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BetMoose Review

BetMoose: A Simple but Fun Bitcoin Prediction Betting Site?

BetMoose is a betting site that allows players to wager on prediction markets with Bitcoin. Instead of providing entertainment through casino games or sportsbook, this gaming hub lets you have fun by betting on just about anything. Here, you can wager on what you think will happen in an awards event or on who is the most popular celebrity. But does BetMoose make prediction betting exciting? Read on about the features this betting site offers.

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Bonuses and Promotions

There are no rewards similar to Bitcoin casino bonuses waiting for you on BetMoose. However, this betting portal offers you two ways to earn bitcoins so that you can bet on more outcomes.

Referral Program

One way you can add more money to your player account is by inviting your friends to sign up with BetMoose. This gaming hub will give you a 20% revenue share for every person who signs up through your referral link. And since players do not need to create an account to make a wager, you can also earn when your referrals make anonymous bets.

Host Betting

The easiest way to make money on BetMoose is by hosting a bet. Simply make a prediction, decide which betting option to use, and set a deadline for the wagering period. Once your prediction is up on the betting site, you just have to wait for the bets to come in and for the wagering period to end.

When the wagering ends and your hosted bet is resolved, BetMoose will pay you a commission based on the total amount wagered on your prediction. Meanwhile, your commission rate will depend on your level in the gaming hub. Here are the levels and their respective commission rates:

  • Level 0 – 5% commission
  • Level 1 –6% commission
  • Level 2 –7% commission
  • Level 3 –8% commission
  • Level 4 –9% commission
  • Level 5 –0% commission

Take note that your level increases as you host more bets. To become a Level 5 member, you must have hosted five or more resolved bets with a cumulative wager pool of 100 BTC.

Another feature of BetMoose is the Hall of Fame, which is a leaderboard of players who have made the most number of winning bets. While this section will not give you any rewards, it does give you bragging rights.

The deals the betting site offers do not require you to meet wagering requirements or to make a required deposit to earn bitcoins. Still, BetMoose lacks welcome gifts or deposit bonuses that encourage more bettors to join.

Games and Software

BetMoose focuses only on prediction betting, so do not expect to see Bitcoin slots, card games, or sports matches. This betting hub allows you to bet on almost anything, including entertainment, politics, and stocks. In addition, BetMoose allows anonymous betting, so you do not need an account to make a wager.

To get started, you can look through the list of predictions in the Propositions section. Click on a bet that interests you, then wager on your favored outcome. BetMoose requires you to stake at least 0.0001 BTC, but you can put as much money as you want on your predicted outcome. If you want to maximize your returns and minimize your risk, you have the option to bet on multiple outcomes on one prediction.

After placing your bet, you just have to wait until the prediction ends on the given time frame. Depending on the event, the prediction could take weeks or months before it is resolved.

Once the host resolves the bet, you will be paid out if you chose the winning outcome. The amount of your winnings will depend on the betting option. If you wagered on a fixed-odds option, your earnings are based on your chosen stakes on your preferred outcome. Meanwhile, if you bet on parimutuel, your rewards are based on the percentage of the total number of BTC on that prediction.

Each prediction has a Time Multiplier feature that allows early bettors to get a bigger share of the winnings. This feature, however, is available to only the few early players who have bet on the winning outcome. In addition, once you have placed your stakes early, you cannot withdraw them later. You can do so only if no one else places a bet or if the prediction becomes invalid.

BetMoose may offer only prediction betting, but it does so simply and effectively. Still, you might forget about this betting site after you have made a wager. While waiting for the outcome of the bet, you will not find anything else to do in this gaming portal. Since the bets will be resolved after a few weeks or months, you will not find motivation to log in every day to play, except when you want to bet on other events.

Banking Methods

Bitcoin is the only mode of payment available on this betting site. All you need to transact with BetMoose is a Bitcoin wallet. To deposit, just send your bitcoins to a unique wallet address. Once you have topped up your account, the money will reflect in your player funds instantly. Meanwhile, withdrawing is just as fast as depositing. Simply enter your preferred amount, confirm your wallet address, and wait to receive your winnings. BetMoose assures that it processes payouts quickly so that you can enjoy your money right away.

Before you transact, know that there are required deposit and withdrawal amounts in this gaming hub. Your deposits will be approved if you send at least 0.0001 BTC to your account. On the other hand, your withdrawal request will be processed only if you cash out 0.005 BTC or more. There are no maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts, but BetMoose will deduct 3% from the winning wagers as commission to the host of the bet.

Should You Play in This Casino?

BetMoose is definitely not your typical betting site. Instead of offering wagers on sports events, the gaming hub allows you to place bets on the most random and sometimes controversial topics. There are so many possibilities to bet on, which gives you excitement to wager on almost anything.

On the other hand, the brand does not offer many features. Other than the host commissions and the referral program, there are no bonuses to be excited about. After placing a bet, you will have nothing else to do while waiting for the results of the prediction, unless you want to check out other betting propositions onsite. In spite of these issues, BetMoose manages to provide a basic look of how prediction markets work. This betting site will definitely cater to players who want to try prediction markets with minimal risk.


If you have any issues, inquiries, or suggestions, you can reach BetMoose by sending a message through the contact form or through email. You can also reach the betting site on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Reddit. Unfortunately, there are no live chat options or hotlines available, which means you cannot expect prompt response from the betting site if you have urgent concerns.


  • Players can bet on any outcomes
  • Host commission program
  • No betting limits
  • No deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Accepts Bitcoin


  • No operator and license information
  • No welcome and reload bonuses
  • Limited betting options
  • No casino games
  • No VIP program

Minimum Character: 100



The thing is… some of these predictions well only know the outcome in a few months. I can place my bet, leave for a while, then come back when the results are near. I don’t really see ymself going here everyday just to keep betting.


not exiting after awhile


Its fun to look at predictions and bet on those but nothing else will make me come back to it


love that hosts can earn


its one of a kind but nothing exciting