Mycelium is one of the oldest and popular mobile Bitcoin wallets released. But despite this, the wallet continues to improve with its new upgrades.

Megion Research & Development GmbH created Mycelium, a popular mobile Bitcoin wallet. It has proven to be reliable and the best because awarded it as the “Best Mobile App” in 2014. This mobile wallet has excellent features and continues to amaze users with its upgrades.

What is Mycelium?

Mycelium is downloadable in Google Play Store and App Store.  This wallet has a chat app and hardware wallet support. It also gives you the power to control your wallet from your phone. Moreover, it makes sure that your account is always protected with its password authentication. It is also hierarchical deterministic and backs up your account. You also have the option to export your account to another device or wallet.

Crypto casino players likes the Mycelium cryptocurrency wallet as one of the oldest and most trusted Bitcoin wallets. For all players, world wide, the wallet is available exclusively for mobile platforms, having released in 2014 as an Android app. Today you can also install the wallet on iOS devices.

Other than those, transactions and payments are easier with this wallet because it is directly connected to the Bitcoin network. You do not have to worry that your phone does not have enough memory to download the blockchain. With its direct link to the network, the wallet also provides you with an address book and transaction histories. This will help you monitor your spending and help you keep an eye on the progress of each transaction.

Another great feature is that you can trade with other users using this wallet. Mycelium has a protected system that lets you trade freely with just a fee of 0.2% per trade. You can also use this in buying goods in local stores. There is also a GPS feature that lets you know the nearest store that allows cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

Mycelium updates

To continue being the best mobile app out there, Mycelium continues to improve each year. It started with new products, such as Gear, Entropy, Card, and Swish. These products will help you order food easily, create a paper wallet, and store your coins in a different wallet. You can also send, receive, and hold tokenized fiat currencies, such as US Dollars and Japanese Yen.

Apart from those, this software Bitcoin wallet is planning to add more tools to improve the wallet. You will soon be able to make a remittance to the most popular corridors. You can also handle your personal finance, such as invoices and bills. The wallet will also allow you to make investments and bets.

This wallet is a must-try for you, even if you just joined the industry or you are an online gamer. The wallet is convenient and easy to use. You will not have a problem in terms of playing unlimited Bitcoin slots games and registering in a Bitcoin casino. Remember to use the Bitcoin no deposit bonus offer, too.

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