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Baccarat was typically reserved for high rollers but the world of online gambling begs to differ. Simply select one of the top game providers and find online casinos that feature some of the best Bitcoin baccarat games available!

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What Is Online Baccarat?

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Baccarat is a casino card game, very similar to games like online blackjack. But unlike blackjack, where players can strategize and somewhat predict the outcome using various strategies, baccarat is 100% luck based. A player simply places one of three basic bets and watches as the dealer deals the cards. When the cards are dealt, the players collect their winnings and a new round begins.

While in games like Blackjack, players only bet on themselves, in Baccarat, players can also bet on the bank. This is similar to betting on the dealer in blackjack, as the player is basically betting against themselves.

Another bet that players can make is a tie bet (where they bet on a tie between the bank and the player) but that is something we do not recommend. In baccarat, two cards are dealt to both the banker and the player. A third card may also be dealt if the dealer decides it’s needed. Whoever gets a number closer to 9 (but not over it) is the winner. 10s and face cards are worth zero.

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Why Play Bitcoin Baccarat

When it comes to bitcoin baccarat, the only difference between it and regular baccarat is that you are using bitcoin. The rules will still be the same which is a good thing because baccarat is famous for being easy to learn. Here are some benefits to why we believe you should try playing Bitcoin Baccarat:

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Easy to Gamble and Win

Whether you are playing against an AI or live baccarat, the game is incredibly easy to learn. For the most part, the player doesn’t have to do anything but place bets while the dealer handles the rest. Learning how card combinations work shouldn’t take you longer than a few minutes. And once you learn the ropes, you will basically develop muscle memory for this incredible game.

Worldwide Acceptance

Instant Transactions

If there’s one thing that ruins everyone’s mood when playing baccarat (or any other casino game for that matter) it’s having to stop and top up your account. It can take precious minutes (sometimes hours) before your deposits reach your account and by that time, you might already be bored of the game (or too tired).

Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Bitcoin baccarat. Thanks to super fast transactions (for both withdrawals and deposits), you won’t have to spend more than a few seconds to top up your account. Even better, if you directly link your crypto wallet to your casino account, you won’t even have to worry about transactions at all (because the wallet and your casino account will be directly linked).


Anonymous Gaming Sessions

When we talk about anything crypto-related, we have to bring up anonymity. When you play baccarat using bitcoin, your personal information will be hidden from the world to see. The only thing that other players or the casino might be able to see is your bet ID and your wallet. If you like to keep your baccarat games away from others, Bitcoin is the way to go.

No recourse

Provably Fair System

Numerous casino players like to blame the algorithm for their losses. People like to say how the algorithm is unfair and how the odds are just working against them. This isn’t the case with the provably fair system.

If you are playing Bitcoin baccarat, the game will most definitely be using a provably fair system that will keep all games fair and square for EVERYONE TO SEE. And we do mean that quite literally. Every single deal made by the dealer will have a unique hash code.

Anyone with the hash code can simply click on it and check the hand dealt and compare it to all other deals. Basically, the provably fair system is the most legitimate system that keeps public records of every single Bitcoin baccarat hand ever made.

How To Play Baccarat Online?

So how exactly do we play BTC Baccarat? Well, it’s easier than it sounds, actually. Firstly, you will need to pick a crypto casino. Many online casinos will not accept cryptocurrencies, so it’s important to pick from the ones that do. All casinos on our website support some form of cryptocurrencies so feel free to check them out.

Once you’ve picked a casino and created an account, it’s time to link or send funds to your wallet. If you are linking your crypto account, the process takes a few clicks and scans away from having your wallet directly present on your account page. If you are depositing from your crypto wallet, simply scan the casino wallet address (or enter it manually) on your crypto wallet app, and send some funds to your casino account.

Now that we have an account with some funds, it’s time to pick the baccarat game we want to play. Choose from a selection of single-player, multiplayer to live baccarat and enjoy this fantastic game.

Types of Online Baccarat Games

Chemin de Fer

Chemin de Fer is known as the railroad baccarat game. The name stems the fact that players take turns in being the banker and this continues with every new hand in a circular motion (kind of like a train traveling on a looping railroad).

Up to 12 players can play Chemin de Fer and this becomes a real problem at online casinos especially when you consider that each of the 12 players will have to play the banker at some point.

Because of its slow pace and the addition of changing the banker roles, Chemin de Fer isn’t the most popular type of Baccarat as players rarely play it when compared to other versions.

Punto Banco

The default way to play Baccarat at Bitcoin casinos is Punto Banco. The main difference between punto banco and Charmin de Fer is that in Punto Banco, only one player (the dealer) can play the banker.

In other words, the players only need to place bets and not worry about dealing cards or taking turns. Because of this, the games are faster and most players prefer it that way.

Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat is exactly the same as other baccarat games, except it can host fewer players and the dealer turns all the cards. Other than that, mini baccarat is more popular in brick-and-mortar casinos. Mini Baccarat still has the same house edge, the same number of card decks and the same thrill that other baccarat games have.

Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque is usually played in brick-and-mortar casinos around Europe. The main difference between Banque and other baccarat games is that the casino holds the bank at all times. Another major difference is that the baccarat Banque combines two baccarat tables so that they can host between 10 and 16 players. Needless to say, because of these requirements, baccarat Banque isn’t necessarily the most popular choice at top Bitcoin casinos.

BTC Baccarat Bonuses


Before you get too excited about BTC baccarat bonuses, please note that they may be hard to find. In most cases, casinos only offer BTC bonuses for slot games and sometimes live dealer games. With that said, other casinos won’t have any problems offering bonuses for table or other casino games (baccarat included).

When it comes to bonuses, there are a few variations you can expect. You can almost always find a welcome bonus that will match your first deposit. There are also reload bonuses that work similarly to the welcome bonus but offer less. There are also cashback bonuses and no deposit bonuses and we’ll be looking at each of these.

Welcome Bonus

Most of the time, the Bitcoin casino welcome bonus appears on the welcome page of most gambling sites. This is the most important bonus of all of them as it’s usually the first time a player will deposit funds into the casino. Because of this, the welcome bonus is usually the most generous one too.

Welcome bonuses offer match bonuses and sometimes free spins. A match bonus will match your deposit amount so when you run out of your real money, you can still continue playing with bonus money. The bonus money does need to be wagered a number of times before it turns into real money, but it’s still a nice chance to help players get back on track.


A Bitcoin cashback bonus is also one of the more popular bonuses that are available at most casinos. This promotion is usually tied to either the VIP system but that isn’t always the case. The way how cashback bonuses work is that, once a week, players get a small percentage of their losses back in form of bonus money. This money can include losses from baccarat games too, but most commonly it only works with slot games.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are becoming less popular at fiat-only casinos, however, they are quite common at many modern Bitcoin casinos. Just like its name suggests, a no deposit bonus will award players with bonus money without the player having to make a deposit in the first place.

Because of this, many players consider no deposit bonuses to be free money, however, that’s not entirely true. Even though players can use the no deposit bonus funds to immediately play a free baccarat game or two (including Bitcoin baccarat) they will still have to rollover the bonus amount a good number of times before it turns into real money.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are very similar to welcome bonuses, only that they offer less valuable match bonuses. While a welcome bonus usually offers a 100% match bonus, other deposit bonuses will offer 75% or less. Deposit bonuses that can be used once a week are also called reload bonuses. Just like the welcome bonuses, casinos can decide whether or not they will include online table games into deposit bonuses or if they will only apply to slots.

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Baccarat Betting Strategies

winning baccarat strategy

Since baccarat is a game that’s purely based on luck, the number of strategies is limited but that doesn’t mean you are left high and dry. Here are the basics before we delve deeper into each strategy:

  • In most cases, you will either be able to bet on the player, the banker, or on a tie. When you bet on a player, you have roughly a 49,32% chance of winning. When betting on the banker, however, your chances of winning are at 50,68%.
  • Because betting on the banker clearly gives you better chances of winning, casinos have a 5% commission on each bet won.
  • Even with the 5% commission, it’s still a better idea to bet on the banker (almost exclusively).
  • Tie bets should be avoided because, even though they have 8:1 (sometimes 9:1) odds, they really aren’t worth it. Even if there is a tie, your wagers will just be given back to you if you bet on the banker or the player (otherwise, you’ll just lose your funds).

With these basics out of the way, there are still plenty of ways you can strategies your wagers so that you can last much longer during your play session. Here are a few tips on how to manage your wagers:

The Martingale System

The Martingale is one of the oldest, simplest, and most aggressive betting strategies. It’s perfect for beginners because of how easy it is to follow. It’s mostly used in online roulette but the same rules can apply to baccarat.

The idea is to bet on anything that will give you 1:1 odds such as Red or Black (roulette) or in the case of baccarat the Banker and the Player bet. A player needs to pick an amount that will act as a token ($1, $5, $10, etc.) and place only one token on either the banker or the player.

If the player wins, they repeat the process. However, if the player loses, they place the same bet again but double the wager. If they keep losing, they keep doubling down until they actually win. When the player does win after a streak of losses, they will have gotten all of their losses back plus a little extra. After a win, the token is reset back to 1 and the process continues.

Despite sounding simple, the martingale system can drain a player out pretty quickly after a series of bad cards. Not only that but using the Martingale can be a long process.

The Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci Strategy is very similar to the Martingale except it’s less risky and less aggressive. Instead of doubling down every time you lose, you will simply increase your bet following the Fibonacci sequence. The sequence goes as follows (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…). To continue the sequence, you add the last two numbers together.

While it’s a bit more complicated than simply doubling the bet, Fibonacci is a safer way to approach the idea of doubling down on a bet.

The D’Alembert System

This system is a bit more advanced and relies on the principle that winnings and losses are going to even each other out in the end (and that just isn’t always the case).

Just like the previous two methods, a player needs to set a base value (for example $100). Let’s say a player places a $500 bet (5 base values) and loses. The player will then add a token and proceed to play until they lose again, in which case they should add another chip.

