Bitcoin FAQ

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency invented by unknown person or group of people back in 2009. Bitcoin, as well as other coins like Ethereum and Litecoin are decentralized coins, which means they are not controlled or managed by any bank or governmental authority. The usage of Bitcoin can be anonymous and the transactions made with this coin are usually immediate – this what makes Bitcoin prefect for the online casino industry. Bitcoin Casino players do not need to understand the full mechanism of the Blockchain and how Bitcoin works, but do need to understand the risks by using it and the legal side of things. The Bitcoin casino industry have grown a lot in the last decade, as well as Bitcoin Poker, Bitcoin eSports and Bitcoin Lottery markets

How do I get Bitcoin?

In order to participate and play in any of the top recommended bitcoin casinos, players need to find a way to purchase Bitcoins to their wallet. Once a player is holding Bitcoin or any other Crypto Currency for Gambling, these funds can be easily transferred to the player account and you can start wager.

Today, there is a wide range of opportunities to buy and hold Bitcoin, Altcoins and any other Crypto Coins for Gambling. For holding the Coins you will need a wallet and in order to have these coins you can buy them in an online bitcoin exchange, join a free coins distribution or sign up for bitcoin faucet.

Once you hold your bitcoins and ready to play casino games, go to the best bitcoin casino cashier, choose the Bitcoin deposit method and make a transaction from your wallet to the casino wallet. Make sure you are aware of the risks as Bitcoin transaction is one way and can not be reversed.

Which Casino Games Can I Play with Bitcoin?

In the Bitcoin Casino market, just like in the online casino one, there are many games, types of games and opportunity for real entertainment. All of these games are provided by 3rd party companies, which record the games, design them, invent them and make them available for players across large networks. Among the best bitcoin casino games and the more played ones you can find

  • Slots Games – Maybe the most popular games you and find on Bitcoin Casinos. Online slots will provide you with hours of entertainment and fun, as well as offering real opportunity to win free Bitcoin and FIAT money. Decent Bitcoin casino will hold 2500 + Slots games from 15-20 different providers. Remember that playing Slots, you also have the opportunity to join free money games like progressive jackpots and Bitcoin free spins available.
  • Roulette Games – Spins the roulette is one of the oldest forms of gaming and still very popular among bitcoin casino players. You can easily choose between American, European or French roulettes, high spins, fast spins, VIP roulette tables and live dealers roulette from around the world. Make sure you are familiar with the odds and winning opportunities on the roulette table as this game is fun and addictive.
  • BlackJack Games – The most played cards game in the US and EU was and still Blackjack. When joining any Bitcoin Casino, Blackjack will be one of the first games to be offered and the first one you will play. Playing Blackjack can also be experienced via Live dealer table, where you see and can talk to the dealers and participate in a chat with the rest of the players.

More games are available for different players with different needs. Among the very wide range of games you can also find Keno, Craps, Sic Bo, Baccarat, Poker and Video Poker, Bingo and more. Keep in mind that all the bitcoin best games offered are available also on Mobile devices

Can I Play Bitcoin casino Games from USA?

Yes, Bitcoin Casinos do accept USA players, where you can find wise variety of games, bonuses and opportunities for your entertainment. Make sure you are aware of the KYC process for all players before starting to play any casino games, for USA based Casino players, you might find additional requirements. Some of the recommended Bitcoin Casinos are license in jurisdictions which do not allow them to accept USA Crypto Casino players, in these casinos you will not be able to wager. Together with Crypto Casinos for USA players, each can find bitcoin sports betting opportunities together with Crypto eSports betting and Virtual Sports, with American sports events to bet on. In addition, Poker and Lottery games are also available for USA casino players.

What is provably fair

Blockchain brought innovation to the online casino market, not only by allowing Crypto payments but also by introducing new feature called Probably fair. The term is not new to bitcoin casino players as they understand Blockchain and knows it advantages, but when old school casino players is aware of this option, he uses it right away. Provably Fairness describes Blockchain based algorithm which can be both analysed and verified for fairness of the game. It means a player can verify the result of his game, by simple process and by that to be sure that the RNG is real and not fake. provably Fair eSports Betting and Poker tournaments are also available, using the same mechanism for the players, in this case with eSports games and Poker cards.

Remember, even Provably Fair casinos can be scam and use the gap of experience with the players, to commit fraud. When you are starting to play Provably fair games, always make sure you know the operator you joined, and understand that its always better to look for the recommended bitcoin casinos and the best bitcoin gambling operators offered by rating.

Can I play Casino Games for Fee?

Bitcoin casinos and Bitcoin gambling merchants are allowing players to make a deposit to their balance with different crypto currencies and with this balance to play and entertain on the different games. In order to attract these players and engage them to start playing, many bitcoin casinos do offer free games and free opportunities both to play casino games and to win real money, with no need to make a deposit.

  • Bitcoin Free Games – in each casino, and more in the regulated bitcoin casinos, you can find almost all games, in free mode. This option will allow you to get familiar with the game, play and enjoy, learn the tips and train, before you play the casino games for real money.
  • Bitcoin Free Spins – Free Spins Bonus is one of the most common acquisition tools for bitcoin casino. Offering 10, 25, 50 free spins for new players, to get to know the game and once the player wins, he can withdrawal his earnings before placing single deposit.
  • Free Bitcoin Casino – In spite the fact it’s a competitive market with billions of Euros involved, still you can find free bitcoin casinos which are for fun only. On these free bitcoin platforms, you ill not be able to make any deposit, buy chips or fund your account, as the whole experience is free to play.
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