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Bitcoin Sic Bo online is a dice game variant offering a fast-paced betting action and huge wins based on an outcome of a dice roll. Simply select your favorite software provider to find the best sic bo casinos that accept cryptocurrencies.

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Welcome players, to our special little tour across one of the most exciting, thrilling casino games in the entire world – Sic Bo! There’s something about ancient Chinese games that is so captivating, and yet no one feels like those games aged badly.

Well, there is a reason why Sic Bo and other historic games are so popular even today – it’s called a test of time, and Sic Bo passed with flying colors. Follow us on a journey through this epic game, and who knows – maybe it’s your destiny to become a master of Sic Bo, with a little help from yours truly.


Compared to other casino games, Sic Bo offers a relatively low house edge, no matter what gambling site you are playing it on. It’s not as good as in a game of Blackjack, but it is still considerably better than the house edge imposed on slots and other table games. If you want to play Sic Bo all you need is a set of three regular casino dice and that’s it.

Sic Bo table is optional, but we advise rookies to play with clear visible rules and a betting layout. Always keep in mind that Sic Bo is a game of pure chance and luck. There is no skill involved, nor do you need certain talents to play it, then again, this is probably why the game is still so popular, predominantly in Asia, but it’s slowly gaining traction in the West as well.

What is Bitcoin Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a three-dice casino game based solely on luck, existing in both worlds of Bitcoin online casinos. You bet on the outcome of three six-sided dice. A dealer, or a computer, throws three dice and you win on every single number or sum you have predicted, and lose on those you haven’t. You can play Sic Bo in a live casino, against the real croupier, or you can play against a computer at top online casinos that feature Sic Bo as a table game as well.

The only difference is that a Bitcoin Sic Bo is played with cryptocurrency instead of real money, or so-called fiat currencies. Sic Bo is one of many provably fair games you can find in most Bitcoin casinos, old and new. Depending on your taste you can play it in both settings, but we advise inexperienced players to play the game first in demo mode, then against a computer, and to try live dealer games later when they accumulate enough experience.

The History of Bitcoin Sic Bo

Before we had the pleasure of playing Sic Bo online, it was a daily top pick game in some parts of Asia, predominantly south-eastern parts of the great continent. In essence, Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese dice game, that was brought back to digital life with the help of game developers such as Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and others.

Like so many games played in Bitcoin casinos of today, Sic Bo was invented by soldiers trying to have some fun while they rest and wait for orders. Historically, Sic Bo comes to life much like a game of Craps, but with a little twist. Although Sic Bo bets were similar in those days, ancient Chinese soldiers had no modern Sic Bo dice to play with, so they had to rely on rocks and bones made to look like the three dice used in modern-day Sic Bo.

Over time, Sic Bo’s betting style and the fact it’s a fun game to play slowly started to attract Westerners, and before you knew it, Sic Bo made its way to every land-based casino first, and almost every online casino later on.

Terms in Sic Bo

Before you start to play Sic Bo online, you should learn specific phrases and colloquial language so you could understand the game better and fit in a crowd perfectly.

  • Any double – You need “one pair” of the same numbers. The payout is 11 to 1.
  • Any One Number – You need a specific number. The payout is 1 to 1 for one number, 2 to 1 for two, and 12 to 1 for all three.
  • Any Triple – Or “three of a kind”. The payout is 31 to 1.
  • Birdcage – A glass container for the dice used in a Sic Bo variant.
  • Cage – A small container in which players roll the dice.
  • Chuck a Luck – Another Sic Bo variant.
  • Cup – In some Sic Bo games this is where the house keeps the dice before rolling.
  • Dai Su – Another name for Sic Bo, used in Asia.
  • Dice Face – Synonym for a specific number bet.
  • Grand Hazard – British game similar to Chuck a Luck, but with lower payouts and fewer betting options.
  • Hi-Lo – This is a Sic Bo variation that is very popular in the Philippines.
  • House Edge – A mathematical advantage, or bias, that a casino has over players. The lower it is – the better for players.
  • Lose On Any Triple – Game condition where a player loses with a three-of-a-kind, even if a prediction came true, like betting on Big and getting three 4s.
  • Lucky Dice – Another name for Sic Bo.
  • Pair Match – You are trying to guess the outcome on two out of three dice.
  • Sic Bo – It literally translates to “dice pair”, or “precious dice”.
  • Snake Eyes – A roll of two 1s, resembling the eyes of the snake, a term coined in the game of Craps.
  • Strong Bet – You are trying to guess the outcome on all three dice.
  • Tai Sai – Another name for Sic Bo, it translates to “big small”.
  • Two Faces – A player is trying to guess two numbers.
  • Weak Bet – Trying to guess the outcome on two dice out of three.
  • Yee Hah Hi – This is a Sic Bo variant very popular in Macau.

