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What Are Online Bitcoin Slots?

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Bitcoin online slots are virtual slot machines found in online casinos that can be played for Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency. They are designed to resemble real slot machines, and they share most of the features. Instead of physical coins, a player uses virtual currency to pay for slot coins used for in-game betting.

Bitcoin slots come in many shapes and sizes, and each different type brings something new to the table. Slots should not be confused with video poker games. Although they look pretty much the same, slots and video poker are built totally different and they do not share the same game mechanics, odds, principles, or even randomness. But more on that later on.

Compared to live casino games, slots are an entirely different beast. They are played alone, against the computer software, with plenty of animation, sounds, and even storytelling. Slots are the most popular form of casino entertainment because they are easy to learn and exciting to play, despite the fact they offer probably the worse odds of all casino games you can play on the internet.

How To Play Bitcoin Slots

  1. Find legitimate, well-regulated, and licensed Bitcoin slot sites. The casino site ought to suit your needs in many aspects: good welcome bonus, high amount of free spins, low wagering, tons of Bitcoin games, versatile banking that supports crypto transactions, solid customer support, etc.)
  2. Once you’ve chosen the best Bitcoin casino, the next step is to open your casino account and register.
  3. If you claim a welcome bonus comprised of bonus money and free spins, make sure to check if the free spins are pre-assigned or not. A lot of good Bitcoin casinos will grant you 200, or 300 free spins, but they are usually pre-assigned to specific slot machines. Note that your free spins will not be delivered all at once. Instead, you will receive them in daily batches of 10 to 25, depending on how many free spins you’ve got.
  4. The most important thing is to play casino games that you love. To help you find the best slots, we can do is give you some guidelines supported by our vast experience in Bitcoin casinos.

How Do Slot Machines Work?

First of all, we have to understand that playing a slot game is not a matter of skill. Slots are based on sheer luck, which is why they are so popular throughout the world. Like every other mechanical game of luck, slot machines are ruled by two factors – randomness and chance.

Using a mathematic program, a slot machine will generate random numbers that will determine which symbols will form on all reels. The outcome is not predetermined and it is not affected by previous, or future spins. It is literary impossible to rig a slot machine, nor to predict whether it will produce big wins in the near future.

The results of a single slot are not influenced by the number of previous wins and losses, the bet amount, the speed of play, or the way you press the spin button and its timing. The symbols will appear totally random, making slots provably fair games, although with a built-in house advantage that is impossible to beat over a long period of time.

With that in mind, slot machines are not absolutely chaotic. They rely on chance as well as randomness, and every slot game has a payout ratio it strictly follows on an average basis. In some strange ways, slot machines resemble how evolution works, but instead of combining the ultimate chaos of genetic mutations with the absolute order of natural selection, slots feature perfect chaos of outcome randomness paired with a predetermined and unchangeable payout ratio.

Basic Slot Terminology

Before we delve too deeply into the subject, we will first have to sort out the basic terminology used by slot players. It will enable you to start your slot adventure fully aware of potential risks and benefits, as well as understand how slots work and how to handle them properly.

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What is Random Number Generator (RNG)?

As the name suggests, a random number generator, or RNG, selects random numbers on a slot machine and decides whether a spin will win, or lose, making it practically impossible to predict and beat. It is a physical computer chip within the slot, loaded with RNG software, that spills out random numbers which are then converted into slot symbols that determine the outcome of the spin.

Apart from the belief that a person can predict the pattern of an RNG, the other big misconception is that the process of selecting random numbers happens only after we hit the spin button. In truth, the machine generates numbers even if it’s not being played, and the only two things that are set in advance are the payout ratio of a slot machine and the frequency of winning spins.

So, a slot machine will have a fixed payout ratio or RTP, and fixed volatility (low, medium, high), but the symbols themselves are 100% random and unpredictable. We’ll talk more about this subject in a section dedicated to slots-related myths and legends.

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What are paylines on BTC slots?

A pay line is an imaginative line on which winning combinations can be formed by symbols spinning on slot reels. It doesn’t have to be a straight line, it can go zig-zag, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. The number of paylines and their position is one of the crucial features of all slot machines and as a general rule, the more paylines – the better, because every single pay line increases your chances of winning that particular spin.

The number of paylines varies, from only 5 to over 100,000 on some Megaways slots. Some slots will let you choose which paylines to bet on, and which to pass, but we think this is a bad idea in the long run and you should always bet on all paylines – you never know where your next big hit is going to land.

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What are wild symbols?

