Binance Debit Card | Guide For Crypto Casino Players

Binance card’s selling point is that it enables real-time conversion of cryptocurrency to EUR currency as well as the possibility of spending directly from your Funding Wallet. In this guide, we’ve digested everything you need to know about Binance debit card, including how it can help you get started with crypto gambling.

What is Binance Card?

binance card review

Binance Debit card is just an ordinary Visa card linked to your Binance crypto account. But unlike your regular debit card, you do not use fiat money stored in the bank (dollars, euros, pounds…). Instead, you pay with cryptocurrencies on the spot.

Binance Visa Debit card can be used in all stores and businesses that accept Visa debit cards. The Binance Visa card has to be pre-loaded with cryptos before you can start spending them, and unlike a credit card, you cannot spend more than you have on your Binance card account.

Your Binance rewards are paid daily, and Binance does not charge any administration or transaction fees. Additionally, Binance converts your money exactly when needed so you don’t have to buy cryptos in advance and possibly lose money due to its volatility. You are entitled to an 8% cashback depending on your monthly average balance of your Binance Coin (BNB), which is also indexed in BNB.

what-is-binance-cardWith the Binance funding wallet, holding cryptos is no different than holding cash – and you can instantly use them in almost all transactions imaginable. Being one of the leaders of the crypto exchange industry, Binance joined forces with Visa to produce the Binance Visa card that combines the best of both worlds – security, ease of use, and acceptability, paired with the prospect of saving extra money on the side via cashback transactions.

Please keep in mind that third-party fees still may occur when using your Binance Debit card!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Binance Visa Card

  • Up to 8% cashback rewards on eligible purchases.
  • You can convert cryptos on demand, in real-time.
  • No monthly fees or insurance.
  • Speed, accessibility, and security.
  • Available predominantly in European countries.
  • Cashback rewards are not possible without a balance in Binance Coin.
  • Paying taxes – please check how cryptos are taxed in your country.

Why is Binance Tied to Visa Debit Card?

The company had plans to expand and collaborate with the A-list financial giant. Partnering up with Visa or any other banking colossus gained Binance access to a whopping number of users and businesses.

It’s interesting to speculate why Visa accepted this partnership. A lot of major financial services refused to dabble with cryptos due to their legendary volatility, uncertainty, and total lack of regulation. Up until 2018, banks refused to do business with crypto debit cards en général – and yet, Visa managed to flip the script. The concept of decentralization may be fading away now, but so are the volatility-induced risks associated with it.

How Does the Binance Debit Card Work?

When you store cryptos on your Physical Binance card, you do not pay vendors and service providers with cryptos. Instead, Binance card converts them into fiat currency which you can then use to direct purchases.

For instance, let’s say you have $100 worth of BNB on your physical card and you want to buy an object worth $50. As soon as you swipe your card once the seller charges you, Binance sells your $50 worth of BNB and converts it into fiat money of the same value. The same principle applies when you withdraw money from the ATM machine. Your Binance wallet should be a default wallet for storing assets and making deposits and withdrawals.

As for the Binance cardholders, they can manage their cards through the card dashboard on the Binance App and website respectively, in addition to having access to their transaction history and customer support.

How to Order and Activate a Binance Credit Card?

Binance users in eligible countries can apply for a Binance card by visiting the Binance Visa card website directly, or hovering over [Finance] and clicking [Binance Visa Card] from the top navigation bar.

To order a Binance card, you must complete Identity Verification with proof that you live in a region where Binance card is available. The application process can be digested into these 5 steps:

  1. Log in to your account and click [Get Started] on the [Binance Card] page. You will be redirected to the [Order Binance Card] page and here you can choose how your name appears on the card.
  2. Click [Next] and create a PIN for your physical Binance card. You have to select the PIN in order to make ATM withdrawals and large transactions at land-based stores. If you skip this step, the PIN will be selected automatically but you may change it later at the ATM.
  3. Confirm the delivery address for your card, which was prefilled with the address used to register at A recent utility bill with your name and address is required.
  4. Wait for an email or SMS notification.
  5. Agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cardholder Agreement, and KYC consent and click [Order] to complete the process.

Upon registration, your virtual Binance card is issued instantly and will remain valid until your physical card is activated.


Adding Binance Card to Google Pay and Samsung Pay

Google Pay

  • Open your Google Pay application and tap Add Payment Method.
  • Type in your Binance card details and number.
  • Tap Activate button. Receive the One Time Password via SMS.
  • Enter your password.
  • Receive a Success SMS.
  • You are ready for everyday purchases, no PIN code is necessary.

Samsung Pay Digital Wallet

  • Open your Samsung Pay application and tap Add Card.
  • Type in your Binance card numbers, details, and so on.
  • Receive your One Time Password and type it in.
  • Receive a Success SMS.
  • As with Google Pay, your Binance card is now added to your Samsung Pay wallet.

