Interview with Jeff Kirdeikis, Founder of Uptrennd

Jeff Kirdeikis

Founder of Uptrennd

We’ve had the opportunity to talk to Uptrennd Founder Jeff Kirdeikis. He is also the host of The Bitcoin and Crypto Podcast, and the Founder of

Uptrennd does not really need an introduction. But if you still need to do it, how would you present it?


Uptrennd (1UP) is a fast-growing social media platform for web, IOS/Android (In Progress), and soon to be on-chain DAO (pending) that stands on four foundational pillars, Distribution of Wealth, Freedom of Speech, Equality of Opportunity, Data Privacy. Our focus is putting YOU first.

How many active users do you currently have on Uptrennd?


Between 50,000 – 100,000 active members monthly and our total membership sits just over 115,000.

How did you come up with the idea of its creation?


Being the founder of the Cryptocurrency Investing Network which is one of the biggest collectives with over 450,000 members across several private FB groups I started to notice Facebook were altering their algorithms making it harder for members to find the content they wanted or even just new content that was being posted and is outweighed by the more engaged/popular content when it eventually came to a point engagement dropped and we just thought surely it is time somebody created a platform that does not use your data to further their advertisement revenue while paying you nothing for that data collected, a platform content creators are valued and earn instantly without any third party attachments to their earnings, it was time somebody created a social media that put its members first.

Why should we choose Uptrennd compared to other crypto social media out there?


Uptrennd is the only platform blockchain or traditional that puts its community first and truly does value its members and their contribution to the eco-system. We actively work towards empowering people in their online passions, putting over 50% of profits back into the eco-system and a community growth fund this means we can continue delivering on new features but still able to put content creators along with funding humanitarian projects.

The last 16 months and countless testimonials of members paying for educational, medicine fees or just upgrading their laptop or mobile phone show that we can and do deliver on our promises while always building the best platform we can.

What is your biggest achievement so far in terms of community growth?


In May passed 100,000 total members and now is fast approaching 120,000, this has been achieved organically without any paid marketing. Managing to build a united community all striving for a better “social media” while in a bear market which is a huge achievement for any project/team in this space.

Who would you like to see joining the platform?


The team and I would love to see Vitalik, CZ from Binance and all the leading Crypto/Blockchain projects, builders, speakers The aim for Uptrennd is to be a medium for all crypto content creators making it the place to be if you want to get involved in this industry.

What do you think will be the next BIG thing in crypto and blockchain?


Decentralized Finance, real estate and contracts for contractors or employees will really change ownership and minimize fees, process times all because they are digital and P2P making validation much smoother and safer.

Is the gambling industry an active part of Uptrennd and what are the main discussed and most rewarded topics?


At the moment Uptrennd is yet to have much involvement in gambling however there are a few communities which members do share content about Crypto casinos and gambling as it has become quite a big part of blockchain gaming and we do have many DApps from various networks who post on Uptrennd so you can find it there too.

What is your positioning in the emerging markets and do you plan to open to a new one [add different languages]?


We do have plans to include some kind of translator and create communities for other languages however at the moment with our development priorities members do have to rely on using translators on their browser which 99% of them have built-in now, we do have the “Espanol community” which was the first one we opened and there will be more to follow in good time.

What are the marketing opportunities for a gaming/gambling brand on Uptrennd in terms of content and advertisements?


Uptrennd is growing at a fast pace with Crypto enthusiastic members from 180+ countries, from all different backgrounds so we believe Uptrennd is a great place for companies looking to grow their player base. As mentioned before there are a number of communities which cover Crypto Gaming and Gambling, we have some of the hottest DApps sharing their updates and growing their player base from all networks, Ethereum, IOST, Tron, EOS.

What are your next steps in terms of platform development?


Citizenship: This will allow the community to self-moderate giving the higher-level members more influence when it comes to upvoting/downvoting which anybody can achieve by getting to level “20” meaning quality content creators will benefit from the time they put into the platform.
Level Packs: This will allow those members who have busy lives but like to create content or just want to make the most of the upvote multiplier will be able to buy levels meaning they can still achieve the level they want to without having to be a full-time content creator.

We currently have the android app in testing and once that is finished, almost bug-free and ready to go we will see the release of that in the very near future, we are very excited to be testing and cannot wait to get them released for our community as we know many of them are patiently waiting.

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