How To Play Bitcoin Sic Bo?

There are two ways you can play BTC Sic Bo on casino sites – you can opt for a table game version or Sic Bo live variant against a living croupier. It’s the same game, the only thing that’s different is the environment, game tempo, and betting dynamics. Now let’s see what you can do in order to boost your chances in a game of Sic Bo.

Set your Bankroll

You may think this is redundant, but we’ve seen it too many times – a person thinks everything is under control and the next moment that person is broke as hell. Set aside the sum of cryptos you can spend on a whim and consider them lost from the moment you start playing Sic Bo games. We advise young players to treat their casino losses as “entertainment expenses”, like going to a concert or in a pub.

Find a Reputable Online Casino

This goes without saying, but so many players disregard this step and later on, it’s usually too late to fix one of many problems unregulated casinos can cause. Be smart and play by the book, it’s the only way in the long run.

Play Only The Version of the Sic Bo That You Like

This is also crucial – pick a version of the game that you absolutely love to play. As we like to say, there is no such thing in this world as a frustrated, unhappy casino winner. If a dealer bothers you in any way, if you hate visuals or sounds, if you are annoyed by animations – leave immediately and find a game that you can enjoy playing.

How to Place Bets in a Game of Sic Bo?

Now we will deal with Sic Bo’s type of bets and how to place them. As with every casino game in history, bets with small odds yield big rewards and vice versa.

  • Single Number Bets – You are predicting that a specific number, from 1 to 6, will appear on one, two, or all three dice. The house edge on this type of bet is 7,9%.
  • Two Number Combos – In this bet, you are wagering on two dice that will land on a specific combination of numbers, for example, 5 and 2. In this case, the house edge is at 2,8%.
  • Three Number Total Bets – This is the bet where you try to guess a specific total score of all three dice. It ranges from 4 to 17 because in Sic Bo three 1s and three 6s are considered a loss. The house edge on these bets varies, and it ranges between 7,4% and 15,3%.
  • Even Bets and Odd Bets – You are wagering that the total of three dice will be an even, or odd number. Keep in mind that in case of a triple (all three dice showing the same number) this bet is cosindered to be lost, no matter the total outcome. The house edge for these bets is 2,78%.
  • Big Bets and Small Bets – In a Big Bet, you are predicting that the total value of all three dice will be between (and including) 11 to 17. Likewise, in a Small Bet, you are guessing that the total value of all three dice will be from (and including) 4 to 10. As mentioned before, in a game of Sic Bo a total of 3 and 18 is considered to be a loss in this type of situation.
  • Any Triple – You bet that all three dice will show the same number, but you are not trying to guess which number. The house edge for this bet is 13,9%.
  • Specific Doubles and Triples – In this wager, you are predicting that a specific number will appear on two, or on all three dice. The house edge for this type of bet is 11,1% and 16,2% respectively.
  • Four Number Combination – In this bet, any three of the four numbers in oe of the following combos will land 6, 5, 4, 3, or 6, 5, 3, 2, or 5, 4, 3, 2, or 4, 3, 2, 1. The house edge is 11,1%.
  • Three Single Number Combination – The dice will produce a specific combo of three different numbers. The house edge is 13,9%.
  • Specific Double and Single Combos – In this bet, you are predicting that two dice will produce a specific double, and the remaining dice will show a different, specific number. The house edge is devastating at 29,2%.

What’s the Best Sic Bo Strategy?