Just as table games played with cards have a joker in their decks, so do Bitcoin slots, but instead of a joker card, they use wild symbols. When a wild symbol lands on a reel it will substitute any other symbol to make the best winning combination possible at the moment. Wild symbols have no match when it comes to the adrenaline rush – you will either be very happy to see one or very angry if a wild symbol is wasted on a losing spin.

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What is a scatter symbol?

Scatters are a type of special symbol that appears in more advanced slot casino games, and they serve as a trigger for special rewards and benefits. Scatter symbols have a distinct appearance, and in most cases, it’s an important image related to the slot game.

But the best thing about them is their adaptability. You don’t have to land a scatter symbol on a specific place on slot reels in order to win, nor do they need to be located on an active payline. As the word suggests, a scatter symbol will trigger a win wherever it lands on reels, so it’s understandable why it’s so pleasing to see them pile up during your game.

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What is the volatility of slot machines?

Similar to RTP, volatility is a mathematical value used to express how often, and how generously, a particular slot machine rewards players. A low volatility slot will reward you with small prizes quite often, while on the other hand, highly volatile slot machines produce bigger wins – but very rarely. We do not advise playing highly volatile slots to rookies and those trying to resolve wagering requirements of some sort.

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Is high volatility good?

Imagine owning a Ferrari. Without the maintenance and gas money, it’s not worth owning such an expensive vehicle, to begin with. In a way, the same can be said about high volatility crypto slots in online casinos, and experienced online slots players know this all too well. Usually, we do not recommend playing extremely volatile slots, especially to new casino players. The issue here is high wagering.

A highly volatile slot can yield fantastic results and payout great rewards, but it can also destroy your bankroll in a matter of hours. Be extremely careful and play them only after you have mastered every little thing there is about a particular highly volatile slot game.

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Slots with betting option

Similar to video poker machines, some online gambling slots have a betting option that lets you go double or nothing after every winning spin. If you decide to take a risk, and most people do with small wins, you can activate a betting option and try to guess which card is coming next.

It’s a betting system that uses regular playing cards, with a couple of options that vary from slot to slot. On some slots, you can bet on high or low cards randomly pulled from the deck. You can also bet on red versus black suit, and some slots have a betting system where the machine randomly picks a card from the hand and the goal is to draw a card with a higher value.

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What’s a bonus buy on slots?

In a nutshell, slots with a bonus buy feature allows players to directly pay for winning combos on a certain slot machine. That way, you don’t have to rely on luck in order to land the main bonus feature and you can buy it instead.

Usually, we can buy Bitcoin casino free spins, but beware – bonus buy rewards are not cheap and they come with no guarantee whatsoever. Like everything else it’s a gamble, you can pay 100 times your stake, buy a bonus feature and finish it empty-handed, or you can exploit the bonus buy feature and hit it big.

Online Casino Slots By Type

Although they all look the same to the untrained eye, slot machines are in fact quite diverse in terms of mechanics, gameplay, rewards, and visuals.
Now we’ll take a look at some of the most common types of slot machines found in almost all Bitcoin casinos.

Classic Slots

This term is used to describe the good ol’ slots right from the beginning of an era. They are very simple, and they operate with three reels and in most cases one to three paylines. Newer versions of classic slot machines have additional symbols, such as a bell, a joker, a shamrock, and a lot of different fruits. Classic slots often called “regular slots”, are the most common form of casino entertainment and even today they still draw crowds with their sweet nostalgia vibe.

Despite all odds, classic slots somehow prevailed and they maintain their cult status among casino players. New games are being made every day, and game providers still rely on vintage feel and mechanics, but with a modern twist to it. Graphics are obviously on a different level, some modern features and themes are involved, but most importantly the old-ish look and feel still attract customers due to its simplicity and everlasting charm.

Video Slots

Video slots are what you get when you mix regular, classic slot machines with additional multi-media content. All of the basic features are still present, there’s a handle or a button, spinning reels, symbols, winning combos, and paylines, but now we have high-definition screens with sophisticated animation, sound effects, elaborate music, and even whole storylines rolled into a singular thematics.

Some of the most complex video slots feature different levels of playing, with bonus rounds, free spins, and gambling segments. There’s even an option of buying premium bonuses and free spins as you play. If you are wondering what is better, regular slots or video counterparts, there is no clear answer and it is an extremely subjective matter – some people adore the simplicity and ease of play, while others revel in animated visual masterpieces with a quest or a story to boot.

