4 Features that Make OneTouch Baccarat Worth Playing

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OneTouch.io launched its newest provably fair game for mobile and desktop—OneTouch Baccarat. Here are four reasons players should check out this game.

OneTouch.io released another innovative casino game that uses a single-touch feature. OneTouch Baccarat has a mobile-focused design that allows people to play the game with one finger.

Apart from its one-tap ergonomics, OneTouch Baccarat has a number of features that can draw the attention of card game enthusiasts. This includes additional side bets and a game tracker.

Here are features that make the Bitcoin baccarat game from OneTouch worth checking out.

One-touch ergonomics

OneTouch.io is focuses on creating games that have a one-touch ergonomic feature. The feature may seem simple to some. However, it is a big deal for phone or tablet users.

OneTouch Baccarat for Mobile and Desktop

There are times when a person might only have his thumb or just one finger available to control the screen. One example is when a player is riding on a bus and he needs one hand to hold on to a grab handle.  Thanks to the ergonomic feature of OneTouch Baccarat, anyone can easily play the game while standing on a bus or train.

Provably fair baccarat results

OneTouch Baccarat has a provably fair feature. The feature is quite common among Bitcoin casino games. Provably fair allows players to check if the game is drawing the cards randomly. Anyone can determine the authenticity of a round’s results by checking on the seed that comes from the game and the bettor’s side.

The provably fair feature can solve the lack of transparency in most online casino games. Players will gain a peace of mind in knowing that no one is controlling the cards in OneTouch Baccarat. This is the same reason adding OneTouch Baccarat to CoinGaming casinos like BitCasino.io was a great move.

Additional side bets

In a typical baccarat game, there is only one available side bet available. In OneTouch Baccarat, there are several additional pot bets for the players. The side bets will show when players taps on the arrow button on the left side of the screen. By having the option to hide the pot bets, players can lessen the chance of accidental bets.

OneTouch Games on BitCasino.io

One of the side bets includes the ‘either pair’ bet. A bettor can win this if the two cards for either the banker or player side have a matching rank. The payout for an ‘either pair’ bet is five to one. Another similar side bet is the ‘perfect pair’. To win this, the two cards for either the banker or player must have the same suit. This bet gives a payout of 25 to one.

Baccarat road map

OneTouch Baccarat comes complete with a baccarat road map. A road map is a record that shows the total results of the baccarat game in a graphical table. A player or a banker win is a certain icon with a specific color on the table.

The roadmap feature allows a player to easily see if there is a pattern or trend in the game. This feature helps a player to try and predict the outcome of the next rounds.

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