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Rummy is a card game that is played by discarding, melding, and laying off cards. Learn how to play this simple yet very exciting game found in Bitcoin casinos and call your friends to join.

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The game of Rummy is as old as some countries, and today it has become one of the most played games in the world by both professional gamblers and amateurs alike. Here you can find all information about Bitcoin Rummy and its variants, alongside how to have fun playing Rummy games in Bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoin Rummy games are online casino games of both skill and luck. In this text, we will introduce you to some of the basics of the Rummy game, teach you how to play online Rummy, and how to win the game with the least amount of negative points.

Bitcoin Rummy is becoming increasingly popular in Bitcoin casinos, especially since playing Rummy is not as hard as it seems. Stay with us and we will delve deep into Bitcoin Rummy games found in most Bitcoin casinos together, and go over the rules of this card game so you could play it confidently alone in no time.

What is Bitcoin Rummy?

Bitcoin Rummy is a card game people can play in online casinos. There are several variants of the game and they all feature a “draw-discard” type of card play. Rummy is a game of tactics, planning, patience, and naturally – a bit of luck. In the first round, cards are dealt to all players and the goal is, basically, to get rid of all cards in your hand.

You do that by arranging them in proper sequences and/or groups, and by laying them down in front of you. The first person to lose all the cards from their initial hand wins. Playing online Rummy is very straightforward and it is one the most popular card games in online gambling. There are two main ways you can play a Rummy game in the world of online gaming – against a computer, or a live dealer.

There are different Rummy games in a table games segment, where you play against a computer, or you can visit the live casino section and play against a live dealer and other players as well. Our advice is to go for whatever the most convenient way is for you and your play style. Keep in mind that Bitcoin casinos frequently host different tournaments including a Rummy competition with opponents from all over the world.

If you revel in such occasions and want to score cool promotions and other winnings, including cash, then you should consider entering a Rummy tournament and see for yourself how fun and exciting it is.

Quick History of Rummy

The most likely theory on the origins of Rummy is that multiple variations of Rummy games came to life in different locations across the world. According to the widely accepted theory, Rummy was invented in Spain, and back in the day, it was called conquian.

During the 19th century, the Spanish started to migrate massively and they brought Rummy to both Americas. From that point on, the game started to spread like a wildfire and quickly became very popular. Opponents to this story claim that playing Rummy has nothing to do with Europeans and Spaniards, and the game originated from Whiskey Poker, a poker variant truly similar to Rummy. The game was allegedly called Rum Poker at first, and over time it became known as simply Rummy.

The third theory is that the name came from the Brits and their slang word for odd, or strange – is called rum. They found the game to be very unusual and weird, so the name rum stuck. Some people think the name originated from the drink rum, but they are a minority in this discussion. Lastly, some firmly believe that Rummy came from, where else, China.

The similarities between Rummy and the game of Mahjong fueled this theory for a long time, since both games share some features, like drawing and discarding cards.

Variations of Rummy in Bitcoin Casinos

As soon as you enter a Bitcoin casino there will be different Rummy games to choose from. In this section, we will take a look at the most common Rummy games you can find in most Bitcoin casinos.

13 Card Bitcoin Rummy

The golden standard of the game is 13 Card Rummy. This is what everybody means when they mention a game of Bitcoin Rummy, and this type of Rummy has several derivative versions of the game.

Indian Bitcoin Rummy

This is the best overall example of the Bitcoin Rummy 13 card game and the one we talk about the most in this text. This version has a couple of sub-variants described below. This variant of the game is played with two standard decks of cards, with four printed jokers.

Pool Bitcoin Rummy

This type of Bitcoin Rummy is played until the last player gathers 201 or 101 points. Obviously, this is a longer version of the game and it can be played for hours.

Points Bitcoin Rummy

This point-based Rummy is extremely competitive and fun to play. A winner will get 0 points, and a losing opponent will calculate the points not placed in sets in his hand. The winning prize is based on the number of points accumulated by the loser.

Deals Bitcoin Rummy

In this variant played in a Bitcoin casino, all players have a predetermined amount of casino chips to bet with. At the end of each game round, a winner will take chips from the loser according to the points accumulated, and an overall winner is a person holding most of the chips.

