CEO Zarko Marjanovic Shares Gambling Business Insights

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Bitcoin bet may be a newcomer in the industry, but it has a great set of services for all players. Let CEO Zarko Marjanovic fill in all the necessary details.

The Bitcoin gambling industry is never too small for new platforms, and it’s always refreshing to see budding websites in the online scene. Just like Bitcoin bet.

Bitcoin bet, as its CEO Zarko Marjanovic puts it, is a new brand in the industry that is operated by people who have years of experience in the iGaming industry, specifically in casino and poker.

I had the privilege to talk with him and get to know more about his latest venture and his perspectives on operating such business.

Starting an online gambling business is always interesting, especially in the beginning. How was yours like with Bitcoin bet?

The story behind it is quite funny. Every year my friends and I go to a mask festival. This year, one of our friends cancelled at the last minute, so we needed a replacement. Surprisingly, this replacement turned out to have the same interests as mine, especially when it comes to online gambling. We met again the next day and came up with the idea to offer casino games in bitcoins. Straight after, we brainstormed about our brand name and partners among other things. Fortunately, CoinGaming helped us a lot with it, so we thank them for that.

Interesting story you got there, Zarko. So, it is you and your friend who runs the website now?

My friend Andraz, whom I met in the mask festival, and I are the founders, but a part of the company is also owned by a high-stakes poker player who prefers to stay anonymous. Then, we have a team of designers, programmers, and support to ensure everything runs smoothly.

You said that online gambling is a common interest between you and your friend. Why set up a Bitocin casino, then, and not a regular online casino?

Regular online casinos need to use payment processors like credit cards, Skrill and etc. We prefer players to be able to instantly deposit and withdraw without merchant fees. Also, all transactions are irreversible, and no man in the middle has control over your money. Moreover, some markets like Asia experience difficulties in processing payments; whereas with using bitcoins, anyone in the world can use a Bitcoin wallet even on an Android phone. More importantly, all players can play completely anonymous. Quite simple, everything is easier with bitcoins!

I agree. In your view, how is Bitcoin changing the casino and gambling industry?

Bitcoin casinos are and will continue to be the most innovative casinos on the marketplace! A lot of players would like to play casino games without being judged by the community; thus, they prefer the anonymity found in playing with bitcoins.

Just a quick follow up: share your thoughts about the idea that Bitcoin and other altcoins are just a bubble waiting to burst.

We are certain that the value of Bitcoin will grow, so we doubt it will burst. After all, Russia may legalize bitcoins, and many other nations are heading in the same direction. Also, we believe companies like Amazon or eBay will accept bitcoins as one of their payment options. This can only show us good things about bitcoins!

Indeed. It seems that you are absolutely enamored with Bitcoin, but tell me, Zarko, would Bitcoin bet integrate alternative currencies?

At this moment, we are focused on bitcoins as it has the most market acceptance, and it is the easiest cryptocurrency to buy and sell. We don’t want to reveal everything just yet, but here’s a hint: think about the second most popular cryptocurrency.

When it comes to your business, what are the features you offer that other Bitcoin casinos don’t?

Bitcoin casinos, more or less, offer the same or similar casino games, so we have to be better elsewhere. We probably have one of the best bonuses, if not the best, out there! We offer 100% up to 1 BTC instant first deposit bonus and a 25% up to 1 BTC instant reload bonus, which you can use unlimited times!

Still, we are putting our money on our support team; they are the soul of the company! We believe it’s important that every member of our team feels appreciated, satisfied and happy, as we think this energy is also being shared with our players.

Are there any obstacles you encounter while developing Bitcoin bet or has there been an instance that you had a hard time managing your brand?

CoinGaming is very professional and has been in the gaming industry for years running fiat based casinos. But the hardest thing is to stop what we call the “bonus hunters” who sign up multiple accounts. It’s a good thing, though, that we have some excellent hardware KYC (Know Your Customer) tools to stop this kind of abuse.

I went through the services you offer. Can you tell me more about the affiliate program?

This is one of the parts we need to work more on, as it’s quite basic at the moment. Currently, we are offering 35% net revenue to all affiliates—revenue that can be paid on demand! We will prepare a nice “landing page” for our affiliate program, where affiliates will get all the info they are looking for. For now, they can easily contact us, and we will answer all of their questions!

Having great customer support is absolutely great. With that, how would you rate the services you offer to Bitcoin bet players and customers?

We are offering casino games from the best providers in the industry, so we can say for certain that our services rank high. We want the best for our players; after all, they deserve it! We think that two things are important for running a successful casino. First is the quality of the games, and the second important aspect, if not even more, is the relationship between the customer and the “house.” As I said earlier, our support team is really experienced and knows how to satisfy a good customer and to fulfill his or her needs.

All right; before we wrap this up, are there upcoming projects or plans we should look out for?

Next thing on “to do” list is, as I mentioned above, is to prepare a nice landing page for the affiliate program. We can proudly say we are working on a sportsbook, which is a harder task than expected, but should be done soon enough.

We’ll certainly look forward to that. Thank you for this opportunity, Zarko! It’s a pleasure, indeed.

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