Betsoft Gaming’s Legend of the Nile Slot Offers Cluster Wins

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Betsoft Gaming releases an Egyptian-themed slot called Legend of the Nile, which features exciting features like cluster wins and progressive jackpots.

Betsoft Gaming has just released its latest Egyptian-themed slot called Legend of the Nile, which boasts many incredible features that sure to bring in a large crowd.

Following the recently launched slot games like Blood Eternal slot and Giovanni’s Gems slot, Legend of the Nile slot by Betsoft is a welcome addition to the expanding library of Bitcoin casinos. On top of the theme, the distinct structure and gameplay onboard makes this one of the Bitcoin slots players should check out. Here are the core features that make Legend of the Nile slot worth spinning.

Cluster Wins

Betsoft Gaming releases Legend of the Nile slotThe main attraction of Legend of the Nile is its Cluster Wins feature. To match symbols in this game, at least four similar symbols only need to touch each other.

All matched symbols explode and leave behind empty spaces. Players receive a small re-spin where new symbols fall down to fill out any empty spaces. If players can create a match with the new symbols, the Cluster Wins activates again wherein new symbols fill any empty space for free.

The only symbol that does not follow the Cluster Wins rule is the Ra symbol. A single Ra Symbol can match itself regardless if it is touching four other Ra symbols.

Ra Power

One of the advanced features of Legend of the Nile is its Ra Power. Ra Power triggers six features when players can get a certain amount of its symbol to appear on the reels. Each time a Ra symbol appears, a Power Bar fills up to the right. The Power Bar resets in each new spin.

At least eight Ra symbols provide the Scatter mode which rewards players with eight free spins. Filling the bar to the 17th square will reward players with 400 times their total bet. Getting the bar to full capacity or having 20 Ra symbols appear in a single spin will trigger the Progressive Jackpot feature.

Anubis Trail

Anubis Trail is another Power Bar feature that gets filled when players catch the Anubis symbol. Unlike the Ra Power feature, the Anubis trail does not reset in every new spin. The Power Bar continues to fill until the player triggers the Anubis Free Spins.

Anubis Free Spins changes the payout rate of the Anubis symbols. Instead of 10 coins, matching four Anubis symbols provides 60 coins. Twenty or more symbols during Anubis Free Spins will give 20,000 coins instead of just 5,000.

Isis Trail

Isis Trail is similar to the Anubis Trail. Matching Isis symbols will fill another Power Bar that corresponds with the Isis Trail. It will not reset back to zero for each new spin and will only go back to zero when the player triggers the Isis Trail feature.

The Isis Trail also changes the payout rate of the Isis symbol. Instead of giving 10 coins, four Isis symbols will give 40 coins. Meanwhile, matching 20 or more Isis symbols reward players with 15,000 coins instead of just 5,000.

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