Apple Pay and Binance App

Unfortunately, the Binance card does not support iOS operating devices and Apple products. According to their press team, they are trying hard to make Binance cards available to Binance users with Apple phones and tablets.

Binance Card Cashback Transactions

For every purchase you make with Binance Card, the company is going to offer you a cashback. The percentage of said cashback is determined by your card level, based on the amount of BNB assets in your account. The BNB Cashback is paid daily to your funding wallet and it applies to eligible purchases only.

In order to collect your cashback every single time, we advise you to use your cashback vault and pay for goods and services using nothing but your Binance card directly. Avoid external e-wallets if you want to improve your chances of reaping the benefits of cashback as frequently as possible.

Binance card has 7 levels that determine your BNB cashback rewards:

  • Level 1: 0 BNB monthly balance – 0,1% cashback.
  • Level 2: 1 BNB – 2%.
  • Level 3: 10 BNB – 3%.
  • Level 4: 40 BNB – 4%.
  • Level 5: 100 BNB – 5%.
  • Level 6: 250 BNB – 6%.
  • Level 7: 600 BNB – 8%.

In conclusion, cashback is paid on a daily level based on your average holdings of BNB over the past month. The more BNB you have – the more cashback money you receive.

Binance Visa debit card supports 14 cryptocurrencies

binance coin bnb Binance Coin (BNB)
binance us dollar busd Binance USD (BUSD)
avalanche avax Avalanche (AVAX)
bitcoin btc Bitcoin (BTC)
cardano ada Cardano (ADA)
ethereum eth Ethereum (ETH)
lazio Lazio (LAZIO)
polkadot dot Polkadot (DOT)
porto Porto (PORTO)
ripple xrp Ripple (XRP)
santos Santos (SANTOS)
shiba inu Shiba Inu (SHIB)
supremex sxp Supremex (SXP)
tether usdt Tether (USDT)

If you want to enjoy low transaction fees and make swift ATM withdrawals using your Binance card, first you must complete identity verification. Here’s what you need and the general description of the whole process.

  • Name, address, and date of birth.
  • Install your Binance application necessary for face recognition.
  • Copy of a valid photo ID, passport, or driver’s license, along with a selfie to prove your identity.
  • As soon as you finish, you can transfer money up to €5,000 per day.

The second step is address verification. Prepare your billing statement, utility bills with an address, or similar documents. Upon address verification completion, you can withdraw funds up to €50,000 per day. If you want to raise your transaction limit please contact customer support.

Is Binance Debit Card The Ultimate Crypto Card?

Binance Credit card is a good choice if you are heavily invested in crypto holdings, online payments, and fiat currency conversion. There are a lot of cryptocurrency cards available today, and if Binance Visa card isn’t good enough for your everyday life, feel free to check other cryptocurrency cards as well.

Still, the verdict of our Binance card review is straightforward: Users get to enjoy numerous benefits compared to other Bitcoin cards. It’s backed up by Visa, and you can count on the fact that more than 60 million stores accept this card. Moreover, Binance offers a very lucrative cashback of up to 8% on every purchase you make, depending on the amount of Binance Coin you have in your wallet.

The cashback ranges from 0,1% to already mentioned 8%. Binance card supports 14 cryptos, including big-shots, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. We especially liked the real-time conversion process, which enables users to spend only as many cryptos as needed for that particular purchase. In doing so, we are not spending more crypto than necessary, and we use only up-to-date exchange values.

Binance card imposes no foreign exchange fees and you can use it at ATMs around the world. Pairing with Visa Binance card achieved an epic level of security and trust, positioning itself as one of the most sought-after crypto debit cards on the market today.


  • When can I expect to receive the physical Binance card?

    Users from supported countries can expect a physical Bonance card anywhere up to 45 days from a successful order date, depending on the country of origin. However, you do not always need a physical card in order to manage your digital assets, and right after successful identity verification, you will get your virtual card immediately.

  • How much does the Binance Crypto debit card cost?

    Using and ordering a Binance card come with zero fees, but you will be charged a €25 fee when replacing your card.

  • Where can I open my Binance account and use my Binance debit card?

    At the moment, Binance is focused on the European economic area, but Binance accounts and crypto conversion to fiat money are available in the following countries:

    • Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.
  • Can I buy things with my Binance card using installments?

    No. Your Binance card is debit-based, and you can only spend the amount of money you are storing there at the time of purchase.

  • Can Ukrainian refugees order Binance Visa debit cards?

    Yes, citizens of Ukraine can order a Binance Visa card if they are dislocated in the following countries:

    • Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.
  • How can I get the maximum cashback possible?

    If you want to max out your cashback reward up to 8%, you should always maintain a monthly average of at least 600 BNB on your Binance card account.

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