Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slot

Betsoft’s Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is a role-playing and RNG-based multiplayer slot game promising a new revolution to standard video slots. Know more here.

Type Developer Paylines Reels Jackpot RTP
Slots Betsoft Gaming 5,000 96%
Min Bet Max Bet Mobile-ready Gamble Feature Auto-play Theme/Genre
0.01 0.25 Yes No Yes Ancient Egypt, Mythology

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Max Quest: Wrath of Ra: Sets The Bar High For A Groundbreaking Slot Adventure

The ancient god of the sun has awoken from his deep slumber, and he is bringing along fuming rewards and an epic adventure.

The thrilling and colorful realms of Ancient Egypt have always been a favorite theme in the world of bitcoin video slots, giving you a long list of similar-looking options. But lo and behold, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is about to smash these archetypes.

This Betsoft Gaming title is the first-ever role-playing and RNG-based slot game. The game follows a group of brave explorers who accidentally awaken the ancient sun god. That being said, bettors can join forces with other players to bring down supernatural enemies. Entangled in the dark webs of a subterranean maze, these thrill-seekers must get ready for an explosive spinning adventure. Know more about the game in this Max Quest: Wrath of Ra review.

Graphics and Sounds

What could be the perfect setting for an ancient treasure heist than on the dark depths of Ancient Egyptian tombs? Betsoft set the bar high with Max Quest: Wrath of Ra’s graphics. It flaunts a rich and crisp 3D graphics you will often see on console-based games. In fact, you can even customize your avatar.

As you play, you will come across several enemies that represent the game’s symbols. The bunch includes Scarab Hatchlings, Shadow Scarabs, Golden Tomb Scrabblers, Ruby Crypt Watchers, Wrapped Minions, Wrapped Shadowguards, Wrapped Spiritguards, Tahawy Warriors, Crimson Bataantas, and Emerald Bataantas. You should also brace yourself as gods like Anubis, Osiris, and Ra might appear in the game. And of course, this smashing graphics is made more immersive with epic sound effects and cinematic background music.


Max Quest: Wrath of Ra does not come with standard slot features, so it might take a while to wrap your head around the game. Even so, it promises an action-packed and fun betting adventure. Plus, the slot holds a theoretical RTP of 96%, so expect fair wins as you play in the long run.

To begin the game, you need to select a room consisting of up to six players then buy your bullets. Note that each bullet you buy and shoot represents a bet, with  0.01 as the minimum and 0.25 as the maximum. The bullet cost will then determine the buy-in price for the game rooms. The game offers a set of special weapons you can use to destroy the roaming enemies.

A star represents the Shot Power of each weapon, with standard guns having one star and the deadliest ammo having the most stars. The game’s arsenal includes a laser (4 stars), machine gun (4 stars), shotgun (3 stars), grenade (3.5 stars), and the powerful plasma rifle (5 stars).

Change from one weapon to another as you play by buying them or by unlocking them from your slain targets. You can purchase additional bullets in between games as well. Your goal is to shoot as many cursed monsters as you can to unlock cash prizes or special rewards.

If you are playing on your desktop, lock your targets using the right-click button, then the left-click button to shoot. If your target is slain before your shot reaches it, the bullet will ricochet and hit another enemy. Otherwise, the bullet will return to your arsenal.


Bonuses and Special Features

An epic treasure hunt is never complete without special rewards. Expect to come across features you do not typically see on standard slot games. Here are the bonuses and special features lurking on the dark labyrinth and sinister creatures of the game:

Risen Fire Enemies

Each time you slay a standard enemy, it can rise from the ashes and become a Risen Fire Enemy. These villains—represented by burning symbols—are more difficult to kill, but they award generous multipliers. Killing a Risen Fire Scarab or Risen Fire Mummy will award 2,000x up to 5,000x multipliers, respectively.

Game Quests

As you shoot your way to otherworldly wins, you will be given some quests or missions. These Quests usually involve finding some treasures in the game. If you clear a mission, you will get experience points (XP) that will help you increase the game level and boost your rank on the leaderboard.  Note that Quests range from easy, 1-star Novice Quests to the difficult, 5-star Legendary Quests.


Max Quests: Wrath of Ra awards a max win of 5,000 coins. But if you are one of the exceptional daredevils, then you are in for some special prizes. The game is connected to a leaderboard, which awards the top-ranking players with Treasure Chests containing cash prizes. Your rank is determined by how many XPs you have collected during the leaderboard period of seven days. The higher your XPs are, the higher your rank is.

God Events

At the end of every round, the game can award you with a God Event. Once the feature is in action, a wrathful ancient god will rise on the screen, clearing all cursed monsters, mummies, and other enemies on the screen. You and your team have to shoot the god until it perishes to unveil a treasure chest with collectible prizes and extra cash wins.

Should you play Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slot

There is no denying that Max Quest: Wrath of Ra defies and bends the genre all slot players are familiar with. It raises the bar to new heights by combining the adrenaline-pumping action of multi-battle role-playing games with the simple and rewarding features of slots.  This exhilarating mix can definitely keep you on the edge of your seat for hours.

It is safe to say, though, that the game might not sit well with fans of standard slot games or those who are seeking for a simple and casual spin. Nevertheless, if you are in for an action-packed slot with smashing gameplay, rewards, and graphics, you could never go wrong with Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. Play the game on Betsoft Gaming casinos below for a chance to start your game with a bonus boost.

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