21 Bitcoin Rummy

The main difference between 13 and 21 Bitcoin Rummy is the number of dealt cards (13 vs 21) and in the latter variant, a player needs at least three pure sequences, making it a bit harder to master and play. Another difference is a penalty system – you get a 30-point penalty for dropping out of the game before you play a hand, and a 70-point penalty if you do it after. The use of a joker is also a bit different, but more on that in the segment devoted to jokers.

Gin Bitcoin Rummy

In the Gin Rummy variant, players are dealt 10 cards instead of 13 and you can win without having a full set of valid sequences and sets, if your total value is below 10 you can knock and win your opponent. It is played by 2 to 4 people and the points are calculated between two deadwood points – one belonging to the victor, and the other belonging to the loser.

How To Play Bitcoin Rummy?

As for the rules, Rummy is played by two and up to six players. The game uses one standard deck or cards, or two, plus jokers. Players are dealt 13 cards and they all try to form sequences and sets made out of three or more cards. There are two decks in the game, an open deck and a closed one, and on his turn, a player can draw one card from one, or the other.

A top card pulled from the open deck cannot be discarded that same round. The winner is the player who makes a valid declaration first, and the loser is the player with the highest amount of points. In order to win, a player must form sequences and/or sets of cards, each consisting of at least 3 cards. A pure sequence is a string of following numbers of the same suit, while a set is a group of at least 3 cards with the same value. When used in a sequence, aces can be both the first and the last card, coming before 2, 3, 4… and after Jack, Queen, and King.

As for the card value, face cards and aces are worth 10 points, and number cards hold their face value. You can meld cards once per turn, e.g. a sequence of at least three cards in a row of the same suit, or three same-value cards. After that, you start to lay cards. For instance, in order to lay, you have to add a fourth Queen to a set of already existing three Queens.

You can lay cards on your turn repeatedly during the game. After you finish, you can discard one of your cards and put it on a discard pile. Then another player has a choice – to take the top card from the face-down deck, or to pick a card from the discard pile.

Step one - Declaration

In a classical game of Bitcoin Rummy, before you make a valid declaration you have to create a hand consisting of one of the following:

  • The entire hand is made out of sequences.
  • Two sequences and two sets.
  • Three sequences and one set.

Invalid declaration

In a game of Bitcoin Rummy, there is nothing worse than an invalid declaration. If you say it or press a button, and your hand is not set properly, bad news people – you will lose immediately. No matter if it’s a game against a friend, a dealer, or a computer, always make sure to double-check your hand before you make a declaration.

Set your Bankroll

Before you even enter a Bitcoin casino, the smart thing to do is to set your limits in advance, including the amount of money you can spend freely. Also, be prepared to leave the Bitcoin casino if you win a lot of money, and do not be tempted to stay and play cards any longer.

Remember, the more time you spend playing cards, the more you will lose in a Bitcoin casino on average. Start with the minimum deposit and see where it’ll take you. Please, play responsibly.

Find a Reputable Online Casino

This goes without saying that you have to find a reputable Bitcoin casino. Online betting for real cash is no joke, and playing in shady Bitcoin casinos can be a huge risk to your bankroll and general health. Please, play responsibly and join a well-regulated and properly licensed Bitcoin casino.

Play Only The Version of the Rummy That You Like

You can not be unhappy, frustrated, and agitated while having fun playing Gin Rummy at a Bitcoin casino. There is no such thing as a miserable winner or a player on the edge who can play responsibly, which is why we urge Bitcoin casino visitors to find a game they truly love, and only then to start betting for real.

Gaming should be fun, especially if you do it with Bitcoin, so finding a game that pleases you is mandatory if you plan to stay on top.

Jokers in Bitcoin Rummy Games

There are two types of jokers in this card game, a printed joker and a wild one. In a game of 13 Card Rummy, a printed joker is just your regular joker card found in an ordinary deck of cards. However, you can designate a wild joker by pulling a card randomly from the regular deck of cards.

