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The MicBet Casino team reveals plans for its crypto casino and sportsbook, and talks about what makes MicBet stand out in the crypto gaming scene.

This year saw the debut of more crypto-accepting online gambling sites in the iGaming sector, and one of them is MicBet Casino. It is fully licensed and fair, and has an extensive offering that includes crypto sports betting, esports, casino, live casino, and online poker.

MicBet supports BTC, ETH, BRL, and USD for both deposits and withdrawals. But what sets it apart from other crypto casinos is it automatically converts these crypto assets and fiat currencies to USDT — a stablecoin tied to the value of USD. But there is more to MicBet than its support for USDT and crypto gaming.

Despite their busy schedule, the team behind MicBet Casino gave spot-on answers that showcase who MicBet is, what it offers, and what plans it has for the future.

Taking a look back at the accomplishments that you achieved since MicBet’s foundation in early 2019 must be enthralling. How difficult was for you to- start the crypto casino having in mind the fierce competition that was encircling the iGaming industry?


Being part of the most competitive online industry is not easy. For us, the key lies in distinguishable features that, in comparison to other casinos, MicBet can put forth. We are still striving towards progression and staying on par with the industry leaders while incorporating some of our own signature lines is an equation worth fighting for.

MicBet features an abundance of casino games and sportsbetting matches readily available for iGaming fans. Which casino games would you single out as being the most lucrative? Similarly, which sport events (leagues) attract the most attention to your players?


At the moment, we get higher volume of wagers from Live Casino than any other section. We aim to increase the figures in the future by coining new promotions and bonuses, but also add new casino games. In the near future, we believe that JackPot slots will also become more attractive to the players.

Cryptocurrencies, by design, are very volatile and often unpredictable. How does having a USDT stable coin tied to the value of USD tackle this challenge?


There are some rightful reason why we chose the USDT. First reason is that USDT has the same value as USD so players can enjoy our services with more stable currency without any worries about its market price (exchange rate). Secondly, we aim to approach users who are not familiar with idea of cryptocurrency. Not supporting diverse cryptocurrencies unlike other casinos can be our handicap but when you think the other way around, our automatic revert system to the USDT which is compensating the risk of the cryptocurrency can be our USP.

One of the distinctive features available at hand on MicBet is well-defined Loyalty program. Depending on the frequency and volume of wagers, each player earns a certain level (From Level 1 to Level 6) and gets to enjoy higher lossback percentages on each bet as well as free spins. On average, how many bets do one need to place in order to obtain the highest possible level (Level 6), and how many players currently own the highest honors?


The Level 6 title is yet to be obtained. To reach that level, users need to wager around $50m USD (around 50,000CP).

Coefficient rate for each game, required for obtaining the “CP” points is as following:

  • Video Slot: 100 %
  • Normal Slot: 100%
  • Black Jack: 5%
  • Roulette: 5%
  • Baccarat: 5%
  • Live game: 5%
  • Poker: 5%
    Each USDT wagered will automatically grant 0.01CP to the user’s profile.

Generally, it is essential to have robust and timely customer support to handle all inquiries on the soonest note. How many resources do you devote towards customer support, and how do players usually find the user-friendliness of the website?


Being in our toddler years, we are still working towards assisting our players 24/7, each day of the week. We are currently supporting Korean, Portuguese, and English but we plan to raise player’s language barrier by implementing at least 5 more languages soon.

At the moment, MicBet is doing its best to provide a timely and valuable response to each user’s query and continue the tradition of being the most up-and-coming casino of the year.

Throughout the last 5 years, numerous devastating hacks have triggered nothing but sheer desolation towards the crypto industry. As a gambling operator, which security precautions you employ in order to offer a secured and safe gambling ecosystem?


Security is definitely considered as the most crucial factor when players are opting in for a desired operator. Even though some casinos have introduced top-tier security precautions, nobody can guarantee 100% that their website is virtually impenetrable to any hacking attempts. Binance is a perfect example of this. On the other hand, we are SSL certified and are paying a great deal of attention that the network and servers stay fortified. We have an additional layer of security – we strive to keep major amounts of bets/wagers in the store wallet, and keep only sufficient amount of funds on the platform at any given moment. This is the best way to deal with the funds extortions at the moment.

According to you, what future has in store for MicBet? What players can expect from your future development, partnerships, and collaborations?


Micbet is targeting Brazil for now, and the reason for that is

1.The size of the Brazil market in gambling
2.We can prepare a better service than other casinos in the market that have unproved fairness and late process on deposits and withdrawals.

Already we started to have some good review that we have fast process on Deposit and Withdrawals, and site design, UI, UX parts are also quite differentiated from the competitors of the BR market.

Once we start our Aggressive marketing strategy; we expect to enter into the major league of the market in about 1 year. After that, we plan to have collaboration with famous football teams and influencers to give better and trustful image of our company to the medium. We are expecting this will also lead the new users and high-rollers.

MicBet Casino is owned and operated by Micro Global Services LTD N.V. and has a gaming license issued by the Government of Curacao.

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