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What Is Bitcoin Craps?

Playing Bitcoin Craps is no different from other casino games, and it is our pleasure to bring you closer to the world of the best Bitcoin casinos and all the gaming possibilities that go hand in hand. One of them is related to one of the most popular and well-known games in the world – the good ol’ Craps!

In this text you will learn everything there is on Bitcoin Craps – what are the rules, what you should and shouldn’t do, dice combinations, and all the other tips and tricks that will help you master one of the most engaging and fun to play casino games in the existence.

The History of Craps

Crypto craps descend from the original game, which is believed to be the variation of the old English game of Hazard. It is also thought that the craps game was a spin-off of the game Crabes, invented in France. Whatever the case, in the Bitcoin craps game the players wager money against the dealer and bet on the outcome of a single, or number of rolls of two six-sided dice.

Before online casinos and Bitcoin craps games, people were playing casino craps and street craps. The latter was played in back alleys, and illegal apartments, and was trendy among soldiers, who used to play craps extensively in both peace and wartime.

Playing craps most likely started as a form of Hazard, an ancient English game invented by sir William of Tyre during the Crusade wars. It seems that in the year 1125 soldiers wanted to kill some time during the siege of the castle called Hazarth, thus corrupting the name of the castle into a name of the game. Some historians believe that the craps game was invented by Roman soldiers, back in ancient Rome. They used pigs’ knuckles to make dice and used to throw them into their inverted shields, coining the phrase rolling the bones.

In the late 1600’ and 1700’ in England, craps players were of high origin and perfect craps games involved a lot of preparation. It was almost a hobby of the rich aristocratic elite that was rich enough to wager small fortunes on a dice roll. As one might guess, the French were not immune to dice games and they quickly caught on, changing the name of the game from Hazard to Crabs, which is the name of the lowest dice value in the game.

Online Craps – The Origins

Before we had Bitcoin casino craps, we had John Winn, who is officially credited with the invention of modern-day craps. The changes he introduced made it possible to bet on wrong or right, and he was also the one who invented Don’t Pass Bets and stuck them to the board.

Apart from redefining the layout of the game, Winn made the old-fashioned style of betting obsolete and at the same time, he rendered crooked dice useless for cheaters and scammers. As always, it is extremely simple – the chance to bet on the shooter, or against him, made him think twice about the dice he is about to use, and there’s no point in rolling crooked dice if your opponents can take advantage of it.

Modern Craps

From Diamonds are Forever to Ocean’s Thirteen, craps and casinos have been featured in many movies, songs, and written masterpieces, becoming something of a cultural thing not only for gamblers but regular people as well. Before online gambling was a thing, during WW2, soldiers spread the game throughout the world, and as a result, there is virtually no land-based casino without a Craps table or two.

Having said that, the situation with online casinos is a bit different, and not all Bitcoin casinos offer Craps to their customers. With the rise of the online gaming industry and more and more types of online games being introduced, Craps were pushed back by modern gambling entertainment like live casinos, fancy gamified slots, and jackpots packing huge payouts. Still, this is not to say those modern land-based casinos, and their digital competitors, shy away from provably fair games of Craps.

You can still find a crypto casino with a game of Craps readily available, but truth be spoken live dealer games and greater-than-life slot machines made by Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and other giants of the industry, chipped away some of the Craps’ magic and appeal, especially to younger players looking for the best Bitcoin casino they can use on the move via mobile phones and tablets.

While the betting system might be complicated for some, the game itself is super-simple and easy to learn and play, which is often a prerequisite for a popular casino game. The Craps live table where you place bets is a center of a social event – a sort of a loosely based social club that gamblers can relate to.

At the same time, this is the only aspect of the game that even the best online casinos cannot replicate. However, the best casinos have no trouble capturing all of the remaining factors that make the Craps game so attractive, even today. Just make sure to activate your Bitcoin wallet in order to claim a BTC deposit bonus of some sort and hit a game of Craps online.

