Pragmatic Play’s Jurassic Giants Slots Debuts in Casinos

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Pragmatic Play releases a new dinosaur-themed slots named Jurassic Giants. Jurassic Giants slots gives 4,096 lines plus 250 free spins in its scatter mode.

Pragmatic Play could not contain its prehistoric wild life caged. The popular game software provider recently introduced its latest slots for fiat and Bitcoin casinos. The Jurassic Giants slots by Pragmatic Play is now available in online casinos like mBit Casino, giving players a new experience in slots.

There are many reasons why online players should give Jurassic Giants a spin. One of which is its massive 250 free spins that a player can win in the scatter mode. Here are the top features that players can expect from the latest game of Pragmatic Play.

Play both ways

Jurassic Giants slot features 4,096 pay lines

Normal slots usually match symbols starting from the left side of the screen going toward the right. In Jurassic Giants slots, players can match symbols from both sides. This opens many opportunities for a player to match symbols from any side of the screen. It is now possible to create a match if the symbols only appear from the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth reel without any appearing on the first reel.

4,096 pay lines

New players will quickly notice the 4×6 reel structure of the Jurassic Giants slots game. Normally, most modern slots will only have a 3×5 reel structure. Jurassic Giants steps up its game by making its reels bigger than other slots.

Thanks to the giant reel structure of this slot and the play both ways feature, the game has 4,096 pay lines. This is due to the ‘All-Ways’ feature that opens all possible pay lines in the slots. If the dimension of the reel is 3×5, it will only give 243 paylines. The 4×6 reel dimension gives more than 10 times the paylines as an ‘all-ways’ 3×5 slot.

Scatter mode

The largest feature of Jurassic Giants is its scatter mode. Unlike other crypto slots games, scatter mode cannot be triggered by having at least three scatter symbols. In Jurassic giants, players will need at least 10 scatter symbols or diamond symbols to start the bonus mode. This makes it trickier to get a set of free spins.

However, the scatter symbol in this game appears as stacked. This means that the scatter enters the reel in a group of four symbols. The stacked feature makes it easy to fill an entire reel with the symbol.

The smallest amount of free spins a player can get is 15 if he can get 10 scatter symbols to appear on the reels. Should a player get 20 scatter symbols or more to appear, he gets 250 free spins during the scatter mode. What’s more, it is possible to gain more free spins during scatter mode by making 10 or more of the diamond symbols to appear.

Another feature of the scatter mode is its bet multiplier. Players could get a 2x, 3x, or 4x bet multiplier on any of the spins by random. The multiplier and massive amounts of free spins, as well as pay lines, are reasons for any slots enthusiasts to give this Jurassic Giants slots a spin.

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