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Bitcoin Casino Software

The quality of a Bitcoin casino depends on its games, supplied by high-quality game providers. Know how to choose a casino based on its game software.

Play the Best Bitcoin Games with the Best Casino Software

In the online casino space, the competition is not just among casinos but also among crypto casino software providers. After all, online casinos will not survive without good games, and it is either they make their own game from scratch or turn to experienced game-makers.

Either way, no matter which online casino you go to, you will find those with one provider, while others have games by multiple developers. These game-makers create slots, table games, and specialty games in different styles, features, and rewards. That and the games are made with different players in mind. So whether you like watching your favorite movies come alive on the reels or you just want action-packed betting, you have something to play.

Why You Should Care About Bitcoin Casino Software

Maybe you might not have cared about crypto casino software before reading this article. After all, you may have the mindset that gaming sessions will be good as long as you find an online casino with a large game library.

But this is not always the case. In fact, the quality of casino games depends on the providers. A casino may offer lots of games, but if these games are difficult to navigate, are outdated, and tend to freeze on you, then you will not experience high-quality gaming. And if you do not enjoy the offered games, chances are you will not enjoy the casino overall.

Plus, knowing you are playing games from top game-makers breeds trust and familiarity. You may not yet be familiar with the casino, but once you see NetEnt or Microgaming titles, you will most likely trust the casino because it managed to tie up with these software providers.

8 Features of the Top Casino Software Providers

Most of the Bitcoin casinos we review have games supplied by top crypto casino software providers. While their designs, features, and bonuses may be different, these game-makers have the following in common:

1 | Game Variety

Admit it—as much as you would want to play a single game for hours, there will come a time when you will get tired of it. And when you do, you would want to find something different to play. So when looking at casino software providers, make sure to look at its suite of games. Having more games with different themes goes to show that the developer has a wide range of target audience in mind.

2 | High-Quality Game Graphics and Sounds

Definitely, the visual and audio elements of a gameplay a huge part in your game preferences. Whether the graphics are 2D, 3D, or virtual reality, you would want to play with smooth graphics. Plus, the background music should not be distracting, but rather contribute to your gaming experience. Combine two well-executed elements, and you have an engaging game.

3 | User-Friendliness

It may not be easy to win a jackpot prize in a game, but your betting sessions should be as trouble-free as possible. Look for software providers with games that have controls that are easy to navigate. Even better, these titles should have info pages that tell you how to use the game controls.

4 | New Releases

A software provider should not be satisfied with its current suite of games. To get ahead of other game-makers, it must always come up with unique ways to keep you coming back for more. And this is not just about game themes. For instance, NetEnt released slot games with a cluster pays feature, giving you a different way to win if you are tired of spinning the reels on slots that rely on paylines.

5 | Speed of Gameplay

No matter what your bandwidth speed is, you would want to experience smooth gaming sessions. The last thing you want to happen is for the game to suddenly freeze when you suddenly hit a big win.

6 | Device Compatibility

Not only should you be able to play your game easily, but you must be able to spin the reels or make a bet anywhere you go, whether you are at home or commuting to and from work. The top casino software providers make their games compatible in different ways—through downloadable software, through web browsers, and through phones.

7 | Game Fairness

Casino software uses random number generators (RNGs) so that all game results are random and fair. But is this really the case among all games? To help you play with peace of mind, always look for certificates by third-party agencies like iTech Labs and eCOGRA. These regulatory bodies impose strict rules to ensure that the providers do not cheat you of your winnings. Plus, these agencies regularly audit software to certify that the game-makers continue to follow a set of standards.

But in Bitcoin casinos, you will encounter the term “provably fair”. With this tool, you can check for yourself whether the outcome of the game is random and fair. Simply look for two strings of numbers and check the results via the casino’s verifying tool or from a third-party site.

8 | Reasonable Payouts

You may not always win on a round, but you can count on a game to return a portion of your bets. To know how much you will get back, check the Return to Player (RTP). Software providers like Microgaming and Playtech usually post a high RTP, from 98 to 99%, and that rate remains the same no matter which casino you go to. On the other hand, game-makers like RealTime Gaming let casinos tweak their games’ RTPs. Either way, make sure to play games from providers that return a reasonable part of your losses.

What About Proprietary Software?

While looking into crypto casino software, you will find that not all Bitcoin casinos provide games from top software developers. In fact, most of these Bitcoin casinos develop their gaming software in-house. Not only does this help them save costs, but this also gives them more control over how players experience their betting sessions.

The bad news is that there is a stigma among proprietary software of having poor quality. While this may be the case among in-house games, there are games from Bitcoin casinos like CryptoGames Casino and CoinRoyale that boost smooth graphics, fast loading times, and user-friendly interfaces. It is just a matter of looking for the right place to bet.

While it is normal to search for casinos offering a large game collection, you must also bear in mind the quality of your betting sessions. In choosing a casino, make sure its software is safe and reliable, not to mention fair.

But while top casino software providers have the abovementioned features, this does not mean you should ignore other smaller game-makers. It definitely pays to try different games from different providers. Who knows? You might actually find that game you can play for hours.

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