How to Play Bitcoin Craps and Place Bets

Before you walk into a crypto gambling space, you have to know how to play Craps – the game of two dice, a table, and a lot of gut feeling. There are more than 40 different bets in a game of Craps and in this section we will cover the most important ones. Essentially, a shooter throws the dice and you have to guess the total outcome, ranging from 2 (1+1) to 12 (6+6).

It’s very simple, the pass bet has an immediate lose or win outcome, depending on the role of the dice. The outcome of the bet is determined just as the roll has finished, after which you either win or lose a casino bet. So, if a shooter throws a 7 or 11 you win immediately, and you lose straight away if the come-out roll is a 2, 3, or 12 combined.

If a shooter rolls any other number combined, it becomes the point. If a shooter lands a point before rolling a 7 – you win the bet! But if a shooter hits a 7 before the point – you lose your bet. The biggest drawback of a pass-line bet is that it gets boring after a long gambling session because players are often forced to wait out on plenty of dice rolls that yield results irrelevant to their bets and interests.

Come Bet

This is another basic bet in the game of craps and you will place your chips on the table section labeled “Come”. This type of bet is very similar to a pass line, with the main difference being the inability to place bets on the come-out roll for the pass line. The players will have to check the disk at the side of the table, and if it reads “On”, then the shooter has “come out”, the result of pass bets is settled and the croupier will accept your Come bet.

If you opt for the Come Bet, you win on 7 and 11 and lose on 2, 3, and 12, just as before. Any other number can become the point on the next throw and at that moment the dealer will move your bet on the respective number, let’s say 10 in this example. You will win your Come bet if the number 10 lands before the number 7.

Don’t Pass Line

Simply put, this is the opposite of the pass bet. You will lose if a shooter gets 7 or 11, and you win immediately on 2 and 3. However, if it lands on 12 it’s a push, and here’s the kicker – if the shooter hits a 7 before the point you will win, and consequently, if he or she rolls the point before a 7 – you lose your bet.

Don’t Come Bet

In this betting scenario, we will treat the following roll exactly as the come-out throw, but using the rules of the Don’t pass bet. So on the next roll 2 and 3 are instant wins, and 7 and 11 are straight-up losses. Again, if a shooter lands a 12 it’s a push. As with the Don’t pass bet, if 7 lands before the point you win, and if the point is rolled before a 7 you lose your bet.

The Field Bet

This type of bet is a so-called self-service bet and it’s a one-roll occasion during the game of Craps. You will win if a shooter hits 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12, and the rest of the numbers are treated as a loss.

The Place Bet

This may remind some of you of a game of roulette. Before a shooter throws the dice, at any time, players can bet on a particular number and if a shooter lands your number before a 7 – you win. Keep in mind that during a shooter’s round, you can place a bet, remove it, or raise it, at any time you desire, which is why crypto Craps attract so many people in Bitcoin casinos.

Free Odds Bets

This type of bet must be played in conjunction with another bet, Pass, Don’t Pass, Come, or Don’t Come bets (so-called flat bets). It is probably the best bet in all of the game because it is paid out at true odds. Before you start to play, always check the maximum free odds multiplier ‘cos they differ from casino to casino.

Proposition Bets

Simply called Props, these types of bets are best left to experienced Bitcoin casino pros due to the huge bias towards the casino. These are not self-serviced bets and your chips must be placed by the croupier alone, and there is even a small subcategory of proposition bets where they stay active on the table for several rolls, not just one.

These bets should not be mistaken for pass bets and it is irrelevant if the shooters gonna hit their Point, or not. For the sake of the game, let’s just name a few proposition bets and see how they roll.

Any Craps

In Bitcoin casinos, this is known as Three-Way where you win if a shooter lands any of the Craps numbers (2, 3, 12). This bet gives a great advantage to Bitcoin Craps sites due to so few possible combinations that can produce a craps outcome. Instead of an 8:1, the payout is only 7:1 and the house edge is at a staggering 11,11%.


Often called Three Craps, is a bet on a total of 3. This is a bit nasty towards players because the chances are 2 out of 36, which should be followed by a payout of 17:1, but winning players are paid only 15:1. Ace-deuce effectively has a house edge of 11,11%, which is a lot, even for pros.