Then, if a 5 of spades is randomly pulled out, all other 5 cards become jokers as well. It’s even more strange in 21 Card Rummy where players assign upper and lower jokers. For example, if a 6 of hearts is the cut-joker, the upper joker is 7 of hearts, and the lower joker is 5 of hearts.

What’s the Best Rummy Strategy?

  • Right from the beginning, try to form a pure sequence because it’s what you need to make a declaration.
  • Put cards with high point values on a discard pile, and try to gather as many low-point cards as possible. This can save you a milli-Bitcoin or two if you lose the game.
  • Do not draw cards from the discard pile if not absolutely necessary. If you draw cards from a discard pile on too many occasions, your opponent will know your cards and gaming strategy.
  • Learn how to use jokers properly, they play a very important role in a game of Bitcoin Rummy.
  • Discard high-value cards with jokers just remember that jokers can not be used in pure sequences.
  • Triple-check your hand before you make a declaration. A gaming mistake like that can cost you a lot and you can go from a clear win to a straight loss.

Playing Bitcoin Rummy For Free

As a rule of thumb, we advise new players to engage in a free game of Bitcoin Rummy whenever possible, because mastering a game is an essential part of winning big Bitcoin casinos. Find a well-regulated Bitcoin casino where Bitcoin Rummy is available and play it for free in the table games section.

It’s a card game versus a computer where you can learn all the rules, betting system, how to place a bet and to handle your winnings. Sadly, most Bitcoin casinos will not let you play Bitcoin Rummy in a live casino environment, against a live dealer.

Our advice is to enter a Bitcoin casino first, master the card game in demo mode, and use Bitcoin in a live casino only after you are familiar with all the rules and betting.

Online Rummy Bonuses

Claiming welcome bonuses and even exclusive bonuses is an essential part of online gaming. Apart from symbolic incentives like no-deposit bonuses, they all require a minimum deposit in order to produce some benefits, like bonus money, free spins on slots, cash prizes, etc.

If you are in a Bitcoin casino, always try to claim a bonus indexed in cryptos because those kinds of rewards tend to be the best all around. If a Bitcoin casino has no Bitcoin or crypto offers, go for the bonus with the highest amount of money, and the lowest wagering possible.

In addition, try to find a Bitcoin casino that will let you play live casino games with an active Bitcoin bonus, as well as casinos with the highest wagering contribution percentage for Bitcoin Rummy games.

Rummy Wagering and Wagering Contributions

Wagering is most certainly the nastiest thing that players will experience in a Bitcoin casino. Wagering forces casino players to bet up to a certain amount in order to resolve their wagering requirements, complete the bonus offer, and after it’s done – claim another exclusive bonus and start making withdrawals.

Wagering is presented in a form of a multiplier and they are a crucial part of almost every casino bonus offer and incentive. For example, when you claim a $100 welcome bonus that comes with a wagering of 50x, that means you have to place bets worth $5,000 total (50 x $100) before you can start withdrawing your money, or activate another bonus offer, or play some casino games that are restricted for players with an active bonus.

Bonus wagering differs depending on the bonus, but on average, most welcome bonuses have a wagering of 40 times the bonus amount of money. Anything above is quite hard and unfriendly towards players while wagering lower than 40x bonus amount is considered lenient. Just don’t be fooled by wagering that multiplies BOTH bonus AND deposit money.

Why are they so important?

A wagering contribution is a term that describes how effective a particular Bitcoin game is when it comes to fulfilling your wagering requirements. Let’s use the example from above, and assume you just took a casino bonus worth $100 and you have to place bets worth $5,000 in total to put an end to your wagering.

Casino slots have the best wagering contribution, a full 100%, which means that every single dollar you put on slot machines contributes to your rollover with 100% value – in this case, $1. This is because slots have the highest house edge of all games, and casinos are doing their best to force players into slots before anything else. Bad news for Rummy players, that’s for sure, and here’s why. Rummy is a different story altogether.

Being a table game by design, it has better odds than a slot game and a much lower house edge, so casinos try to mitigate this by assigning lower wagering contributions to all table games, while in some cases live casino games are totally restricted to play with an active bonus of any sort. So, let’s be optimistic and say that your Rummy bets contribute 20% towards the wagering of 50 times the bonus (50 x $100) as in the example listed above.

