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The critical piece of the online gambling puzzle is which Bitcoin casino payment methods are available. Click on your preferred payment method below and find the best crypto casino for you!


Choose The Right Payment Method

online casino payment options

Before you sink your teeth into online gambling, there are certain policy issues to consider. Things like anti-money laundering and how payment systems work should come to mind. But the main issue online gamblers face is this: Does the casino accept your preferred payment method?

Here we’ll answer all the questions, including what are some of the most popular casino payment methods available to Bitcoin casino players. Online gambling payment methods may seem complex, but we’ve digested everything so you can find Bitcoin gambling sites that work best for YOU.

How to Deposit Money for Online Gambling

On paper, there are a lot of online payment methods players can use in a crypto casino. But don’t be discouraged by that. We’ve boiled everything down to these 6 types of payment providers:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Credit and debit cards
  • E-wallets
  • Bank transfers
  • Prepaid cards
  • Pay-by-phone

Recommended Online Casino Payment Options

Bitcoin casinos


Not putting cryptocurrency at the top of the list wouldn’t be true to our cause. No banks involved. Personal information remains confidential with each transaction. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple – all cryptos are fast and one of the most secure online casino payment methods to date.

skrill casinos


This is one of the most widely accepted e-wallets at online casinos. Even though each transaction requires paying a small transfer fee, Skrill is fast, reliable, and very safe to use. It’s considered one of the most effective methods when it comes to depositing real money.

ecopayz casinos


Even though Skrill is the preferred banking method, it’s hard to deny the fact that ecoPayz is among the best choices of online casino deposit methods. Bitcoin casinos that accept e-wallets will usually include ecoPayz on the list because it’s quite a reliable and easy-to-use payment method.

paysafecard casinos


If you are looking for another payment method that doesn’t involve banks, Paysafecard should be your go-to option. These cards can be bought at your local newsagents and discarded at any given moment (or top them up again). The only issue with Paysafecard is that they are good for depositing money only (withdrawing funds is impossible).

trustly casinos


Besides the possibility to make deposits and withdrawals instantaneously, Trustly also spares users from having to create a new account at new online casinos. Many Bitcoin casinos that accept Trustly have an instant play option where you can link your Trustly account to your casino account.

How We Rate The Best Online Casino Payment Methods

Today’s online casino gambling industry is teeming with scammers and sub-par bonus offers. Whenever online gambling sites fail to live up to our expectations or continuously undermine the trust of customers, casino review scores drop. Essentially, we rate online casino transactions based on 5 key factors:

  1. Fast deposits and withdrawals. One of the most important factors of any online banking method is speed. While most online casino deposits are instantaneous, withdrawal speeds vary. Some payment methods (such as credit cards) are notorious for taking up to 5 business days to process your withdrawal while bank transfers can take even longer. Just like most players, we too get impatient when waiting for withdrawals to finalize, which directly affects the rating.
  2. Promotions and bonuses. Nothing draws in new players like online casino sites with enticing bonuses and promotions. If a casino grants an exclusive welcome offer that gives players a leg up when playing casino games, we make sure to commend it. Welcome bonuses and other promotions can also be tied to specific payment methods such as cryptocurrency. In that case, we analyze the bonus, check the wagering requirements, and provide players with the crucial details.
  3. Online security and privacy. No amount of bonuses and fast withdrawals matter unless the online casino is well-protected. We take privacy and security very seriously so if an online casino is lacking in any of these two areas, we will clock it. Online gambling payments are no joke and you can never be too safe when real money is involved.
  4. Mobile play. An increasing number of players like to access casino accounts from their phones rather than their PCs. Particularly, PC and Mobile phones don’t always perform the same way (and don’t have the same level of security), which may explain why mobile play is a whole other genre of online gambling. The best online casinos should work without crashes or lags on mobile devices, just as they would when accessed from a PC.
  5. Boku availability. Sometimes we find ourselves short on funds and unable to make a deposit. Fortunately, Boku can be of tremendous help in those situations. Boku ensures customers can deposit money using their mobile phone that will later appear on their monthly phone bill. It’s as simple as paying for parking, only you can use it to play real money casino games too. Just don’t be surprised if your monthly phone bill is higher than usual.

Crypto Payments

casino payment methods

From security and anonymity to bonuses and fast transactions, Bitcoin gambling is a whole new ballgame. Traditional casinos are often hit with regulations regarding fiat currencies – and this is where virtual money takes the cake since government regulations don’t apply to them.

Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin casinos are trending these days. Highly volatile, extremely valuable, completely anonymous, and absolutely perfect for making deposits and withdrawals from a casino. Entering the crypto market isn’t as complex as it may seem and Bitcoins are a great place to start. A lot of casinos accept Bitcoin as a chosen deposit method and acquiring them has never been easier.

