Exclusive Interview with TVBET CEO Peter Korpusenko

Peter Korpusenko


Peter Korpusenko is the CEO of TVBET, a live betting portal that houses award-winning games that are played in real-time.

You are a well-known name in the industry, but if you should still present yourselves, what would you say about the team behind your brand and your edge?


So basically our team provides solutions for sports betting and casino operators. With big experience in igaming niche and working with several companies here, we certainly know what challenges remained in that area. Thus, in 2016 TVBET was established at the intersection of sports and crypto games.

Tell us about your achievements in 2019 and how 2020 stared for you.


The year 2019 has been a breakthrough. Actually, that’s the exact year when we made the start of our global promotion activities. More and more operators and suppliers began to pay attention to our live-games, while the leading media in Europe, CIS, and LatAm wrote words of praise about us. During that year TVBET product was showcased at more than 10 conferences around the globe.

As a result, our card and lottery games are now presented at more than 100 platforms both online and land-based. And now in 2020, we’re focusing on maintaining a positive trend, even when contending with external factors as coronavirus epidemic.

What do you think of the place of live games compared to other games in the market? Are live games the top-converting games or are they used for revenue mostly?


Since it’s based on the betting mechanics, TVBET product keeps the attention of players a lot longer than traditional casino games. Currently, we offer 11 card and lottery games, that are widely beloved anywhere in the world. Every player knows the rules or can learn it quickly.

Also, a crucial part is that these games are broadcasted in realtime. Unlike virtual casinos or slot games, transparency allows us to build confidence with customers. On the other hand, our games allow sportsbook to keep stable growth during the off-season, and of course, at times likes these.

What are the advantages of live broadcast for operators?


In that context, we can speak of a higher level of engagement and trust, in comparison with competitive products. The TVBET’s equipment is certified by GLI, and we’re working on Maltese license now. And that’s why players can be assured in the randomness of the results. Besides, if comparing with sports events, in-play betting options are also included in every game. That added a lot of interest to our content.

What are the challenges faced by small operators in terms of adding your games to their portfolio? How do you work on the integration side to make it faster and easier to consume your games?


All our services are identical for both market leaders and promising operators. We provide all of them with the exact product because all the content is broadcasted from our single studio in Warsaw, Poland. Speaking of integration terms, TVBET has no setup or integration fee. All we do is aimed at the long term cooperation with the model of revenue share. And we always have a direct interest in the operators’ success, providing them with full technical and marketing promotion support at no charge.

What is your plan for 2020, considering the global situation that canceled and postponed events?


This, of course, changes our plans, especially if we talk about networking at gaming conferences. At the same time, there’s nothing to stop our business, which is why we continue to expand the presence of TVBET games on the global market in the online mode.

The suspension of major football leagues, NBA, and others due to the coronavirus quarantine have increased players’ interest in comparable entertainment. Because of the similarity, online casino products are becoming a breath of fresh air for those who prefer betting on the events. Tell us how you feel about the effects of this on your business?


At the moment, we see at our existing partners their players switching to TVBET live-games. Like I said before, our product has a betting mechanics similar to sports, and that’s a very important feature for them. In the first days after tournaments cancellation, the daily number of bets on our games increased by 19 percent. Therefore, we help our partners to retain customers as well as to keep profit at the appropriate level.

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