When winning, however, things change a bit. For every three wins, a player is supposed to take a single base value from the bet. It’s a process of increasing and decreasing your wagers because, again, it is believed that losses and winnings will even out to each other.

The Paroli System

Also known as the Anti-Martingale. Instead of increasing the bet after every loss, here you increase the bet after every win. We bet you can see how badly this can turn out.

If you are feeling lucky and you want that surge of excitement to completely envelop you, this is the right system for you. However, do note that in most cases, all it takes is a single loss to completely drain you from all your winnings.

Online Baccarat Betting Tips

Now that you know how to manage your bets and how to properly progress them, we want to give you some general tips that will help you in the long run during your Bitcoin baccarat games.

baccarat tips

Avoid Unnecessary Betting

We’ve seen it more often than we’d like to admit: a player gets on a lucky streak, they increase their bet to the max, and then lose it all. It’s perfectly normal but if you can avoid this simple urge, you will be well on your way to becoming an experienced gambler.

Basically, don’t place any bets that aren’t ready to lose. While, yes, we are technically playing with money, at the end of the day, it’s still money we are wasting. You might just be surprised when you realize how much funds you have saved by following this simple rule.

best strategy for baccarat

Master the Game

By this we mean, learn the rules and get the hand of the game. You may be tempted to simply jump to the first Bitcoin baccarat table you see, but we implore you to fight that urge. Simply watching a few games before you place your first bet can go a long way.

It also might help to check and see if the Bitcoin baccarat casino has any special house rules for their Bitcoin baccarat games as those can also change the flow of the game. So, don’t forget to study up on the rules before you start wagering money.

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Play in Reputable Bitcoin Casinos

We cannot stress enough how important these rules are. Before you start gambling at a Bitcoin casino (or any online casino), make sure you know it’s legit. Check the forums and see what other players think, or better yet, check out our BTC casino reviews.

There are more than enough scam websites out there (especially those that accept Bitcoin) that are just waiting for naive players who don’t know any better. Unless you want your crypto account stolen, make sure you know that you are playing at a legit Bitcoin casino.

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Why is the banker bet the safest bet?

The banker bet is the safest bet because it has the best odds. The banker bet has a 50,68% chance of winning. Even with the 5% commission that the casino takes from every banker bet, this is statistically the best bet you can place in Bitcoin baccarat.

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What NOT to do in online baccarat?

There are a few things that you should not do when playing online baccarat. Firstly, you shouldn’t place tie bets because they simply aren’t worth it even with such good odds. Secondly, if you are playing against other players (and the live dealer) make sure you aren’t rude or inappropriate, otherwise you might get banned. Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye on your fund balance so you don’t overspend.

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Know your maximum spending limit!

We cannot stress this enough. One of the main qualities of a good gambler is knowing when to stop and walk away. This applies to both winning and losing. When you’ve won enough, walk away. When you’ve lost everything you were planning to lose, it’s time to call it quits.

If you think you might have a problem controlling your funds, every casino offers responsible gaming tools that will help you manage your funds and even block you from playing, so use them all if you feel like you need to.

Play Baccarat Online

We hope that we’ve helped you understand how baccarat works. At the end of the day, baccarat is just a luck-based game that can affect your bankroll so remember to play responsibly. Most importantly, playing baccarat online should be fun so don’t stress over it too much. Thank you for reading our tips on Bitcoin baccarat!


  • Is Online baccarat only luck based?

    Yes, online baccarat is only luck based. Players can only place bets and hope for the best. While there are betting strategies on how to manage your funds, there are no gameplay strategies like in Blackjack that apply to online Baccarat.

  • How do you win at baccarat?

    To win at Baccarat simply place a bet and hope for the best. In other words, there is little a player can do to improve their chances of winning. You can employ betting strategies to help you manage your winnings and losses.

  • Can I bet with Bitcoin on baccarat?

    Yes, you can bet with Bitcoin on baccarat. As long as the online casino accepts Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) you can bet with Bitcoin on baccarat games.

  • What is the best baccarat strategy?

    The best baccarat strategy, statistics-wise, is to only ever bet on the banker. This way you have the best chances of winning. The chances of the banker winning are at 50,68% while player bets are at 49,32%.

  • How do I make a Bitcoin deposit to play BTC Baccarat?

    To play Bitcoin baccarat with a Bitcoin deposit you need to take out your crypto wallet and scan the casino wallet address (or enter it manually). Then, you simply send the amount from your wallet and you should see your deposit appear in your casino account.

  • Can I Play Baccarat Bitcoin with a Bonus?

    Yes, you can play Baccarat Bitcoin with a bonus. If the casino in question offers bonuses that work on baccarat (and not all of them do) you can simply use your bonus funds to place bets on Bitcoin baccarat games.

  • Can I win real money with Baccarat Bitcoin?

    Yes, you can win real money with Baccarat Bitcoin. If you are using real funds (not bonus funds), simply play the game, get a few wins and withdraw your crypto funds. You might have to go through the casino KYC before you can withdraw your real money but otherwise, it’s a super simple process.

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