Kingbit Casino Troubled With Player Complaints

Kingbit Complaints

Bitcoin-accepting casinos are heaven-sent for the crypto world, but Kingbit Casino seems to have problems pleasing Bitcoin casino players.

Kingbit Casino joined the foray of Bitcoin casinos in 2019. Since then, it has attracted crypto casino players to play over 1,200 games, and enjoy bonuses that give away Bitcoin prizes. 

But somewhere along the line, the crypto casino community began to paint Kingbit Casino in a different light as players share the complaints and bad experiences with the casino.

What players complain about Kingbit Casino

We’ve published our full Kingbit Casino review at, wherein casino players can share their honest rating and review of Kingbit. Going over the player rating and reviews as well as sourcing player feedback online, we’ve identified the common Kingbit complaints.

Kingbit Casino doesn’t pay players.

Based on player reviews, Kingbit Casino has a habit of not paying out players. According to one of the feedback on our Kingbit Casino review, Vendetta said Kingbit is an unlicensed site that doesn’t pay out and instead steals your money.

Kingbit Casino Complaint 1

Another player shared the unfortunate experience and cautioned other players of the Kingbit scam of blocking withdrawals despite playing fairly.

Kingbit Casino Complaint 2

Casino withdrawal issues are typical and prevalent. But there are always two sides of the coin. Players often do not read casino terms and conditions and fail to meet necessary requirements which leads to the casino not processing their withdrawal requests. On the other hand, there are also instances wherein the casino is guilty of not payout out their players. 

With the case of Kingbit withdrawal issues, no steps have been taken by the casino to clear their name nor at least help the players settle their complaints online. And this leads to the second common Kingbit complaint.

Kingbit Casino has unreliable customer support.

It appears that Kingbit Casino support team isn’t active in providing their players with assistance and service they seek. For instance, a player shared that Kingbit support advised him to deposit more money to his Kingbit account instead as it was his fault that he couldn’t cash out and that the casino couldn’t refund him.

Moreover, there seems to be no damage control on the end of the casino. Players have been providing their feedback at as well as on other casino review websites but action from Kingbit Casino to address these complaints are lacking.

In order for Kingbit Casino to maintain or to achieve a positive image in the Bitcoin casino industry, the Kingbit team must be proactive in fixing issues and attending to the complaints filed by their players. Otherwise, the community will only take Kingbit’s inaction as another sign that proves the claim of some that Kingbit is a scam casino.

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