That means you will have to place bets worth $25,000 in order to finish the wagering on a petty $100 bonus, which is quite a lot if you ask us. In that case, if paired with a 100% match bonus offer, anything above 20 is too steep for our taste.

Bitcoin Rummy Banking

Once you are finished with the betting table, and you managed to win real money in whatever currency, you need to collect your winning bets using one of the banking services supported by the casino. You should go with casinos that support the most reliable banking services, but since we are talking about Bitcoin casinos, here are a couple of reminders.

Before you link your Bitcoin wallet to a casino, check what kind of crypto casino it is. They come in two types – true crypto casinos and hybrid crypto casinos.

Pure vs Hybrid Crypto Casino

A pure crypto casino will accept nothing but cryptos, period. You can make deposits using Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptos, and the same goes for withdrawals – you can pull out cryptos from the casino to your Bitcoin/crypto wallet, and usually, there’s no transaction fee whatsoever.

A hybrid crypto casino will accept fiat currencies but it will convert them into cryptos of your choice. Once you are ready for a withdrawal, and you don’t have a crypto wallet, a hybrid crypto casino will convert your cryptos again, this time in real money, and send it to you via your preferred payment method, usually credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

How to Choose the Best Rummy Bitcoin Casino?

There are several key factors you must consider before choosing a Bitcoin casino, old or new casino, that will best fit your needs and play style. This is Bitcoin Rummy we are talking about, so this is what you have to pay attention to. Finding a reliable and trusted Bitcoin casino is priority number one.

Next, a Bitcoin casino should feature multiple Rummy variants, both in table games and live casino sections. It is extremely important to locate the right game, made by a reputable game provider, so you could have fun playing it. If your country is not blacklisted, turn your focus to bonuses, wagering, and wagering contributions.

Naturally, you should claim bonuses with the highest amount of bonus money, but make sure not to neglect the wagering requirements, because it is more lucrative in the long run to have a lower bonus and wagering, than the other way around. If possible, find exclusive bonuses for Bitcoin players and similar crypto promotions, because they offer the most generous funds and conditions.

With that in mind, make sure you can play Rummy live with an active bonus, and choose a casino with the highest table games/Rummy wagering contribution there is. You will also need 24/7 live chat with excellent client support, as well as reliable banking methods if you prefer playing online Rummy with fiat currency.

If you are in a true Bitcoin casino, your crypto-wallet will handle transactions with ease. Please, play responsibly!


  • How to win at Rummy?

    Your top priority is to meld a pure sequence first, then keep track of cards your opponent discarded and picked, do not give your opponent a card they need, discard high and face value cards one by one to lower your points at the end of the game, and use jokers and wild cards extremely clever.

  • How to join a Bitcoin Rummy tournament?

    First, you should hone your skills playing a free tournament or two, and only then join a tournament for Bitcoin and real cash. After you sign up, enter the game lobby and select the event of your liking, it can be a daily, weekly, monthly, or any other competition, but be aware you will have to pay the admission fee in order to get in.

  • Are jokers really that important in a game of Bitcoin Rummy?

    Yes, they are extremely important, both in a Bitcoin casino and a card game between friends. In fact, one might think that the whole game revolves around the smart use of jokers, printed or wild.

  • What are the most important cards, apart from jokers?

    They are called mid-value cards, namely 6, 7, and 8. Those cards are super-valuable because they are very easy to meld. As for the other cards, the lower value cards like 2, 3, and 4 can also be used to form melds easily.

    Just be careful if your remaining cards consist mostly of high-value cards since they can annihilate your game score. And remember that an ace counts as one.

  • Should I pick from the discard pile or a face-down deck?

    Try avoiding the discard pile. One card is okay, but If you draw too many cards out of it, the other players, or a Bitcoin casino dealer, will know what you’re holding, and that’s not a good strategy if you want to win.

  • Can you fold in a game of Rummy in an online casino?

    Yes, you can fold and it’s called a knock. You will need a hand made out of only unmatched cards with a total value of 10 or fewer. If one or more players have less deadwood than you, the one with the lowest soccer is given the difference between each score.

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