Ethereum Casino

Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum is another great cryptocurrency for making deposits. In fact, most casinos that accept Bitcoins will most likely also accept Ethereum. The process of making and receiving funds is pretty much the same as using Bitcoin. The cool thing about Ethereum casino sites is that you don’t have to spend too much money to buy this coin.

Litecoin Casino

They are identical to Bitcoin in every single way, except in terms of popularity. While the current price of a single Bitcoin reaches thousands of dollars, Litecoin is humbly sitting at mere hundreds. Despite the price, this is still a very stable cryptocurrency and Litecoin casino sites don’t require spending a fortune to enjoy yourself.

Ripple Casino

Ripple (XRP) is known as a cryptocurrency for businesses. While not as valuable as other cryptocurrencies, it is stable and showing signs of steady growth for quite some time now. More importantly, an increasing number of cryptocurrency online casinos list Ripple among acceptable banking options.

Solana Casino

There are two reasons why Solana (SOL) has become so popular: First, its blockchain is lightning-fast, processing transactions in mere seconds. The other reason is the fact that the platform itself got a lot of support from the NFT space. With such potential, Solana casino sites might be the next best thing for crypto gambling.

Cardano Casino

Named after Ada Lovelace – history’s first computer programmer – Cardano or ADA is a scalable, peer-reviewed coin that is considered to be much less harmful to the environment than mainstream alternatives. In other words, if you’re into gambling and prefer a more sustainable approach, a Cardano Casino might just cut it.

Tether Casino

What makes Tether (USDT) so widely accepted is the fact that it’s pegged to the US dollar. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, there are fewer price fluctuations making USDT the ideal coin for exchanging crypto winnings into fiat money. So pick your favorite Tether casino and you can say goodbye to unpredictable market price swings.

Bitcoin Casinos That Accept Credit And Debit Cards

credit card casino

Credit and debit cards are the most popular payment methods. Chances are that every adult has at least one credit or debit card in their pocket. In other words, it is highly likely that people have used them to make online payments at least once in their lives.

This may explain why most Bitcoin casinos will accept at least one type of credit card. Using your credit card to make online gambling deposits (and withdrawals) is as simple as entering your 16-digit code, expiration date, CVC number, and confirming the transaction. Afterward, you can save your credentials and make each new deposit almost instantly.

Bitcoin casinos that accept Visa and Visa Electron

Visa is currently the most popular credit card company in the world, hands down. Virtually every single online casino accepts Visa (at least for depositing funds). Even Bitcoin casinos that are synonymous with crypto gambling still accept Visa payments, just be careful – some countries do not support Visa for online gambling transactions. Depending on where you live, you might be forced to choose a different casino deposit method.

While most Visa casino sites won’t charge a fee for depositing and withdrawing funds, some might charge a small percentage fee with each transaction. Yet in terms of withdrawing funds, Visa cards tend to be on the slow side.

Each withdrawal can take a couple of days (5 at the most). Just like a regular Visa, Visa Electron is also a viable payment method for players to deposit and withdraw their funds.

While regular Visas usually work using local currency, Visa Electron is widely used for storing foreign currency. A downside to using either Visa Electron or regular VIsa is that it leaves a clear trace on your bank account that some regions may decide to tax (if they look into your account).

Bitcoin casinos that accept Mastercard and Maestro

Arguably, the second most popular credit card company in the world, Mastercard cards are one of the best casino payment methods in the world. Mastercard and Maestro work on the same principle as Visa cards. Unfortunately, this includes the drawbacks at a Mastercard casino, too – transaction fees, waiting times, bank account visibility, etc.

Maestro cards are a subsidiary of Mastercard. These cards function the same as their parent company but Maestro cards are more commonly used as debit cards. Unfortunately, Maestro cards are the least accepted out of all the credit card companies.

Bitcoin Casinos That Accept E-Wallets

e wallet casino

Unless you are playing at Bitcoin casinos, we highly recommend you use e-wallets as payment methods or at least give them the benefit of the doubt. E-wallets act as middlemen between the casino and the player’s account so charging a fee for each transaction is common.

Despite this, the services they offer are too valuable to be ignored. Not only do e-wallets provide heightened security and offer many solutions if things turn south (including full refunds).

PayPal Casino

PayPal is the most popular e-wallet for online transactions. But an online casino that accepts PayPal has its downsides, such as high transaction fees. While its security cannot be denied, Paypal charges both senders and recipients transaction fees and Bitcoin casinos aren’t always keen on accepting them.

