Master Baccarat with These Winning Tips

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Baccarat may be a game of chance, but you can turn Lady Luck in your favor using a good strategy. Know how to master this game using these winning tips.

Baccarat is one of the simplest games to play in online casinos. After all, you simply have to bet on one of three possible outcomes: player wins, banker wins, or a tie occurs.

But while the game is simple, it is ultimately a game of luck. After placing your bet, the game is out of your hands. The next step is to sit back and hope that you win the round.

Still, even if baccarat is a game of chance, this does not mean you have to rely on luck alone. You have to play smart to make the most out of your game. To know how to profit from this simple game, check out these baccarat winning tips:

1 | Know the House Edge

Of course, the first thing you need to do to have a better chance of winning a casino game is to understand its rules, including the bet amounts and the odds. You can find the bet amounts on the info page of the baccarat suite when you load a game title.

Out of the three bets, banker and player have low house edges. The banker has a house edge of 1.06% while the player comes with a house edge of 1.24%. This means you will lose 1.06 units for every 100 units wagered on banker, and 1.24 units for every 100 units you bet on player.Baccarat Table

Because of their low house edges, banker and player are the most common wagers. However, casino players often choose banker as it has better odds. This is because the banker’s hand is determined after the player’s hand, which means the banker knows what he has to beat before deciding whether to draw a card. But while choosing this odds gives you a higher chance of winning, 5% of your rewards will be deducted from the casino.

Meanwhile, winning on a tie bet lets you take home nine times your wager amount. But while tie bet has an attractive payout, it has a high house edge of 14%. So if you wager 100 units, you lose 14 of these units by losing on a tie bet. However, if you feel like adding thrill to the game, you can take your chances and choose this wager.

But even though baccarat has a standard set of odds, it still pays to check the info page of the casino. This is because some gaming hubs tend to adjust their house edges. Make sure to find a title that will give you a low house edge. And if you are set on betting on banker, enter into a baccarat suite that has a lower commission rate.

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2 | Choose a Betting Strategy and Stick to It

Similar to a general about to lead his army to war, you should not enter a baccarat suite without a game plan. Here are some strategies you can try for your gaming sessions:

One-Sided Betting

This is the simplest strategy in the book. Just bet on player or banker and stand your ground, switching only if you lose for a certain number of rounds. So if you wagered on banker and lost for three consecutive rounds, make sure to switch your stake to player. Otherwise, keep betting on the same odds.

Trend-Switch Betting

As the name implies, this strategy involves switching bets between player and banker. But unlike in one-sided betting, you should wait longer before changing your wagers. For instance, if you bet on player and lost 12 rounds in a row, switch to banker. Alternatively, you can change your stake if you win eight consecutive rounds, for variety.

These strategies do not necessarily guarantee a win. However, it pays to have a plan on hand to help you make consistent wagers. Still, as you become more of an expert in the game, you have the freedom to adjust these strategies, or even come up with your own.

3 | Adjust the Size of Your Wagers

Changing the size of your bets can be a good way to get back your losses from previous rounds. A recommended strategy is the 1-3-2-4 system, in which you change your bet amounts during four consecutive wins. Here is how it works:

  1. For the first round, bet one chip worth US$5.
  2. For the second round, increase your bet to three chips worth US$5, increasing your stake to US$15.
  3. For the third round, decrease your bet to two chips, making your wager US$10.
  4. For the fourth round, increase your bet to four chips, increasing your wager to US$20.

As long as your bet wins, proceed to the next wager in the sequence. If you complete the sequence or if you lose, go back to the start. By this approach, not only will you have a chance to increase your winnings, but you can also minimize your losses.

4 | Manage Your Bankroll

Apart from choosing a gaming strategy, you should also work out your betting limits. Figure out a reasonable sum of profit you would gladly be able to walk away. At the same time, decide on how much you have to lose before you rethink your strategy.

Of course, there is the irresistible urge to keep playing, even if you struck rich or lost a huge amount. In case you win a decent amount but you do not want to quit, split your win in half and use only half to continue to play. If you lose that amount, take your remaining winnings and walk away from the game.

But if you suddenly find yourself on a losing streak, keep on playing your usual bet. You are bound to win back some of your money. Still, it is best to walk away when you reach your loss limit. This means it is time for a change of plans.

5 | Break Down Your Game Time into Shorter Sessions

The sooner you end your gaming sessions, the earlier you can cash out. But if you decide to play longer, make sure to take a break every now and then. This will give you time to adjust your gaming strategy. In addition, taking a break prevents you from making an impulsive decision like betting all your funds on a tie and losing in the end.

To help you keep track of your betting sessions, set a number of rounds you plan to play. For example, if you decide to play 50 games, count the rounds as you play along. Once you have reached the 50th round, pause the game to clear your head. Then, when you are ready to come back, decide how many rounds you should play before entering the suite once more.

6 | Maximize Casino Bonuses

Online baccarat is one of the many table games that have a low house edge. By claiming a casino bonus, you are likely to earn profits without risking most of your player funds. However, keep in mind that not many online casinos provide bonuses for baccarat. To find a gaming hub suitable to your needs, you can start by reading reviews about casinos that accept Bitcoin.

At the end of the day, playing baccarat relies more on instinct than on skill or on math. But it pays to find a strategy that works for you so that you can play smart and increase your chances of winning. With these tips, you can enter a baccarat suite and play to your heart’s content.

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