Branded Slot Machines

Of all the casino games, Bitcoin slot games are perhaps the most thematically dependent of them all. If you want to play regular live casino games, or table games and casino lottery, you don’t need an additional theme, story, plot, setting, and appropriate artwork and sounds – you just make a casino game that works, and you’re done.

Slots, however, must have a theme in order to attract Bitcoin casino players more successfully, and opting for a well-known pop culture reference is a way to go in the 21st century. Slots can be branded by any criteria known to men, like movies, music, TV shows, games, books, etc.

However, branded slots come with a hefty price tag. Developers must pay licensing fees first, which are a handful, and then work hard on said games to give them interesting storylines, features, and game mechanics.

But, if you visit online Bitcoin casinos on a daily basis you will spot branded slots with no personalized or original content whatsoever – just a regular, everyday slot machine in fancy packaging capable of provoking our emotions.

Well, we are happy to say that branded slots like these will not pass the test of time. This is not 1988, and slacking will simply not work with a customer base “spoiled” as it is. It’s 2022 and players want exciting new themes and game mechanics, not derivative same old thing wrapped in an expensive shell.

The Most Popular Branded Slots

Good Bitcoin casino sites host a bevy of branded slots, from all genres of popular culture. It is impossible to determine the makings of “the best” branded slot because we all have different tastes and expectations. What we can do is sort out the most sought-after machines with a popular label attached to them.

So, let’s recap: Well-branded slots will give you a whole new story and a gameplay experience, while lazy branded slots offer just pleasing visuals and nothing else.

In the realm of movies you should try Jurassic Park (Microgaming), The Goonies (Blueprint Gaming), and Terminator 2 (Microgaming), while Vikings (NetEnt), Game of Thrones (Microgaming), and Survivor Megaways (Big Time Gaming) excel in the TV department. If you want to spin reels in a musically rich environment you should play Guns and Roses (NetEnt), Alice Cooper (Play’n Go), or Twisted Sister (Play’n Go) slot machines.

Progressive Slots

Progressive jackpots have the biggest prize pool in the online gambling industry, sometimes reaching over $3M per jackpot. They are by far the most thrilling casino games in all Bitcoin casinos because they gradually increase the amount of jackpot as time passes. In both online crypto casinos and traditional online casinos, most progressive jackpots use part of the money gained by lost bets and transfer it into the jackpot prize, so the longer we play a progressive slot machine – the bigger the prize!

Probably the most famous of all progressive jackpot slots winnings occurred in MGM Grand, back in 2014. The game called “Lion’s Share” took over 20 years to produce a jackpot and when it finally did 8 years ago, the winner took a whopping $2,4 million.

What Is Wagering?

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Wagering requirements are a nasty piece of work introduced by online casinos in order to prevent money laundering and make a profit at the same time. It all starts with you claiming a Bitcoin casino welcome bonus, a reload bonus, or any kind of deposit bonus.

In most crypto casinos, all welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and reload bonuses come with wagering requirements, or rollover, which forces you to place bets until you resolve said wagering and be free to request a money withdrawal. Let’s see how it works on an example frequently seen at Bitcoin slot sites.

An online casino has a welcome bonus offering you a 100% match bonus up to $100, and the bonus money comes with a rollover of 40x. By accepting this offer, you can deposit real money in your casino wallet, and said the casino will match your deposit up to $100.

Of course, you can deposit significantly more money, but the crypto casino will give you $100 max anyway, or you can deposit $50 and get another $50 from the online casino. In this example we will use the latter situation, and here comes the super-important stuff.

Now we have $50 of real money, and $50 bonus money – they are not the same in the eyes of a casino. In most Bitcoin casinos, you will spend your real money first, and your bonus money later, if you run out of real cash.

And here’s the kicker – those $50 given to you by the online casino must be wagered 40 times if you want to resolve the rollover and start making withdrawals. In this case, you will have to place bets worth $2,000 before you can ask for a payout, or begin playing games that are restricted with an active bonus and/or wagering.

If you think $2,000 is too much to wager for a measly $50 bonus, wait till the end. The situation described above is pretty common, even in the best crypto casinos, but there are other online casinos that could impose wagering that’s far, far worse than this. Imagine having to wager 50 times (deposit + bonus money), and yes – such Bitcoin slot sites do exist, in just 7 days!

That’s $5,000 (50x ($50 deposit + $50 bonus)) worth of bets, for a pathetic $50 bonus cash reward.  And that’s not all, ‘cos we still have to deal with wagering contribution.

