Ledger HW.1

Ledger HW.1 is a secured multi-signature hardware Bitcoin wallet. It offers different editions like classic, multi-sig, and enterprise for you to use.

Is it possible for a hardware Bitcoin wallet to be a multi-sig wallet at the same time? Lucky for you because this is possible when you use Ledger HW.1.

This Bitcoin wallet secures your account and lets you create a shared wallet with fellow users. Most users prefer this type of wallet because it requires the signature of all members before a transaction takes place. It makes sure that no unauthorized user can easily access your account.

Advantages and features of Ledger HW.1

With the tight competition in the Bitcoin wallet market, Ledger HW.1 succeeds in standing out, and this is mostly due to the features it brings to the table. This hardware wallet is convenient because of its Google Chrome extension, which allows you to connect and use this device on any computer.

Other than the PIN, this wallet also has a microchip that secures your account. Not only that, the device is equipped with a backup feature. In case the device gets lost or stolen, you can still access your account through any Ledger wallet.

Do not worry too much because the device has a feature that when the incorrect PIN is entered three times, the device immediately shuts off. This set-up makes sure that only those who know the PIN can open the wallet. Just make sure to change your account password to prevent other users from using your account.

With a lifespan of 30 years, this device has no problems when it comes to securing your account. The security features are just enough for you to even use this wallet for your Bitcoin casino wins. This Ledger wallet also allows you to create multiple shared accounts with other users. You can have one for Bitcoin dice, Bitcoin poker, or any online games that you want.

Expectations from Ledger HW.1

The features already give you the summary of what Ledger HW.1 can do as well as its difference from other wallets, but the improvements for this wallet do not stop there. To maintain its standing in the market, there will be more upgraded features that will make you enjoy using this wallet. Moreover, you can now use multi-signature software to manage your crypto currencies. You can also connect your device to any computer, be it powered by Linux, macOS, or Windows.

When you decide to buy Ledger HW.1, expect that the box also includes the instruction manual, recovery sheet, and security card. These will be helpful if you have any questions or problems with the device. This wallet might not be the cheapest wallet available, but its features will be worth its prize.

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