash back, things are a bit different in practice. Like most of the bonuses at Bitcoin casinos, they come in the form of bonus money.

Simply put, when players spend all their real money at a Bitcoin casino site, the casino might give them a percentage of it back through a cashback bonus. Most BTC casinos issue cashback promotions once a week but there are cases where a cashback bonus can be received after every single deposit. It all depends on the casino’s generosity.

Even though cashback bonuses come in form of bonus money, most of the time, it’s not too difficult to roll it over. Normally, most deposit bonuses will have a wagering of 40x (or higher/lower) but cashback rewards usually have minimal wagering requirements. In other words, a Cashback bonus is ALMOST like getting some of your money back to compensate for your casino losses.

Bitcoin Cashback Bonuses Guide: Online Gambling Explained

Before you set your eyes on the best Bitcoin casino bonus, there are basically two types of cashback offers available. The first type is usually awarded automatically once a week while the other type is awarded as part of a deposit bonus. Keep in mind that, unlike traditional online casinos, crypto gambling sites tend to be more lucrative, which affects the cashback amount as well.

cash back bonus online casino

Reward-Based Cashback Bonuses

This is usually tied to the funds spent during the entire previous week. The Bitcoin casino cashback bonus can be awarded to all players or only VIP players. Also, depending on the VIP level, the cashback reward may be higher or lower.

The standard cashback bonus ranges from 10% – 20% of the total losses from the previous week. Just like all other bonuses at Bitcoin casinos, the cashback bonus does have its own limitations that we will explain.

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cashback bonuses

Deposit-Based Cashback Bonuses

Deposit-based cashback bonuses are gained after a player uses up their entire deposit amount. Normally, the player will have to make a high enough deposit (normally $100 or more) in order to trigger such a bonus.

Deposit-based cashback bonuses can also be part of the welcome bonus. For example, the first deposit bonus can award players with a 100% cashback, essentially giving them back their entire first deposit once it’s gone.

best cashback casino bonuses

Active Date

Just like other types of bonuses, cashback bonuses can also expire if players don’t use them. Normally players will have at least 24 hours or more to roll over their entire cashback bonus amount. In most cases, players are encouraged to finish the wagering on the cashback amount as soon as they receive them.

casino cashback bonuses


Here’s where it gets interesting. Even though we said that cashback is usually 10 – 20%, that’s not always the case. Some casinos can offer a cashback reward of as little as 2% while others may even give a 100% cashback (but only on the very first deposit).

In our experience, most casinos will either tie their cashback percentage to the VIP levels (where the lowest levels will get from 5% to up to 20%). Some of the best Bitcoin casinos usually have a generous 10% or even 20% cashback that they give to all players (regardless if they are part of the VIP program).

cashback bonus casino


There are a bunch of limitations on cashback rewards. The most common limitation is the amount of cashback a player can receive. Normally, this will be a fixed amount ($100, $200, etc.). Some casinos may also set the limit based on the VIP level. Usually, the higher the VIP level, the higher the maximum cashback amount.

bitcoin casino cashback


Finally, we have to address the elephant in the room. On paper, cashback rewards should be returned on all the real funds spent at the casino, no matter what they are spent on. Sadly, this isn’t the case. In most cases, only money spent at slot games counts.

In some rare cases, the casino may also offer a special cashback reward for live dealer games, but we rarely see those. Make sure you know which games you need to spend your funds on before you withdraw them.

Claiming Your Bitcoin Cashback Bonus

Now that you know how a cashback bonus works and most of its features, it’s time to talk about how to actually claim a Bitcoin cashback bonus. If you already know how to claim a deposit bonus, you’ll find that this process is very similar.

  • Once you’ve already created and verified your casino account, navigate over to the casino’s promotions page.
  • Find the cashback bonus promotion and check the requirements. Make sure that you’ve spent enough money at the BTC casino and that you have the correct amount left in your account. If the cashback bonus is deposit-based, make sure that you’ve deposited enough funds to qualify.
  • Check out the cashback payout conditions. Make sure you note which date the cashback will be given to you. Make sure to note if you have to contact the live chat customer support or if the cashback will simply appear in your account on a set day.
  • Make sure you understand how the wagering requirements for the cashback bonus work. Too many players think that the cashback given will be in form of real money and that is, usually, NOT THE CASE. So, make sure you know how many times you will have to roll over your cashback bonus amount.
  • Finally, receive your cashback amount (on a specific day) and use the bonus funds before they expire. And don’t forget to have fun.