Truthfully, there is no such thing as Sic Bo strategy due to the fact this is a game based purely on chance, so there’s nothing to strategize. What there is, though, are bets with the lowest house edge and good odds. In that regard, nothing beats Small and Big Bets – in most cases, they pay 1:1 and have the lowest house edge.

Just bear in mind that triple sums (three 1s and three 6s) are not considered to be a small and a big bet respectively, and if you place a Small bet and all three dice land on 1s – you will lose the wager.

Playing Bitcoin Sic Bo For Free

As always, we encourage you to visit Bitcoin Sic Bo casinos and play Sic Bo for free at a virtual Sic Bo table. We do this because knowing a game well is the most important thing when playing against both a live dealer and a computer.

Almost all Bitcoin casinos will let you play Sic Bo games for free, but there is a bit of a catch. Bitcoin Sic Bo games are available for free play only in the table games casino section. You can play Bitcoin SIc Bo against the machine, but if you want to play Sic Bo and other dice games against a live dealer that can be tricky. Live dealer games are expensive to run and maintain, so playing them for free is not an option, at least it is not in most cases.

Having said that, you can always watch how other people play Sic Bo versus the live dealer, check out all the betting options like multiple bets, double bets, and learn how Sic Bo winnings roll in the real world.

Online Sic Bo Bonuses

Before you start playing Sic Bo in a Bitcoin casino, you will probably want to claim a bonus or two in a casino of your choice. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Bitcoin Sic Bo casinos will not offer you a welcome bonus, or any kind of deposit bonus for that matter, that is related directly to Sic Bo and Sic Bo variants.

However, casino sites will most definitely offer you a welcome bonus of some sort, consisting of one or more deposit bonuses, and the best online casinos will go so far as to offer you so-called crypto bonuses which are specifically designed for Bitcoin and other cryptos owners. You should definitely claim those bonuses because they are by far the best in the online gaming industry.

If you are undecided between a couple of them, take the bonus that offers the biggest amount of money, has the lowest wagering requirements, has a lot of free spins for slots, and it features relatively high wagering contribution for table games, or to be more precise – Sic Bo and dice games all together.

Sic Bo Wagering

Wagering, sometimes called a rollover, was invented by casino providers and it forces a player to place a certain amount of bets over time. Wagering has two purposes – it forces people to play more and thus leave more money to casinos, and it prevents criminals to launder money easily, and doing other illegal businesses on a particular casino site.

Wagering is indexed by a multiplier, for example, “40 times bonus amount”. In this scenario, if a player claims a welcome bonus worth $100, in order to finish the wagering he or she will have to place bets totaling some $4,000 (40 x $100). Some casinos offer more lenient wagering of 35, or even 30 times the bonus amount, while others can be truly brutal, packing wagering of 50, or even 60 times the bonus received. Free spins wagering on casino slots is calculated differently and it’s not the bonus money that is multiplied, but the free spins winnings.

Resolving your rollover is very important. After that, you can make withdrawals and claim another casino bonus of your liking, so it’s crucial to finish it ASAP.

Sic Bo Wagering Contributions

Another nasty thing you will find on all betting sites is the wagering contribution. You see, not all bets contribute the same amount towards your wagering requirements, and Sic Bo, unfortunately, does not fare well in this regard.

While slots offer a full 100% contribution, meaning every single cent of your real money bets placed on slots is accounted for, Sic Bo can get you anywhere from 0% to 25%. Let’s assume a casino granted you a welcome bonus worth $100, with a wagering of 40 times the bonus ($4,000), and Sic Bo has a wagering contribution of 10%, which means that in order to finish your wagering you have to place some $40,000 worth of bets, and for what – a petty $100 of bonus money.

This is why wagering is so important, and why you should always try to finish it quickly. The more time you spend playing games – the more likely it is for you to lose, and casinos are counting on that.

Bitcoin Sic Bo Banking

Once you are finished with the betting table, and you managed to win real money, you need to collect your winning bets using one of the banking services supported by the casino. Needless to say, you should opt for casinos that support the most reliable banking services, but since we are talking about Bitcoin casinos, a couple of reminders are warranted.

Before you link your Bitcoin wallet to a casino, check what kind of crypto casino it is. They come in two groups – group number one is so-called true crypto casinos, and the others are “hybrid crypto casinos”.

