Operator Auctions Royal Casino, Lowers Bidding Price to 1.5 BTC

Img 3 Royal Casino

Royal Casino was put up for sale on Bitcointalk.org after the operator cited personal reasons and incapacity to properly manage and monitor the Bitcoin casino.

Royal Casino hit the market May 23 after its operator decided to entrust the future of the Bitcoin casino to the hands of a new owner.

Announced on Bitcoin forum Bitcointalk.org by the operator, who later revealed his personal username for the forum as st4nl3y, the sale of the Bitcoin casino is due to personal reasons and not because of the inability of the betting site to succeed in the Bitcoin online gambling industry.

“The site has a potential but in the hands of someone else and who is able to launch it properly,” read the post in the thread he created. “I am not able to run 3 sites at once, so I am selling the casino and working on bitcoin and other coin dice games.”

Initially priced at 2 BTC for the complete package, the offered price now stands at 1.5 BTC after the operator lowered it the next day.

Based on the details outlined in the announcement, buyers will acquire for this price the full rights to the casino script that is fully customizable, and all the available Bitcoin games, which can be exported to establish separate games for each.

Also included in the package are the options for the implementation of a provably fair system, the addition of the live Bitcoin sports betting feature, and the support for the installation of the script.

However, the Bitcoin dice site featured on Royal Casino is excluded from the package, according to the forum post.

Meanwhile, days after it was first announced, no reports have been made or confirmed whether or not the Bitcoin casino has already been sold to a new operator.

He added that if the casino is not sold, he plans to have it divided into individual games that will not require registration, and will be manned instead by the person working for him.

Royal Casino has a catalog of 18 Bitcoin games that include some of the most popular casino games online like Bitcoin blackjack, slots, roulette, and scratch cards. Also, it has 80 registered users with balances as indicated in the thread.

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