Even though it’s our favorite payment method for online transactions in general, PayPal isn’t necessarily among the best withdrawal methods due to fees imposed on online deposits and withdrawals.

Paysafecard Casino

If you want to start online gambling but are worried about how direct payment methods affect your bank account, then Paysafecard is probably one of the best payment methods for you.

Simply visit your local newsagents or convenience store and buy a Paysafecard. Then, enter the number on your online casino account page and you’ll add your funds. Many online casinos accept prepaid cards and Paysafecard is arguably the most popular one. Note that withdrawals are not possible in an online casino Paysafecard.

Skrill Casino

In some regions, Skrill is one of the most sought-after banking methods when dealing with casino operators. Unlike online casino real money PayPal, finding online casinos that accept Skrill is easy. But just like Paypal, Skrill provides great security, fail-safe options and, most importantly, reasonable transaction fees. Because of its reliability, a casino with Skrill as a banking option may even offer players an exclusive deposit bonus.

Neteller Casino

Neteller is our second favorite e-wallet for online gaming. Just like with Skrill, online casinos that accept Neteller aren’t too hard to find. Other than being a very reliable e-wallet, Neteller has also expanded quite a lot in recent years by adding the ability to buy and store crypto on your Neteller account. This is definitely another great payment method for playing real money casino games.

EcoPayz Casino

EcoPayz is famous for its reliability and easy-to-use interface. With an ecoPayz account, you can even have an exclusive ecoPayz Mastercard which you can use for online and offline transactions without involving a bank. It’s also another payment method that might give you extra benefits at an Ecopayz online casino, like better bonuses, should you decide to use it.

Trustly Casino

If it were more popular, Trustly would be our favorite payment method, without a doubt. Trustly is super convenient and online casinos that support Trustly are extremely popular in certain countries. Simply use your Trustly account to log into any casino that supports it and you will be ready to start playing online casino games.

The problem is that both the casino and the player’s bank need to agree to fully accept Trustly before this could be achieved. Unfortunately, not all casinos are on board with Trustly but it stands shoulder to shoulder with other payment methods.

MuchBetter Casino

Although not as popular as some other online casinos, MuchBetter is still one of the staples among casino deposit options. This easy-to-use e-wallet supports a convenient mobile phone application, as well as its own Mastercard, and provides other benefits that can help you with online transactions. Most importantly, plenty of online casinos accept MuchBetter and we’ve never run into any trouble while using it. Click on the link to learn more about MuchBetter Casino!

Prepaid Card Casinos

If you are keen on playing at certain online casinos that only accept credit cards and yet you cannot get one from the bank, there may be a solution to your problem. Prepaid credit cards have been available for quite some time now and they complement any gambling site that accepts Visa or Mastercard options.

Online casinos that accept Prepaid Visa

As we’ve already mentioned, if you don’t have your own bank-issued Visa card but need one for Bitcoin casinos, you can try getting a prepaid Visa card. These credit cards aren’t tied to any bank but they are all linked to the Visa network.

Because of this, any place that accepts Visa cards accepts prepaid cards too. This also includes online casinos and they won’t have a problem with prepaid cards, as long as they receive the funds in the end.

Online casinos that accept prepaid Mastercard

Just like Visa, prepaid Mastercard is also accepted everywhere where the regular card is accepted too. This prepaid debit card will also work with online casinos that accept Mastercard as a payment method. Both the prepaid Mastercard and Visa can be bought at many gas stations, grocery stores, and newsagents.

Online casinos that accept Vanilla Mastercard

Vanilla cards are a strange breed. While Vanilla cards are also part of either Mastercard or Visa networks, their usability is very limited. For one, you cannot use them on ATMs nor can you ask for cash back from your purchases. With that said, most online casinos that accept either Visa or Mastercard payment methods won’t have a problem with Vanilla cards, so you should be good to go.

Bank Wire Transfers For Gambling

wire transfer casino

This is the least opted payment method by a mile. Bank/Wire Transfers are notorious for including everything people dislike about online payment methods. This payment option is slow, sometimes taking up to several days, expensive, and in some cases is the only available option for withdrawing money from an online casino.

Bank Transfer Casino

Regular Bank Wire transfers work by sending or receiving funds using bank accounts. This sounds fine on paper but is plagued by a slew of problems. Bank Transfer casinos are notoriously slow, taking up to 7 business days to issue money.

They also carry large transaction fees, sometimes upwards of $50 (no matter which amount you transfer). Worst of all, sometimes bank transfer is the only available method to withdraw money from online casinos (usually outdated ones). Even though this method is very safe, we cannot recommend using this unless it’s the only available payment method.