Sometimes called The Yo, it yields wins on throws totaling 11, which is quite rare in real life. As with Ace-deuce bets, on every $1 bet, you will get a $15 payout, with a house advantage of 11,11% which is, again, too high compared to other Craps bets.


This is basically a one-roll bet on the number 12, and you don’t need a master’s degree in mathematics to figure out how risky this is. The odds are 30 to 1 and there is a house edge of 16,67% attached to it, so be extremely careful.

Craps & Eleven

This is quite an interesting bet, with players winning on all craps (2, 3, 12) and 11. The casino advantage is the same on all picks (11,11%) but payouts differ substantially. The payout on three craps (2, 3, 12) is 3:1, and it’s a 7:1 payout if a shooter lands a Yo-leven. Always keep in mind that Craps & Eleven is a so-called combined bet with two separate bets, one wager on Yo and the other on craps, so one of those is bound to lose.


Some Bitcoin casino craps tables do not offer High-Low bets, and while some do, in most cases this will not be displayed in the table layout. This is obviously a two-unit bet consisting of Aces and Boxcars, which means you will win if the numbers 2 and 12 are rolled next.

The Horn

This type of online Craps bet includes the Craps and Yo-leven total numbers, but this time your bet will be equally divided between the numbers. A $4 bet for instance will get you one dollar bets on 2, 3, 12, and 11 respectively. The payouts are 30:1 for numbers 12 and 2, and 15:1 for numbers 11 and 3.

The Hop Bet

This type of Proposition bet is highly unlikely to get you any wins, and it is rarely called in a Bitcoin Craps game. Not only do you have to guess the total outcome of a roll, but have to point out in advance the individual numbers on each die. Winning pairs pay 30:1 and non-pairs 15:1, and we do not recommend this type of bet if you plan to play Bitcoin Craps.

Any Seven

A.k.a. Big Red, this is a very interesting and equally unprofitable Bitcoin casino bet. It may look like the best bet out there because you are betting that a shooter will land 7, but here are the “best bet” facts – Any seven has a 4:1 payout with the real odds of rolling a 7 is in fact 5:1, and it comes with a house edge of 16,67%.

The Whirl

The Whirl or World is a five-unit bet and a combination of Any Seven and The Horn bets. Numbers 2, 3, 11, and 12 receive four units (Horn), and the fifth unit goes to the Any Seven bet. Let’s say we made a $50 bet on a Whirl, if the dice land on 7 it’s a push, Yo-leven and 3 will get us $110, and 2’s and 12’s will score $260. As you can see, in every signal case scenario we will lose $40 because only one number can win.

Hardway Bets

This type of proposition bet has the outcome of the wager determined after more than one dice roll. We have four types of Hardway bets, Hard 4, with 2 and 2, Hard 6, with 3 and 3, Hard 8, with 4 and 4, and hard 10, with 5 and 5.

Commonly Used Slang in Bitcoin Craps

A perfect Craps game requires you to know the nomenclature of the game, both official and slang. All craps players should learn it, especially if you are planning to play craps in a real casino. Still, it’s good to know it even in an online casino of your choice.

