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5 Features of the Best Bitcoin Dice Sites

Bitcoin dice may be a simple game, but gameplay can be more exciting thanks to added features. Know what features make a Bitcoin dice site one of the best.

There is no question that Bitcoin dice is one of the most played games on crypto gambling sites. In this game, players stake low wagers and have a high chance to go home with high returns. Even better, dice games have simple rules, making them easy to play.

With the popularity of the crypto game, several betting sites have popped out, aiming to capture the increasing number of Bitcoin enthusiasts. Most of these gaming hubs are not part of online casinos, allowing bettors to play only one game to their heart’s content. But with so many dice sites coming out, it soon gets hard to tell which gaming portal will keep you rolling the dice for hours and which you will ignore. To help you decide where to stake your funds, take note of the following features of the best Bitcoin dice sites:

1 | Easy Registration

The best part of betting sites offering only Bitcoin dice is that you do not need to go through a lengthy registration process. At most, the gaming hub will ask for your email address. Otherwise, most dice sites will just let you key in your preferred username and password. Even better, you do not have to give your login credentials to other gaming portals. As long as you have a Bitcoin wallet, you can start playing.

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2 | Enhanced Gaming Interface

Bitcoin Dice Interface

As Bitcoin dice is an easy game, the betting site should let you play with ease as well. This is why when you go to a dice site, the layout and interface is most likely simple. The manual betting section must let you adjust your bet amount, the payout percentage, and the number you want to stake. Meanwhile, there should be an automatic betting segment that lets you change your bet amount and the number of continual rolls, among others.

Most gaming hubs have the same dice interface that the sight of the same game bars and controls might feel ho-hum. Luckily, popular dice sites ensure that you get a more exciting gaming experience. Some betting sites have hotkeys, allowing you to control the game by the press of a button instead of the click of a mouse.

Meanwhile, other gaming portals take a more creative approach. For example, DuckDice displays roll results on four egg symbols, to stay true to its name. It even gives you the option to animate the roll to make your betting sessions more exciting. On the other hand, Stake lets you choose between the standard dice game and the sphere dice version. By choosing the latter, you get to see a clock symbol with its hand turning to the result of the roll. This way, gaming sessions on Bitcoin dice are more fun, even if the gameplay is simple.

3 | Clear Provably Fair System

On top of using a user-friendly interface, you must also be able to trust the dice site you are playing at. And because the rules of Bitcoin dice are simple and easy, it might have crossed your mind that the operator would be messing with the results.

To prove that all results of the game are fair, most gaming sites display a provably fair system, which allows you to see for yourself whether you have been cheated of your winnings. By clicking the bet ID, you will see two random seeds: one generated by the dice site before the roll and one that you generated. You can then decrypt the hash function via a third-party tester to check the similarities between the server seeds.

While there is no simpler way to check the fairness of game results, some Bitcoin dice sites make it a point to help you understand how the system works. Primedice has a Fairness page on its site, detailing the mechanics of the provably fair system. On the other hand, CryptoGames and SatoshiDICE give you links to third-party testers that help you verify the results. By exerting effort to help you check for fairness, these dice sites prove that they want you to play with peace of mind.

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4 | Swift Bitcoin Faucet

Bitcoin Faucet

Unlike online casinos that offer welcome gifts and reload bonuses, most Bitcoin dice sites do not provide bonus deals to boost your bankroll. The next best feature they can give is a Bitcoin faucet, which dispenses a certain amount of satoshis so that you can start playing without making a deposit.

But while many dice sites have faucets, not all of them dispense crypto coins right away. Sometimes you have to wait for a few minutes in order to claim free satoshis. Other times you can activate a faucet only for a certain number of times in a day. While the reason for this is to avoid faucet abuse, waiting for 10 minutes or more to claim free coins can certainly be frustrating.

Fortunately, this is not the case with some of the popular Bitcoin dice sites. For example, PrimeDice dispenses free coins in less than three minutes. Meanwhile, DuckDice will dispense satoshis every time your player balance zeroes out. By giving free coins quickly, there is more motivation for you to visit these dice sites regularly.

5 | Fun Bonuses

While offering only a faucet is the norm among dice sites, some gaming hubs offer bonuses to encourage you to keep playing with them in the longer term. One of these promos is the referral system, which rewards you for the profit made by the dice site from your successful referrals. The best part of this deal is that as long as your referrals keep playing, you will get a steady flow of income.

Meanwhile, other dice sites are more creative with their bonus offers. For instance, Primedice and BitVest have achievement systems that reward you by simply playing regularly. On the other hand, BitDice offers daily bonuses that give you a certain amount of BTC.

Just because Bitcoin dice is easy to play does not mean you have to settle for the standard features of a betting site offering that game. Always take your betting sessions to the popular dice sites. With better and proven-and-tested features, your gaming sessions will definitely be more enjoyable. Ready to get started? Then head on now to the top Bitcoin dice sites!

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