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Lisa Stainfield

Head of

We’ve had the opportunity to talk to Lisa Stainfield. She is the Head of, an intuitive platform that acts as a bridge between operators and affiliates.

Please tell us something more about yourself. How did you get into the affiliate space and were you always focused on the iGaming industry?


Well, this is a relatively new field for me, although I have always been interested in the iGaming industry. There’s just so much to learn, so many topics yet to be uncovered. I think regardless of the industry there are endless opportunities to grow and expand.

You are working in a very interesting niche with Affiliate Builders. Recently we hear statements like: ‘Is it still possible to make money with an affiliate site? Isn’t the market oversaturated?’ How would you answer to that?


I mean, as long as you’re implementing new ideas and keeping the market fresh there will be no problems with whether it’s making money, growing as a business, or developing the field. Just don’t stay stagnant, that would be my advice for any new ventures. There is always enough space for new projects and ideas.

What is the advantage of using Affiliate Builders compared to in house solutions?


There are of course plenty advantages that I could list but better I touch the important ones. The website is built by professionals of the industry taking into account different factors, such as SEO of the website, most common used keywords, speed of the website and all critical points that are MUST in order to get the highest ranking. The only thing that is required to be done by affiliate is to add unique content and constantly update website with fresh news from the industry.

You are also managing another interesting project. How was AffPapa created and what is the idea behind that makes him unique? How many online casino affiliates and operators have joined up to now?


AffPapa is a very special project that I’m very proud of. It seems like a never-ending praise almost, but it is, truly, a website that is unlike others. Our thought process was how to we create a platform that is simple, quick, effective, aesthetically pleasing (because oh well! Who doesn’t like a beautifully designed website?) and most importantly a place where people find what they’re looking for. So, we came up with a platform that connects affiliates and operators, and makes their “hunting” (as we like to call it) process enjoyable.

Up to now we have over 300 affiliates and those numbers have been growing very swiftly. On the operators side we already have industry leaders such as LeoVegas, PariMatch, 1XBet, BetWinner, VBet, MelBet on board.

What is the most challenging and the most exciting part of working in the affiliate gambling industry?


For me personally, the most exciting part is seeing our clients succeeding and getting a good use out of AffPapa. I love getting feedbacks from our operators and affiliates telling us how much they like the platform, or how useful it is. We even had people thanking us for taking a chance and proceeding with this idea, and making it a reality. That always warms my heart.

When it comes to the challenges the most important thing to do is to keep your clients satisfied. For that reason, we have one simple rule to follow – listen to clients and implement what they need in order to succeed. Once you do that there will be no more challenges.

What are the biggest challenges for new online casino affiliates to join the industry? Which 3 best tips you can share with our audience about smooth and successful start in this industry?


Affiliate industry is quite dense these days. You need to work truly hard in order to leave you footprint in this field. But it is not impossible of course – we have seen many successful cases and constant appearance of new rising stars is the proof of that. I’d suggest following tips:

  • Create fresh content that is different from what your competitors do
  • Make sure you can rely on the technical side of your project – website speed, competent SEO, user-friendly interface etc.
  • Have patience

Why do you think that the affiliate industry is getting late in adapting blockchain and crypto, even if they see the benefits and opportunities in terms of tracking, transparency etc.?


The problem lies in the fact that people didn’t get used to operations with cryptos yet and it is not about affiliate or iGaming industry but in the generic world. You can’t keep your funds only in BTC and go out with confidence that you will be able to cover all your expenses with that wallet unlike credit cards. However, I really do hope that we will witness how crypto becomes regulated and only after that there will be a chance for it to become mainstream.

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