What is wagering contribution?

To cut the long story short, different casino games have different wagering contributions, listed in percentages. In other words, the bets you place on slots will most likely contribute a full 100%, so a $10 spent on slots will contribute to your wagering requirements with a full $10 value, but table games, video poker, and other games have a lower contribution, somewhere between 5% and 20%, depending on the online casino.

Let’s put that into perspective using the example from above. If you must wager $2,000 in order to complete the wagering requirements, doing so on Bitcoin slots will cost you $2,000 because every single bet made on a slot machine has a 100% wagering contribution.

If you decide to play table games instead, under the condition that the online casino will let you do that with an active bonus in the first place, you will have to wager between $10,000 (20% contribution) and $40,000 (5% contribution), and all that for a bonus worth $50!

Why do Bitcoin casinos feature wagering contributions?

The reason why Bitcoin casinos impose such drastic measures is to protect themselves against games where sufficient skill and luck could destroy them financially.

This is why online slots have the best wagering contribution (they are extremely biased towards Bitcoin casino sites), and bets made in live dealer games usually contribute 0% to your wagering, or they are straight out restricted to play with an active bonus.

This is because dealers make mistakes and professional gamblers that play live casino games can gain what casinos call “unfair advantage” in live dealer games.

Our advice is to complete the wagering ASAP, using slots featuring high RTP, plenty of paylines, and low volatility. At all times, restrain from the maximum bets possible and go for the minimum to medium-sized bets, no matter the online casino or slot game.

Free Slots in Bitcoin Casinos

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Many slot games, in fact almost all of them, can be played for free, or what is professionally called “in demo mode”. Before you delve too deep into jackpot games and other lucrative BTC slots, we encourage you to play as many casino slots for free as possible, just so you could get to know them and practice a little before you start spending real money.

We can not stress enough how important this is! Choose only provably fair games in a popular Bitcoin casino, or visit famous Bitcoin slot sites, and blast them for free to the full extent. Gambling online involves not only luck but carefully selected strategies and betting systems too. Playing slots for free and knowing them by heart is not so much of a strategy, but it is a vital step towards success and it will improve your odds of winning tenfold.

Slot Myths and Legends

Let’s at the most popular myths, legends, and straight-up conspiracy theories revolving around slots and their players. Some of them are quite amusing, actually.

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Hot and cold slots

There are no hot or cold slot machines. Some players believe you can tell whether a slot is “ready” for a big payout (hot), or it will not pay big money for a while (cold). This theory is ridiculous and holds no ground in reality. Slots spill out random symbols according to the fixed payout ratio at all times.

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The maximum bet improves your chances

Some casino veterans point out that you need max bets if you want to hit a progressive jackpot, but in all other instances, going for the max bet per spin is straight-out madness. Go small until you finish the rollover, then it’s up to you.

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Progressive jackpots are reserved for high rollers

Truth is, they’re not. Anybody can hit a jackpot, the problem is – rich players have the privilege to lose a lot of money on a daily basis, make tons of spins, and by doing so they increase their chances to hit it big.

online slots rigged

Online slots are rigged

Well, if you think about it – yes, they are all “rigged” by design because they all carry a significant house edge. But in regulated BTC casinos, this is far from the truth. Each slot machine has a distinctive RTP and volatility, all of which are public information.

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Slots have a different payout depending on this position in a casino

Another false statement. Just because a physical slot is located at the entrance of a land-based casino, it does not mean that it will yield bigger rewards compared to the slot machine in the back.

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Online casinos can affect the payout ratio

Online casinos do not make slot games. That’s what software providers are for. Even if this was possible, a casino would never risk such a difficult scheme because all of the slots already came with predetermined payout ratios that are super-biased towards casino owners, not players.

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Autoplay spins pay less than manual spins

Believing that an RNG stops the reels at “just the right moment” for some people is far-fetched. Do you think a casino cares if you actually press the button, or turn the autoplay feature on? Spinning the reels by clicking the button does nothing to change the outcome of a slot game.

The Best Welcome Bonuses For Slots

In this section, we will discuss what constitutes a good welcome bonus for passionate slot players. Generally speaking, a good bonus will work in all situations and slot players only need to pay attention to the following criteria:

No Deposit Bonus

This is a candy you can not miss – you give nothing, and a casino gives you something, usually a few dozen free spins, a symbolic free bet, a small number of free chips, or gratis cash to play with. By all means, take the no deposit offer ASAP but beware, BTC no deposit bonuses are usually burdened with atrocious wagering and a severe cap on maximum wins, so do not expect too much out of them. In the end, they are designed to be a promotional tool for casinos, not your express ticket to wealth and fame.

