Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

Mobile Bitcoin wallet lets you use your account through your mobile phone. This wallet has a QR code in which you can use to easily transact in Bitcoin.

Mobile phone users have been dependent on their phones too much that you can rarely see someone without it. Software developers grabbed this opportunity and started creating different apps to make each user’s life more convenient. Developers of Bitcoin wallets also noticed the addiction to mobile phones and created a wallet where you can now use your wallet on your phone. A mobile Bitcoin wallet is an app that you download in your phone. This type of wallet is the fastest and most convenient because even transactions and payments are as quick as sending a text message.

Top mobile Bitcoin wallets

  • Mycelium – this mobile Bitcoin wallet directly connects you to the Bitcoin network. With this, the wallet also provides you with an address book and transaction histories.
  • Breadwallet – as the first decentralized Bitcoin wallet for iOS, this wallet is also available in 19 languages. The wallet also makes sure that all your transactions are free.
  • Copay – this is a multi-signature wallet that lets you share your account with your family and friends. It is also the first wallet that supported Bitcoin payment protocol and Bitcoin test net support.
  • Airbitz – this type of wallet is free of malware and virus. The wallet also offers a Bluetooth and NFC payments feature.

Why choose a mobile Bitcoin wallet

Unlike other Bitcoin wallets, a mobile Bitcoin wallet is one with your mobile phone. You do not need to buy a device or use a computer just to access your account. If you want to use your account, just simply turn on your phone. You can also use this wallet in buying goods in local stores. Mobile wallets allow you to buy goods by simply scanning the QR code.

Another benefit is you can play your favorite Bitcoin dice in your favorite Bitcoin casino through your phone. You can easily access your mobile Bitcoin wallet and play online games, as well as Bitcoin poker. With this wallet, using bitcoins will be a 100 times easier.

The only requirement for you in this wallet is internet connection. You might be also wondering: can the whole blockchain be downloaded in this app? Unfortunately no, but developers created a simple payment verification that lets you download the needed part of the blockchain in order for you to make a transaction or payment.

Through your mobile Bitcoin wallet, you can transact, pay, sell, buy, and convert bitcoins. If you want a hassle-free wallet, this is the best and most suitable wallet for you.

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