  • 2-Way: Gambler betting for one roll bet for the dealer and him/herself.
  • 3-Way Craps: A three-way bet with one unit wagered on 2, second unit on 3, and third unit on 12.
  • Aces a.k.a. Snake Eyes: Betting on the total sum of 2.
  • Any Craps: Betting on the roll of 2, 3, or 12.
  • Any Seven: Betting that the next roll will be 7.
  • Big Red: A synonym for 7, because players rarely use the word seven.
  • Black: $100 casino chips, due to the fact they are black in most physical casinos.
  • Bones: Synonim for dice.
  • Boxcars a.k.a. Midnight: A roll of 12.
  • Boxman: A person supervising a Craps table. He or she sits across the stickman and between the dealers.
  • Box Numbers: These refer to bet numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10.
  • Cold Dice: A situation where nobody is making their point number.
  • Come Bet: A wager made once the point is determined.
  • Come Out Roll: The first roll that establishes the point.
  • Crap Numbers: Simple, the numbers 2, 3, and 12.
  • Craps Check: Wagering on any craps during the come-out roll in order to hedge the pass-line bet you made.
  • Don’t Come Bet: A don’t pass bet placed after the point is established in the game.
  • Don’t Pass Bet: You wager that the shooter will not land his point.
  • Double Odds: This is a bet twice the size of the original pass or come bet.
  • Front Line: Synonym for a pass line wager.
  • Garden: A field bet.
  • Hard Way: Betting on numbers 4, 6, 8, and 10, but you only win if the dice roll pairs, two 2’s, two 3’s, two 4’s, and two 5’s.
  • Hi-Lo: A bet on 12 and 2.
  • Hi-Lo-Yo: A bet on 2, 12, AND 11.
  • Hop Bet: Betting on a specific number combo, like 2-2, 5-3, etc.
  • Horn Bet: Four-unit bet on numbers 2, 3, 11, and 12, one unit on each number.
  • Horn High Bet: A bet consisted of one unit on 3 of the horn numbers and 2 units on 12.
  • Inside Numbers: Bets on numbers 5, 6, 8, and 9.
  • Lay Bet: You are betting that a 7 will be rolled before your number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) shows up.
  • Lay-Out: A place for wagers on the table, usually heavily printed.
  • Lay Odds: An additional odds wager after the point has been established, it wins if the original don’t pass bet wins.
  • Little Joe: Or a Hard 4, a pair of 2’s. Marker: Little plastic saucer is used to mark the point, it has printed “on” and “off” on its sides.
  • Natural: A come-out roll of 7 or 11 is needed to win.
  • One Roll Bets: This is a wager you will either win or lose after a single roll of dice.
  • Odds Bet: A wager made in addition to pass the line bet.
  • Off: An announcement for not being active on the next roll.
  • Off and On: A way that the croupier makes payouts on come bets when a new come bet is the exact same number as one that is already set.
  • On: “Action”, or your bets are simply active.
  • Outside Numbers: Wagers on the 4 to 10 and 5 to 9.
  • Parlay: Raising your original bet using your winnings and betting it all at once.
  • Pass Line Bet: You bet that the shooter will make the point.
  • Place Bet: You are betting that a particular number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) will land before a 7.
  • Point: This is the number established by the come-out roll.
  • Proposition Bet: A bet on one of the wagers in the middle of the layout (we will discuss them in detail later on).
  • Right Better: A gambler with a wager on the pass line.
  • Seven Out: This is what you say when a shooter rolls a 7 before making their point and losing the pass line wager.
  • Toke: Synonym for a tip.
  • World Bet: You bet on horn numbers with any seven (2, 3, 7, 11, 12).
  • Wrong Bettor: A gambler wagering against the shooter.
  • Yo-leven: A roll of 11. A made-up word used to differentiate from seven, which can sound very similar at a crowded casino table.

Bitcoin Craps Basic Strategy

There is only a betting system you can use, in addition to some pure luck obviously. A game of Craps is not Texas Hold’em Poker where you can use your vast expertise and the ability to read people’s intentions in order to gain an advantage. The most lucrative Craps bets are free odds bets, and the best strategy is to start your every roll with a pass, or don’t pass bet.

Play at the table minimum, and when the point is established, follow that bet with a free odds wager and take it to the maximum. It may sound crazy, but this is mathematically the best way to play Craps, provided you have at least some luck during the game.

Bitcoin Craps Bets Odds

A Come Bet has a greater chance of winning so it pays out even money – if you bet $5, you will get another $5. But, online Bitcoin Craps has a built-in advantage for the casino and the odds are slightly tilted towards the operator at 251 to 244, placing the house edge at the acceptable 1,41% mark. You can also combine your Come Bet with free odds bet ranging from 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x, with the house edge dropping with each increment that we take.