Free Spins

The more – the better! A decent crypto gambling site will grant you 200, or even 300 free spins right off the bat, as part of their welcome package. Now, some things are very straightforward – you should take the bonus with the highest amount of bonus money offered, no mystery there, but there are a couple of things related exclusively to slot players. Let’s take a look at some crucial components of potential free spins offer:

  • Validity – In other words, how long will your free spins be active? The longer – the better, and some casinos will let you wager those spins for a whole month, some are brutal and last only five days, but most casinos will give you between ten days and two weeks.
  • Daily batches – Your 200 free spins will not land in one piece, you will receive them in daily batches of 10, 20, or even 50 in some cases. Look it up and do the calculation, always keep track of your used and unused free spins.
  • Wagering – Free spins winnings have to be wagered, usually, around 40 times, which means that the amount of money you win using free spins has to be wagered 40 times additionally in order to finish the rollover. Free spin offers with a wagering of 30x, or 20x, are considered great, while wagering of 50x and above is unfair towards players, according to the gaming community.
  • Pre-selected slot machines – In some situations, a casino will grant you 100 bonus spins but you must use them on a particular slot only. This can be a problem if it’s a game you hate, or it offers a lower RTP and it’s possibly too volatile for your taste. If you have the option to claim free spins that are not pre-assigned and you can use them on any slot machine in the casino – go for it.
  • The maximum win – Sadly, a lot of free spin offers are capped to some degree. On average, the maximum free spins winnings range between $50 and $200, and it’s a good idea to find a casino with no limitations on your bonus spin wins.

What Are The Best Online Casinos With Bitcoin Slots?

In all honesty, there is no such thing as the best Bitcoin casino for slot players. There are only some really good casinos for you and your playstyle, habits, and naturally – bankroll.

Before you open your casino account, find a trusted Bitcoin casino with a strong license and solid regulation conducted by a reputable state institution. Make sure it is safe, with SSL encryption, and supports reliable banking methods. This goes without saying, but the best Bitcoin casinos will have thousands of high-quality slot games, made by the best providers in the industry.

It is vital to choose the slot with high RTP and a game that you love above anything else, because being happy influences your decision-making capacity for the better. Go for online betting sites offering you tons of free spins, and a VIP club that rewards slot players. This shouldn’t be hard due to the fact that slots are casinos’ weapon of choice when it comes to wagering contributions and VIP advancement by collecting points based on your wagers. Customer support should be available 24/7, preferably via live chat or a phone line, and they have to be quick to respond and knowledgeable to a degree.

Please, play responsibly, and if you feel you are experiencing symptoms of addiction we advise you to use free gambling addiction resources, such as the National Gambling helpline!


  • Can you beat slot machines?

    No, unfortunately, you can not. The bias towards casinos is too tough to handle over a long period of time. But, you can apply some common sense and opt for slots with high RTP, combined with low volatility (small bettors), or high volatility (big spenders).

  • What is the best strategy for casino slot machines?

    As noted in the answer above, find a slot machine that ticks all the boxes you need – you absolutely love the game, it makes you happy, and it has an RTP of 98% or higher. Keep in mind – the less time you spend playing games, the less you will lose in the grand scheme of things.

  • Can I play slots on my mobile phone?

    Sure you can. In fact, almost all online casinos nowadays are mobile-friendly, just make sure to have a fast internet connection.

  • What time of day is best for playing slots?

    Whenever the RNG algorithm feels like rewarding players. Joking aside, there is not a single shred of scientific evidence to support the claim that some times of day or night yield better slot results.

  • Can online casinos change the odds of a slot machine, or change payouts?

    No, they can not, and even if they could – there is no need to do so, because slots already have the worst odds for players, compared to blackjack, baccarat, and practically all other casino games. Besides, slots are not made by casinos, but by game developers and they all come with a built-in bias towards casinos.

  • Can I play Bitcoin slots for free?

    Yes, you can, and we encourage you to do so. Almost all casinos will let you play games in demo mode, that way you can learn the rules, practice a little, and learn all the ins and outs of a particular game. This is a must if you ask us.

  • Why are wome slots restricted?

    There are a few possible reasons, and it boils down to gambling legality and gaming copyrights. If your favorite slot is not available in your country, it has nothing to do with a casino you are playing at, the problem exists between a game provider and your legislature.

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