Pure vs Hybrid Crypto Casino

A pure crypto casino will accept nothing but cryptos, period. You can make deposits using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptos, and the same goes for withdrawals – you can pull out cryptos from the casino to your Bitcoin/crypto wallet, and usually, there’s no transaction fee whatsoever.

A hybrid crypto casino will accept fiat currencies (American dollar, Euro, Canadian dollar…) but it will convert them into cryptos of your choice. Once you are ready for a withdrawal, and you don’t have a crypto wallet, a hybrid crypto casino will convert your cryptos again, this time in real money, and send it to you via your preferred payment method, usually credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

How to Win at Online Sic Bo?

The key to winning is to learn Sic Bo betting odds, be lucky, and leave the casino as soon as possible. Now, you might be thinking that we are joking, and it does sound funny at a first glance, but in all seriousness, this is how you do it.

Sic Bo betting is a matter of luck alone, and as long as you know your odds, and you are willing to leave once you lost your budget, or won sufficiently, you are doing it right. The worst thing you can do is stay at the table for days and days – the more time you spend playing, the more you will lose in the long run.

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Sic Bo Casino?

This is extremely hard to judge and it depends on many, many factors. In fact, choosing the best casino is a decision so deeply personal, that such a thing, in all honesty, doesn’t exist in the world of gambling.

Having said that, what does exist in this exciting world of casinos is the best casino for YOU. Here are some of the things you can pay attention to when deciding where to register and open an account.

  • Always search for reputable online casinos, because it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to online gambling.
  • Go for licensed casinos with tight regulation, and respect the rules of a casino you play at.
  • Claim the best bonus possible in terms of bonus money, but pay attention to wagering requirements and most importantly – wagering contributions. Having a lot of bonus cash is great, but it’s useless if you can not play Bitcoin Sic Bo due to extremely limited bets contribution, or no contribution towards the wagering whatsoever.
  • As for the wagering itself, the lower – the better. We advise young players to opt for less money and lower wagering, rather than a hefty bonus with severe wagering.
  • If a crypto bonus is an option, in most cases it’s a good one so you should probably take it. Bitcoin bonuses usually offer significantly higher amounts of bonus cash, just make sure that the wagering and the time frame are acceptable.
  • Make sure to choose the casino with an impeccable live casino section, and with as many top software providers as possible. Try to join the casino that will allow you to play live casino games with an active bonus, which can be a difficult and tedious task, but it’s worth the effort.
  • It is totally up to you whether you will play in a “hybrid” or a “true” crypto casino, as long as they offer the same terms and conditions, followed by low, or no transaction fees.
  • Lastly, good customer service sometimes means the difference between winning and losing, and we urge you to engage via 24/7 live chat in times of uncertainty.
  • Please, play responsibly.


  • How do you win in a game of Sic Bo, is there a strategy?

    Sadly, there is no such thing as a Bitcoin Sic Bo game strategy per se. But there is some good news lurking around – there are a lot of articles, including this one, that analyzes the rates of risk and wagering combos. In short, you can get a piece of good advice or two on how to handle Sic Bo casinos, but to call them “strategies” would be a huge overstatement.

  • What is the house edge in Sic Bo?

    Bitcoin Sic Bo games come with a fixed house edge, and it can go as low as 2,78% on the most popular (and logical) bets. If you like to take risks, playing Sic Bo can bring the house edge to a jaw-dropping 29,2%.

  • Can I Play Sic Bo for free?

    Yes, you can, but it will most likely be a table game variant where you play against the computer. Playing Sic Bo against a live dealer usually requires real money.

  • Which Sic Bo bet pays the best?

    Obviously, the triple bet is the most lucrative and the hardest to guess.

  • Can Sic Bo dice be rigged?

    Yes, like any other dice they can be rigged, but that would hardly do any good to the dealer because players would quickly notice the anomaly and start exploiting it.

  • How many bets are there in a game of Sic Bo?

    There are eight main bet types. Some of them will give you the chance to wager on a single number, and others will let you create more complex combos. The payouts range between 1x and 180x your initial wager.

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