Instant Bank Transfers

Just like their name suggests, Instant Bank Transfers offer the same services that bank transfers do, except for speed. They offer instant deposits and instant withdrawals, however, they usually have the same high transaction fee that not everyone is going to be comfortable with. A bank also needs to offer Instant Bank Transfers, which aren’t available in all online banks.

eCheck Casino

Electronic Checks work really similarly to Bank Transfers. They work just like a real check except you fill them out online. While this may not be the fastest method for depositing or withdrawing money, it’s one of the most secure methods.

Even though many online casinos accept eChecks, they are becoming a little outdated among all the other modern payment methods.


Instadebit is a great method if you want to add extra anonymity to all your transactions. This payment method works without other payment options such as e-wallets. Simply link one of your e-wallets (like PayPal) and you will be ready to send money almost anonymously.

You can do the same thing by transferring money from your bank account but that process can take quite a while. Many Instadebit casinos hit the sweet spot for people who want to remain anonymous without using cryptocurrency.

Pay-By-Phone Casino Payments

online casino for mobile payment

Another great method for making casino deposits that don’t involve banks is the pay-by-phone payment method. Using this method, you can make deposits and pay for them through your mobile phone bill. It’s very similar to paying for parking spaces or sending donations via mobile phone but it does require a mobile app.

Boku Casino

Pay-by-phone gambling providers like Boku are famous in casino circles. After you create an account, you simply link your mobile phone provider along with your number and you will be ready to make casino deposits. Boku will obviously charge a small fee for each transaction.

Unfortunately, Boku isn’t the best method for receiving withdrawals as many online casinos won’t accept it for issuing withdrawals – and those that do tend to place withdrawal limits.

Payforit Casino

Payforit is another great payment method that charges your phone bill without disturbing your bank account. Unlike Boku, which does things via its app, Payforit will rely heavily on SMS confirmations. You simply select the option on your casino account and the casino will send an SMS message to your phone.

Then you confirm the message and your phone bill will be charged while you will also receive your deposit. Unfortunately, just like Boku, most online casinos won’t want to deal with issuing withdrawals through Payforit.

Zimpler Casino

Zimpler is one of the most convenient mobile-only e-wallets. It’s super simple to use and is very convenient with all of its options. Zimpler casinos also rely on confirming each of your incoming or going transactions through SMS confirmations. Because of its e-wallet nature, an increasing number of casinos accept Zimpler compared to other pay-by-phone methods.

Alternative Payments

Finally, if all else fails, players can try any of the following payment methods for making payments. Don’t get discouraged because of the term “Alternatives” because some of these payment methods are among the best and most reliable ones.

Revolut Casino

Revolut is a great all-in-one solution that can link multiple payment methods. Combine your bank accounts, e-wallets, and other accepted payment methods into one place and enjoy incredibly low transfer fees when casino play is in order.

Klarna Casino

Klarna used to be a simple Swedish bank that slowly made its way to US-friendly online casinos. One of the best features of Klarna casinos is the “pay later” and “slice it” options, which allow players to pay for their deposit later (or pay for parts of it).

Google Pay Casino

There is a very good chance that you have at least one Google account. If you also happen to have your payment information linked to your google account, you can use it to claim that new welcome bonus.

Unfortunately, not many Bitcoin casinos will accept Google Pay because of Google’s strict policy toward real-money games. However, should you come upon an online casino that accepts this payment method, it’s a very reliable way to make a deposit and claim your first casino bonus.

Bitcoin Casino Deposit and Withdrawal Fees and Limits

Depending on which payment provider you choose, there may be a transaction fee during deposits and withdrawals. These vary depending on online casinos’ terms and conditions. It is generally considered that most transactions (except bank transfers) should have no fee but some online casinos still charge a fee for some payment methods.

Below is a list of general fees and limits that players can expect when depositing and withdrawing funds at Bitcoin casinos:

cryptocurrency casino


Deposit fee: 1-3% gas fee, Minimum deposit: $10; Deposit time: Instant, Withdrawal time: 0-24h, Withdrawal transaction fee: 2-10% gas fee, Average transaction limit: $50,000

visa casino


Deposit fee: Free, Minimum deposit: $5; Deposit time: Instant, Withdrawal time: 1-5 days, Withdrawal transaction fee: $2-$5, Average transaction limit: $20,000

visa electron casino

Visa Electron

Deposit fee: Free, Minimum deposit: $5; Deposit time: Instant, Withdrawal time: 1-5 days, Withdrawal transaction fee: $2-$5, Average transaction limit: $20,000