Get Some of Your Money Back with Cashback Bonus

One of the biggest drawbacks of daily cashback bonuses is that they come in handy when you run out of funds. Just like deposit bonuses that kick in when a player runs out of money, cashback offers also come to the rescue providing a good chance to win some of the losses back.

We strongly believe that cashbacks are important because they can get players back on their feet, so to speak, when they lose most (if not all) of their real money. It’s important to remember that most casino players aren’t going to win every single time they visit the best crypto casino sites. The cashback bonus is a perfect reminder of the harsh reality of Bitcoin casinos that also offers players another chance to get back in the casino game.

Types of Crypto Cashback Bonuses

We already covered the basics of the types of crypto cashback bonuses. We explained the two types of cashback bonuses, the limitations, and the requirements needed to activate them. Now, we are going to take a look at the most common types of crypto casino cashback bonuses that you are most likely to see at online casinos.

bitcoin casino sites with cashback bonuses

VIP Cashbacks

The most common way to award players with a cashback offer is through a VIP reward. When players become VIP, or when they reach a certain VIP level, they become eligible for a cashback reward.

If there are multiple levels of VIP, then the cashback amount will also raise from a low percentage (for example 2% – 5%) to a much higher one (the highest usually being 20%). Many players believe that cashback should be awarded to all players, whether or not they are VIPs and we like to agree with that statement.

best crypto casino cashback offers

Players Cashbacks

A player cashback is a type of cashback that is awarded based on player spending. Normally, this type isn’t advertised much on the promotions page probably because they want most players to forget they even exist.

To activate this bonus, players usually need to contact the live chat support after which the chat support (if the player qualifies) will issue a small amount of cashback money. The usual amount of player cashback can roll from 8% to about 15% but we’ve seen some casinos go even higher than that.

top btc casino cashback offers

Dedicated Cashback

Many casinos that don’t have a VIP will likely have a dedicated cashback system to keep players from finding a new online casino. These cashback bonuses are awarded to all players on a single day of the week. It will usually be a set amount of cashback (normally 10% or 20%) and will be given on one day of the week (usually Monday). This is our favorite among cashback bonuses.

casino reload bonus

Reload Bonus

Cashback in the form of a reload bonus isn’t very common but a few Bitcoin casinos still choose to have them. Basically, when players activate this bonus, they will be able to play until they run out of their real funds. Once their funds are gone, the cashback will kick in and they will receive a percentage of their losses (usually around 20%).

Because many casino players don’t like to assume that they will lose funds when they activate a bonus, this isn’t the most popular cashback promotion.

cashback casino

Gamification Cashback Bonuses

Bitcoin online casinos that do have gamification as part of their rewards will normally give out deposit free spins or bonus funds as rewards for play progression. While it’s rare, some can also give out cashback rewards. These can be per deposit (one-time use) or a permanent casino bonus (after which it will act as a dedicated cashback offer).

Bitcoin Online Casino Cashback Bonus Advantages

Similar to deposit bonus funds, the biggest advantage of a cashback bonus is that players can keep playing BTC games even when their funds run out.

At the same time, if players can meet the wagering requirement, which is normally lower than that of a deposit bonus, they can even roll over the cashback funds and turn them back into withdrawable funds.

Many times, players don’t even realize that they receive a cashback bonus and are happy when they find some bonus cash just sitting in their account. It’s the little things like these that make us really appreciate this type of promotion.


Picking a Worthwhile Cashback Bonus

If you are going to pick a casino based on the cashback alone, then you should consider a few things. The best crypto casinos that offer cashback bonuses will offer different variations, meaning not all of them are going to be the same. Keep in mind the following things when picking the best cashback bonuses.


Cashback Schedule

In most cases, casinos will have one dedicated day when they are issuing their dedicated and player cashback bonuses. In most cases this is Monday, but we’ve seen a few that also give them on Sundays or other days of the week.

Whatever the day in question may be, make sure it works for you. Not all of us have the luxury of time to gamble every single day so make sure you schedule your gaming on the days when cashback is given.


