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Milena Tsankarska

Project manager, Sales & marketing

Milena Tsankarska has an impressive experience in sales and marketing, and is currently organizing the upcoming Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo and Easter European Gaming Summit in November.

Milena you have been in marketing and sales in the gaming and entertainment sector for more than 12 years. What trends have you observed throughout the years in the gaming field?


I have had the privilege of working in a very unique industry for a great many years with a wonderful team to support me. It is almost alarming to note the advances of technology on every front, this trend is going forward at an unprecedented rate particularly in regard to igaming, sports betting, and artificial intelligence we thoroughly endorse these developments and encourage the trends.

Women in the gaming industry is always quite an interesting topic- how they are accepted, how they are presented and the work they do. As a woman in this dynamic field, can you tell us how you face and resolve difficulties when they occur?


This seems to be a hit phrase at present, it is plain that recognised female talent is now more widely accepted than ever before and justifiably accolades are being made available on an unprecedented level. I consider that there are no specific challenges as we are supported at every level and sector of the gaming industry as a whole. I prefer to be somewhat humble regarding this and once again thank my colleagues for their generous support.

You are part of the Eastern European Gaming Summit and BEGE Expo team at the end of November as one of the organizers. What do you expect from the events and what additional info can you give us about the speakers?

Both BEGE and EEGS have attained both European and global recognition since the original concept was born some 12 years previously. Both events are now a pivotal platform both from a sales and marketing, and full blown intelligence gathering symposium in parallel. The primary speakers are from the leading organisations and bodies of our industry and recognised as the highest achievers on a global scale. It is a great honour to work with them and I thank them for their support accordingly.

What drove you to this field and what motivates you to get up every morning and dive in the gaming and entertainment field?


As I previously remarked, when I entered the gaming industry I was amazed at the overall diversity of the business and pretty much instantly became addicted to the psychology and trends associated with it at all levels. It is a very special sphere to work in and also has many facets which are very different to other commercial enterprises. Every day, every week, every month is different and offers new opportunities and challenges at all levels, this I relish and enjoy very much, every day is a different day so to speak

What advice can you give to young women who want to be in marketing and sales? What is the right start and what advice would you have given yourself when you started?


There can be no set formulae to this. Analyse your strengths and exploit them, utilise every resource available and capitalise on them. Use all forms of media to your maximum advantage, it has never ever been so freely available to anyone. By the way, I personally never had any advice, I just went out there and did it, thus far with some success I hope!

To wrap up, in short summary describe the perfect marketing campaign in your understanding. Do not think too hard.


I feel there is no such thing as this, perfection is something you constantly try to achieve by sleepless nights and very long days at the office. Cooperation of your team and colleagues is paramount, without their support and loyal media representation you will fail. Nurture a forward thinking perspective and treat people with respect, advertising is a wonderful thing but complex, formulate a strategy which suits your business model and team and expand on that in every way that it is possible.

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