If we combine our Come Bet with a free double-odds bet the house edge will fall to just 0,85%, and it will drop as low as 0,18% if we combine it with an odds of 10x. Here are all the bets that beginners should avoid at Bitcoin Craps Table:

  • Any Craps Bet – This type of bet comes with a house edge of 11,11%, which is very tough on players but great for a casino.
  • Snake Eyes Bets – The chances are you will hit snake eyes 1 in 36 times, but the payout is only 30:1 and there’s a house edge of 13,89%.
  • Any Seven Bets – The odds of rolling a 7 are 6 in 36. The house pays the winning bet only 4:1 with the worst house edge in Craps – 16,67%.
  • Yo-leven – The odds are 17:1 and the casino will pay you only 15:1. That leads us to a house edge of 11,11%, which is still unacceptable.
  • High-Low – Again, the odds are 17:1, the payout is 15:1, and the house edge is 11,11%. This is a bad bet in the long run. The same principle applies to the Ace-Deuce bet.
  • The Horn – The house edge ranges between 11,11% to 13,89%, making it one of the least favorable in the entire gambling industry.
  • The Hop Bet – With the house edge of 11,11% to 13,26%, depending on the scenario, these bets will not bring you happiness if you plan to gamble for a long time.

Bitcoin Craps Wagering Requirements

As soon as you claim a deposit bonus, be it a welcome bonus, free spins, or some other online casino incentive, you will most likely have to complete the wagering requirements tied to the bonus you’ve just exploited. It is expressed with a multiplier, for instance, 40x, indicating how many times you have to roll over said bonus, deposit, or both combined.

Let’s say you took a casino bonus worth some $100, and you’ve made a $100 deposit. Now you have $100 of bonus money and $100 of real money sitting in your casino account. If wagering of 40x bonus money is involved, and most of the time it is, that means you will have to place wagers worth $4,000 (40 times $100) in order to complete the wagering, take another bonus, and/or start withdrawing your real money.

It’s a nasty thing, so try to pick bonuses with the lowest wagering possible. But the worst news is yet to come. Sadly, even the best Bitcoin Craps will most likely have poor wagering contributions, ranging from zero percent to 25%. In other words, if you want to finish your wagering by playing only Craps, you will have a very difficult task because your bets will not be accounted for 100%. Using the example above, and a wagering contribution of just 10% for games of Craps, you would have to place bets worth $40,000 in order to complete the wagering for a measly $100 bonus money.

What Is The Best Online Bitcoin Craps Casino?

Apart from the fact it has to offer great game variety, the best Bitcoin casino has to fulfill a number of conditions in order to satisfy your needs. Honestly, there is no such thing as the best casino but there are a couple of excellent casinos that could be the best for you. Here are some of the most important things to pay attention to.

Try to find a casino with strong licensing and regulation. You need the best security for your money and personal data. Also, purchasing Bitcoin must be taken into consideration so a safe casino is a must. Look for rewarding bonuses, such as a welcome bonus, new casino promotions, and tournaments, cashback offers, as well as a lucrative VIP program. These incentives will keep you going for a long time and they are vital for success.

Besides a reliable and quick-to-respond support team, the best Bitcoin Craps casino will enable you to withdraw money fast and securely, making banking another priority. Try to find a casino with no fee deposits and withdrawals, it will save you a lot of money over time. Most importantly, good Bitcoin Craps sites will offer you all the betting options that are available to gamblers in Craps games featured in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Please, play responsibly!


  • Can I win at Bitcoin Craps?

    In the long run, even the best of us get bested, because you cannot escape the inevitability of the house edge. However, you can have a winning streak or an entire session, provided you are lucky enough.

  • What is the best Craps strategy?

    As mentioned above, go for the free odds wagers and hope for the best. Do not be afraid to bet your max, according to the table rules, once you think that the shooter is on fire.

  • What is the best and the worst house edge in Craps?

    The don’t pass wager has a house edge of 1,36%, while any seven bet features a house edge of a staggering 16,67%.

  • How do Craps compare to other casino games?

    In terms of house edge – good. The only games with potentially lower casino edges are Blackjack (0,28%) and Baccarat (1,06%).

  • Can I play online craps for free?

    Yes, many online casinos offer their games in free mode, craps included.

  • What is the difference between live craps and online craps?

    There is exactly zero difference between the two games. But, playing in a real casino is much more dynamic and fast-paced than in online casinos.

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