CSGO Empire Match Betting Odds Explained

Csgo Empire Match Betting Odds

Want to start wagering on CSGO Empire Match Bets but not sure how? We’ve got you covered as we take a closer look on the CSGO Empire Match Betting odds.

CSGO Empire adds a new flavor to online gambling. From its skin-based roulette game to its provably fair CoinFlip game and its SuperShoouout game in beta testing phase, CSGO Empire has indeed come a long way. But it is through Match Betting that this premier CSGO gambling platform shines the brightest—clearly a must-try for esports betting fans. But before starting your journey in CSGO Empire Match Betting, it is important to first explore and understand what odds are and how odds work on CSGO Empire Match Betting.

What are Sports Betting Odds?

  • Betting odds determine the probability of an event to occur in relation to the amount of money that can be won if a bet wins.

The key takeaway here is that the potential winnings depend on the betting odds, which means that knowing on which team in an esports match to wager on is crucial. And this all boils down to understanding how betting odds work.

CSGO Empire Match Betting Matches

How Do CSGO Empire Odds Work?

CSGO Empire Match Betting is an esports betting platform that covers esports events for CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, and more. Bettors can expect to find matches from popular esports tournaments and leagues for all the abovementioned games.

When it comes to the betting odds for these matches, however, CSGO Empire offers both Fractional Odds and Decimal Odds. Learn about the differences and definition between these two in order to understand how CSGO Empire odds work.

CSGO Empire Match Betting Fractional Odds

Fractional Odds

Also known as British or UK odds, Fractional odds are traditionally used in horse racing but has become one of the staple odds formats in online sportsbooks. Given that the odds are represented by A/B, the formula below is used to determine the chance of the event to happen:

B / (A+B) = Probability (%)

If a team gets a 5/1 odds of winning the match, this means there is a 16.67% chance that the team will win the match.

1 / (5+1) = 16.67%

Moreover, fractional odds determine how much can be won, following this principle: you win A for every value of B you wager. Based on the example above, a 5/1 odds mean:

You win 5 EUR for every 1 EUR you bet

Meanwhile, a 1/5 odds mean you win 1 EUR for every 5 EUR you bet. This principle also reflects the idea that a higher winning chance requires a higher bet in order to get more wins. On the other hand, betting on the underdog which gets a lower winning chance require smaller bets to win higher amounts, in the event that team or bet wins.

CSGO Empire Match Betting Decimal Odds

Decimal Odds

Between Fractional and Decimal Odds, the latter is more commonly used in online sports betting sites. Why? Because decimal odds are much easier to understand. But bettors normally still have the option to view fractional odds.

Compared to fractional odds, decimal odds do not have a formula in order to determine the chance of winning. But it is important to note that the team with a higher odd is considered as the underdog, while the team with a lower odd has the better chance at winning. With this principle, the formula below determines how much can be won:

(odds x stake) – stake = winnings

If you bet 10 EUR on the team with the 6.0 odds, this means that you will get 50 EUR if the bet or team wins.

(6.0 x 10) – 10 = 50 EUR

But if you choose to wager 10 EUR on the more popular team with the 1.5 odds, this means that you get only 5 EUR if the bet or team wins.

(1.5 x10) – 10 = 5 EUR

Based on the above calculations using decimal odds, it is clear that it is wiser to bet a larger amount on the favored team or the one that has the lower or lowest odds. In this case, you will still receive a decent amount when you win. On the contrary, betting on the underdog can be a wise strategy as you can take home a much larger amount if the bet or the team wins.

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Both Fractional Odds and Decimal Odds are available on CSGO Empire Match Betting section. Using the knowledge we have shared in this article, starting placing your bets on the various esports matches on CSGO Empire.

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