mastercard casino


Deposit fee: Free, Minimum deposit: $5; Deposit time: Instant, Withdrawal time: 1-5 days, Withdrawal transaction fee: $2-$5, Average transaction limit: $20,000

maestro casino


Deposit fee: Free, Minimum deposit: $5; Deposit time: Instant, Withdrawal time: 1-5 days, Withdrawal transaction fee: $2-$5, Average transaction limit: $20,000

paypal casino


Deposit fee: Free, Minimum deposit: $10; Deposit time: Instant, Withdrawal time: 0-24h, Withdrawal transaction fee: 2-10%, Average transaction limit: $5,000

skrill casino


Deposit fee: Free, Minimum deposit: $10; Deposit time: Instant, Withdrawal time: 0-24h, Withdrawal transaction fee: 2-10%, Average transaction limit: $5,000

neteller casino


Deposit fee: Free, Minimum deposit: $10; Deposit time: Instant, Withdrawal time: 0-24h, Withdrawal transaction fee: 2-10%, Average transaction limit: $5,000

ecopayz casino


Deposit fee: Free, Minimum deposit: $10; Deposit time: Instant, Withdrawal time: 0-24h, Withdrawal transaction fee: 2-10%, Average transaction limit: $5,000

paysafecard casino


Deposit fee: Free, Minimum deposit: $10; Deposit time: Instant, Withdrawal time: n/a, Withdrawal transaction fee: n/a, Average transaction limit: $779

bank transfer casino

Bank/Wire Transfer

Deposit fee: Usually free, Minimum deposit: $100; Deposit time: 2-10 days, Withdrawal time: 5-28 days, Withdrawal transaction fee: depends on the bank, Average transaction limit: $50,000

Please note that all of the above-mentioned prices are only estimates. Online casinos that accept these payment methods may decide to charge you higher fees or even no fees at all.

Bitcoin Casino Account Verification Procedure

Creating an online casino account is a very simple process. To make your very first deposit and start enjoying some of your favorite table and slot games, all it takes is a couple of clicks and some basic payment information.

  1. Enter a valid e-mail address. This e-mail address will be used to confirm that a player is a real person and not an automatic bot.
  2. Enter your real name, username, and password. These are used for the account page. The username may not even be required, depending on the online casino, and its primary purpose is to be an alias during multiplayer gambling games.
  3. Enter your date of birth. We urge you not to lie about your age because it can lead to some unpleasantries should the casino discover that they are dealing with a minor.

Once all of these have been taken care of, a player will simply have to confirm their account through e-mail and they will be ready to start playing real-money gambling games. However, when it comes time to make your very first deposit, you might have to go through a rather rigorous process of providing further payment information.

Know Your Customer

For the purposes of fighting money laundering, bonus abuse, and cheating, Bitcoin casinos have introduced a procedure known as KYC (Know Your Customer). This requires players to provide additional information such as a passport, a driver’s license, or a paid utility bill.

Even though this might seem counter-intuitive for Bitcoin casinos, they are simply abiding by the rules and regulations set by governing bodies in order to prevent possible money laundering, among other things. In other words, don’t be surprised if you aren’t able to make withdrawals until you provide the casino with these documents. Other casinos may let you withdraw funds without providing KYC documentation but with certain limitations.

It’s also important to note that Bitcoin casinos have a strict one-person-per-household policy in order to prevent bonus abuse. If you happen to share an address with another casino player make sure the casino representatives are aware of that before making your first deposit/withdrawal.

Every single payment system that we mentioned here is confirmed and legitimate. We tested each and every one of these methods and, while we certainly have our favorites, they all fit the bill.

When making your very first deposit at any BTC online casino, make sure you decided on at least one of the banking methods for making online payments. We would also advise you to stay away from online casinos that don’t offer well-known payment methods and those that force you to only use one you don’t feel comfortable using (bank transfer for example).

Bitcoin Casino Payment Methods Summary

Thank you for reading our text on online casino payment options. We hope it helped you and other online casino players find a payment method that works for you. We urge you to gamble online by choosing a reputable gambling site and trusted casino operators. Stay safe and gamble responsibly!


  • How do you get paid from online gambling?

    Generally, winnings are paid back into the method you used to deposit your funds. Note that using a credit card, for instance, may only get you the same amount as you deposited, forcing you to use an alternative payment method to receive the rest.

  • How long does it take to get winnings from online casino?

    Most online casinos take about 2-4 days to get you your money. However, the average payout speed depends on the banking option the player chooses. E-wallets and cryptocurrencies often require hours, in some cases minutes even to transfer your winnings.

  • Can online casino refuses to pay out?

    In case a casino refuses to release your winnings, we suggest you make sure have met the wagering requirement before trying to withdraw again.

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