Wagering Requirements

We already talked briefly about wagering in cashback bonuses but there are a few other things to consider. Under normal circumstances, most cashback bonuses will have very small wagering of about 1x, 2x, or 3x the cashback amount. This is to prevent users from bonus abuse.

On the other hand, other casinos may want to be greedier and they will slap a 10x wagering requirement. We’ve also seen casinos that have the same wagering requirement for cashback bonuses that they do for regular deposit bonus offers. For us, these last ones are the ones really aren’t worth it.


Bonus Limitations

If you are going to go for the cashback bonuses, make sure you can actually use them once you get them. For example, if you are planning to play only non-live table games, you probably won’t be able to even get the cashback, let alone use it.

As we already mentioned, the cashback bonus is normally only given based on losses at slot games and because of that, it can usually only be usable on slot games too. The same goes for live casino games’ cashback bonuses.

Even if there aren’t any limitations on where you can use your cashback offer, make sure to double-check with the live chat support just to make sure you don’t ruin your cashback bonus amount.

Cashback Bonuses Vs. Match Bonuses

Even though they sound different, there are a lot of similarities between cashback and match bonuses. The more we look at them, the more we look at them, and the more we realize how similar, yet, different they are.

One thing that both the cashback and the match bonus have in common is that both come into play when the real money balance is gone. Both also offer bonus money that needs to be rolled over. With that said, here are a few key differences between the two.

Cashback bonuses offer less but are easier to roll over

In most cases, a cashback will give the player 20% of their deposit back (in real money) which isn’t a lot. However, the 20% given back, usually, only takes a few rollovers before it turns into real money. When compared to a match bonus, which can take up to 40x or more to roll over, this can be a more appealing deal.

Match bonuses offer more but are usually hard to roll over

Unlike cashback offers, match bonuses usually give 100% or more to the players after a deposit. While this is a lot, the match bonuses usually have a pretty high wagering requirement of 40x. With that in mind, a player can potentially win all of their losses back if they manage to roll over the bonus amount.


  • Do all Bitcoin casinos offer cashback bonuses?

    No, not all Bitcoin casinos offer cashback bonuses. Most Bitcoin casinos will offer regular deposit bonuses and free spins but not all of them will have a cashback bonus.

  • Can I withdraw my Cashback Bonus instantly?

    In most cases, you won’t be able to withdraw your cashback instantly. The majority of cashback will be given in bonus funds and there will be a wagering requirement that players need to meet. Only once players have rolled over their cashback amount, can they withdraw the cashback onto their wallets.

  • What are the Cashback Bonus wagering requirements?

    Cashback bonus wagering requirements state how many times players need to play through their cashback amounts before they become eligible for a withdrawal. For example, if players receive $100 in cashback and the wagering is 3x, that means that the players will need to keep winning with the $100 until they have used up $300 worth of bonus money.

  • What does an average BTC cashback bonus look like?

    An average BTC cashback bonus will usually give players anywhere from 10% to 20% of their weekly losses on a single day of the week. Casinos can be more generous (or less generous) and the wagering will depend on the casino itself.

  • Can I withdraw Bitcoin casino cashback bonuses?

    Yes, you can withdraw Bitcoin casino cashback bonuses once you meet the wagering conditions and roll over the cashback bonus funds enough times. Once the wagering requirement has been met, you will be able to withdraw your cashback amount.

  • Why do I have to deposit to claim cashback?

    You have to make a deposit to claim the cashback because it will be based on your deposit amount. If you didn’t have to give money before getting any back, it wouldn’t be called cashback. It would just be called “free cash”.

  • Can I spend my cashback bonuses on all BTC games?

    In most cases, no, you won’t be able to spend your cashback bonus on all BTC games. In most cases, you will only be able to use your cashback bonus on Bitcoin slots and maybe live casino games. In some rare cases, Bitcoin casinos may offer special cashback bonuses that can only be used on their own exclusive games.

  • Why do Bitcoin casino sites give Cashback Bonuses?

    Bitcoin casino sites give cashback bonuses to keep players playing. Many players will simply stop playing Bitcoin casino games when they run out of money and cashback bonuses are a great way to keep players engaged. This is especially true because cashback bonuses are easy to roll over from bonus funds into real funds.

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