Is Your Bitcoin Casino Protected by Two-Factor Authentication?

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Bitcoin casinos may still be at risk even if the account is password-protected, justifying the importance of two-factor authentication in online security.

Playing casino games online is designed to be fun, exciting, and entertaining, but the complete opposite is bound to happen once the account gets compromised and the remaining funds stolen.

While the use of Bitcoin eliminates the need for personal and financial information to be stored in the casino’s system, the bitcoins stored in the player’s account may still be vulnerable to unauthorized withdrawals in the event other people gain access to it illegally.

This makes one wonder if passwords alone can secure the account and precious bitcoins from threats, or if two-factor authentication is, indeed, the messiah of online casino security.

Two-factor authentication provides another level of security

Two-factor authentication, or commonly referred to as 2FA, is a type of authentication method that functions as another layer or step in the process of accessing an account. It is being used and offered online by the majority of the social giants like Twitter and Facebook, as well as the established brands like Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

With this feature turned on, an extra step will be required when logging in, and it involves information that is already at hand or one that is sent by the website via a text message, an email, or through a mobile app.

Bitcoin casinos strengthen account security through 2FA

A growing number of Bitcoin-operated betting websites have incorporated this authentication method into their login system. Bitcoin casino CoinRoyale and sportsbooks Nitrogen Sports and Cloudbet are some of the gambling platforms that enable their customers to secure their account using 2FA.

The Google Authenticator mobile app is used by these gambling websites for convenience since it is easy to set up and use. Through this app, they can send their customers a string of code, which will become available on the smartphone and must be entered after keying in the password.

Is this authentication method really significant?

Although it evidently makes the login process much longer, since players who enable this option are required to wait for the verification code and enter it manually, the extra effort and time given further secures the account and funds from all kinds of risks. After all, the operators of these Bitcoin casinos would not have added this function had it not been for its positive impact to the security and safety of their customers and the gambling environment.

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