Truly Decentralized Gaming Experience: The Answer Developers and Players Have Been Looking For

Decentralized Platforms

Decentralized applications (dApps) have recently taken the spotlight and have since then continued to provide solutions that create new possibilities for both developers and players.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two biggest Blockchain platforms today. They open new doors for developers to explore and create new iGaming environments, succeeding the Bitcoin casino gaming landscape.

But what makes a project to be considered a dApp?

  • Open Source code
  • Decentralized cryptographic technology
  • Algorithm for generating tokens with a consensus mechanism

To further give light on the popularity of dApps, we scrutinize three successful and popular dApss—PlayDapp, Xaya, Decentraland—in order to understand and share how these decentralized platforms can influence and improve the decentralized landscape.

What Elements Must a Good dApp Platform Have?

Just because a project is working on a Blockchain, it does not guarantee that it is a good dApp platform. There are certain features that a dApp must have in order to be successful. Here are the main elements a good dApp platform must have:


Players love high-quality graphics, impressive speed, and state-of-the-art gaming experience. But to achieve all these, speed matters. dApps rely on Blockchain speed, so choosing the right Blockchain is essential.

Good User Experience (UK)

Getting gamers to get on board new dApp games is a tricky process as it requires dApps to be able to offer a good user experience. After all, dApp games typically require players to perform tasks like download Metamask Chrome extension wallet for ETH-based dApps. Players must also be able to generate an address, make an account in a crypto exchange, buy crypto, send some coins to their wallet, and back up the wallet. All these are foreign to most players, which enforces dApps to offer excellent user experience, and therefore ensure player retention and bigger player community.

Realistic Budget

Working with or on a Blockchain can be costly, and this explains why developers must have enough budget to shoulder the creation and maintenance of the project. And all these are besides the budget needed to market the dApp.

Good Scalability

Developers must think long term. This means dApps must be able to handle tons of transactions in the future as getting a massive load on-chain can hamper performance.

How Do Developers Benefit from Joining dApp Platforms?

As mentioned earlier, we have spent enough time working with three chosen dApp platforms: PlayDapp, Xaya, and Decentraland.


PlayDapp seeks to bring mainstream gamers into the PlayDapp service platform, which introduces various games, like DozerBird, DozerTreasures, and CryptoDozer. These games use PlayDapp’s PG solutions, which allows these games to function without using cryptocurrencies.

PlayDapp stands out because of its in-system token called PLA, which is the one used by players to transact. They earn these tokens when they purchase in-game, and this process benefits operators and developers.


Deemed as the premium space for video game universes, Xaya envisions changing how people see video games and how they play them.

Daniel Kraft, CTO of Xaya, said during the Blockchain Game Summit:

“The Xaya project mission is to build true Blockchain gaming by which we mean that all aspects of a game on a Blockchain could or should be decentralized”

Xaya stands out because its games do not depend on any server 24/7. The games are all completely fair and trustless with an open source code that is available for anyone to build and update on. It also enables human mining, which rewards players who excel in online competition.

The games of Xaya include Taurion, Soccer Manager ElitE, Treat Fighter, Xayaships and XID. The Xaya platform also introduced player loyalty and monetizes it for the future of decentralized gaming.


Decentraland opens a new virtual world that allows a community of users to explore, build, and execute impressive 3D creations. Players and developers benefit from this platform in various ways through these features:

  • Make transactions in Marketplace – this feature gives players the power to purchase, sell, and browse through non-fungible digital assets. This feature continues to improve the system, which may aid developers in funding the platform.
  • Design and create landforms through Builder – Players and developers can expand the system as this feature allows players to be in charge of how they want their land to look and feel like.
  • Agora – This feature gives developers a platform to receive feedback from their users, which can help developers know which updates to roll out.

Decentraland gives a preview of the future of virtual reality, which is perfect for developers seeking to find a platform that allows for building a futuristic nation. In fact, users can expect to find the new Atari Casino in Decentraland beginning 2021.

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