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Bitcoin Craps

Bitcoin craps pairs vast betting choices with fast-paced-gameplay, anonymous gaming, and huge rewards. Know your way around the game through this guide.

The Nuts and Bolts of Using Bitcoins in Craps Games

If you are looking for a fast-paced casino game online, then craps is the game for you. The involvement of players paired with the stellar rewards up for grabs contributes in making Bitcoin craps as one of the favorite titles in Bitcoin casinos.

With just a few dice rolls, you have the chance to score life-changing wins. Not only that, but the wide range of betting options will also add to the fun and thrill of the game. This entertaining nature of craps, added by the exclusive perks of bitcoins will give you a superb betting experience as you can play anonymously, be rewarded with crypto bonuses, and enjoy swift banking transactions. Ready to place your crypto bets? Here is everything you need on about btc craps.

9 Commonly Used Slangs in Bitcoin Craps

All casino games have their own glossary of slangs and jargons, and one of those games is Bitcoin craps. If you are a first-time bettor, wrapping your head around these terminologies can be daunting, especially if you are playing live-dealer craps. Break this barrier and join in the fun of the game by adding these common terminologies to your dictionary.

  • Shooter – This refers to the player who will roll the dice. All players in the game will take turns in being the shooter.
  • Come-Out Roll – This refers to the first roll of the dice after the game starts.
  • Natural – This refers to numbers 7 or 11 drawn in the come-out roll.
  • Point Numbers – This refers to numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 drawn in the come-out roll.
  • Pass Line Bet – This refers to a bet for a 7 or 11. Passline bet is the most popular and most basic online craps wager.
  • Don’t Pass Bet – This refers to a bet for a 2 or a 3. Don’t Pass bets mean betting against the shooter.
  • Come Bet – This refers to a bet placed after the come-out roll.
  • Proposition Bet – This refers to a form of a side bet that wagers on the occurrence or non-occurrence of a certain situation or event during the game.
  • Craps Numbers – This refers to numbers 2, 3, and 12

Learning the language of a game is the first step to become a pro-player. Now that you know these common terms and wagers used in btc craps, you can know your way around the tables with ease.

Understanding the Basics of Bitcoin Craps

At first glance, playing Bitcoin craps might seem to be tricky because of the hoard of bets available in play. But once you understand how the game works, you are set to a fun and fast-paced betting action. All you need to do is predict the outcome of each dice roll and place your bets.

Btc craps starts with players placing their chips on any of the wide-range of bets on the betting table. Each round has two phases—the come-out phase and the point phase. After the shooter makes the come-out roll, the pass line bets win if the roll resulted to a 7 or 11. On the other hand, pass line bets lose if the outcome of the roll is a 2 or a 3.

In the event that the roll resulted to a point number, the point phase of the game will begin, and the shooter will roll the dice again. Pass line bets will win if the point number is rolled before a 7. If, however, a seven is rolled first, pass line bets will lose and the round will end. Note that until a point or a 7 is rolled, the shooter will continue to roll the dice.


June 15, 2017

2 Best Bitcoin Craps Bets For Low-Risk Bettors

Now that you know the basic gameplay of Bitcoin craps, you need to know which bets should you place your chips. Remember, each wager differs from the other. Some pay huge payouts but have challenging chances of winning. Meanwhile, some bets offer high chances of winning but have lesser rewards. If you want to play with low-risk of losing, going for the latter is your best shot. Here are the two best bets you can opt for:

1 | Pass Line Bets

The fundamental wager in Bitcoin craps holds a low house edge of 1.41%.  In addition, the probability for pass line bets to win is about 244 over 495, making this bet one of the low-risk wagers in craps. However, the payout for pass line bets is not as stellar as its winning chance. Pass line bets pay even money. Say you bet US$10 and the roll resulted to a natural, you win US$10, plus your original stake.

2| Don’t Come Bets

If you want to go for the bet with the lowest risk, then opt for don’t pass bets. Don’t pass holds about 976:949 odds. In addition, it has a low edge of 1.36%—the lowest house edge among all the craps’ bets. The catch is, like pass line bets, don’t come bets have a low payout of 1:1.

With such low house advantages and high chances of winning, these bets are your best options if you have a limited bankroll. This does not mean, however, that you should limit your bets between pass line and don’t pass line. To fully enjoy the game, you can opt for other wagers on the table from time to time.

3 Sucker Bitcoin Craps Bets You Must Avoid

All online casino bets have a bad egg, and btc craps is not an exception. Sucker bets might appeal you with sky-high payouts, but offers the worst odds on the other side of the coin. Below are the sucker bets present on the craps tables.

1 | Any Seven Bets

Any Seven is a bet on the shooter rolling a 7. Claimed as the “absolute worst” bet you can place in Bitcoin craps, this brings along an outrageous house edge of 16.67%. To make things worse, the house pays only 4:1 on winning an any seven bet.

2 | Snake Eyes Bets

Also known as Aces or Two Craps, snake eyes bets win if the roll of a dice resulted to a two. This bet pays a stellar rate of a whopping 30 to 1. Meaning, if you bet US$10 on snake eyes and win, you get US$300 plus your original stake. This, however, is one of the hardest rolls to come up in the game, with the odds sitting at about 35:1. Not only that, but snake eyes bets also offer a smashing house edge of about 13.89%.

3 | Any Craps Bets

Any craps bets or three-way bets win when the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12. These bets hold a high payout of 7:1. So if you bet US$10 on any craps bet and win, you will get US$70 plus your original stake. While this reward is promising, these bets have an 11.11% house advantage.

While some of these sucker bets offer huge payout rates, you must note that they are not suitable for everybody. If you are a high roller with a huge bankroll and who perceives elusive odds thrilling,  you can opt for these high-risk wagers. Otherwise, sticking on safe and low-risk bets is the best move.


Do’s and Don’ts in Playing Online Craps

Playing Bitcoin craps involves a strategic combination of luck and wits. Before tossing your bitcoins on the betting table, you must know how to play smart. Here are some easy-peasy tips you can do to make the most out of each round.

1 | Do Play On Bitcoin Dice Sites that Offers Stellar Bonuses

One of the perks you should look forward to in an online betting site is its rewarding bonuses. Make sure to opt for Bitcoin craps sites that offer satisfying rates in order to get the best value out of your deposits. Some online casinos even offer no-deposit incentives right after you sign up. Use these perks to try the game without risking your bankroll.

2 | Do Opt for Craps Bets With Low House Edges

You can play Bitcoin craps for hours without spending too much of your crypto stash. If you want to stretch your bankroll to longer playing sessions, place your bets on wager that offer the lowest house edges. Few examples of these bets are pass bets and don’t come bets. Although these bets do not offer the best payout, they offer the best winning chances.

3 | Do Not Wager on Proposition Bets Too Often

Proposition bets are suckers in the craps table. They cover the most wagers—any craps, any seven, and such—on the center table so you will be automatically be drawn into these bets. But you must bet on these wagers sparingly as they hold low winning chances and high house edge rates. Otherwise, you might bleed your bankroll dry.

After knowing the language of the game, learning its rules, and analyzing which bets is suitable for you, you are now ready to place your Bitcoin craps bets with confidence. Apply everything you learn about the game today by visiting the best Bitcoin casinos that offer craps.


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