How to Prepare for an iGaming Job Interview via Zoom

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In times of the coronavirus pandemic, the job market is in a really unique situation when it comes to thousands of people getting laid off and recruiters struggling to find a way to recruit new people.

When it comes to the iGaming industry, those circumstances have brought a lot of new users on-board to online casinos, so naturally the industry is seeking for new talents. One popular way for headhunters and HR specialists in the online casino and sports betting sectors to conduct an interview is through the video software Zoom. This software is generally used for job interviews, remote university lectures, meetings, etc.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, iGaming executives make the necessary adjustments, from conducting job interviews to holding meetings. In fact, Mr. Cosmo Currey, Global Head of Talent at Van Kaizen, said in an interview with

“The virus has forced us to work from home – A new era of working (on an industrial scale) is upon us. It will be interesting to see how businesses will respond to this and if/how their remote working policy will change post the epidemic.”

It’s free to use and usually the employer takes care of all the setup that is needed for a smooth interview process.

So, what is Zoom in detail?

It is a video conferencing software that is used for connecting remotely via video or voice-call meetings with people. It is really similar to Skype and you can always turn your video on or off but since it’s an interview, it’s highly advised to use video call.

A quick reminder: just because it’s not an in-person interview, it doesn’t mean that you can turn up in your pajamas in bed.

The very first thing that you should do is get familiar with the application: it can be downloaded as an app through Android and iOS or it can be downloaded to a computer. Once you get familiar with it, you should test your camera and microphone and choose a nice and quiet spot in your home to be in.

After you’ve done that, you should address the proper attire for the interview. It’s simple. You should wear a formal shirt and tie if you are a man. If you are a woman formal top and trousers should do the trick with light touches of makeup (don’t use bright makeup, bright clothes or distracting accessories).

Here are some tips and tricks for nailing your iGaming job interview via Zoom:

#1 Sort out your surroundings

We mentioned in the paragraph above that you should choose a good place in your home for the interview to take place. Once you do that, it is a good practice to remove any posters, bright items or personal intimate possessions that should not be in the focus of the camera. Shut any windows to eliminate noise from the outside, and make sure that your kids or pets (if you have any) are occupied, so they won’t disrupt the call.

#2 Be on-time

This is something that should be applied for any situations and not just job interviews, but it is mandatory to be on time but not too early. The second rule applies to the fact that you may enter a room that is currently used by another job seeker. Sometimes recruiters use the same room for all candidates, so enter the room 2-3 minutes early.

#3 First impressions

Always be polite and keep eye contact as much as possible. Start with little “small talk” before the questions, so you can ease the tension and get to know the person on the other side of the screen. It might be unnerving but in just the first few minutes of your call, the recruiter already knows if you are suitable for their team or not.

#4 Prepare answers

Think about all the general questions that come up during interviews of any kind. There might be some that are regarding your background: for example, why you chose iGaming if you have been an IT specialist or why you left your previous job so soon. You have to sound calm and sure of your answers. Practice in front of a mirror, with somebody or record yourself on the camera and adjust accordingly afterwards.

If you have previous experience in iGaming or share it as a passion, you have to consider adding that to your answers. HR specialists are really looking forward to iGaming passionate people.

To further ensure that you have the essential knowledge that will help you get the position, you can enroll in online courses about online gaming and online gambling offered by iGaming Academy. Ms. Becky Abela-Spearing, Head of Client Services at iGaming Academy, said in a interview:

“Our Award In iGaming course is ideal for those looking to get a better understanding of the foundation of the industry or even for those looking to get into gaming for the first time. The course spans across 8 weeks and covers everything from an introduction to the industry, to online sports betting and online casino management, to compliance. The full classroom course is also MQF Level 4 accredited (which is the equivalent of a diploma) and as such, it is the first of its kind in Europe. “

#5 Have some questions written

Employers hire people who ask questions. It is bizarre to think of this as just as important as answering, but it shows that you are looking forward to joining their team and want to know as much as possible for the company and position. This is something that relates to every industry.

#6 Prepare your outfit

We mentioned several times that your appearance is key to nailing the interview, so it doesn’t hurt if you prepare your outfit the evening before: iron it and pop it on a hanger.

#7 Speak clearly and slowly

Being confident is important for any interview and sounding confident is just the start. Talk clearly and slowly since the connection can break at times and you have to be understood. Don’t rush your answers and questions and be relaxed. We know it’s easier said than done but with thorough preparation, you can minimize the pressure.

#8 Body language

Things to avoid are tapping your feet, hands, clenching your jaw or slouching on your chair. Such movements indicate that you are tense

Direct eye contact is also important, so avoid looking at yourself in the camera and focus on looking at the person. This way it will feel like a real interview.

#9 Double check the time, date, and time zone

You should always check those three details for your interview, so you don’t turn up at the wrong date or time. Put it in your Google Calendar and never assume that the time is in your time zone. If you are being interviewed by a large iGaming company, it is likely to be interviewed by an office that is out of your time zone.

#10 Research the company, be honest and be prepared for the unexpected

Here are some tiny bits and bops that we gathered for you, so you can nail that iGaming job interview. It’s common knowledge but it is still good advice to research the company that you are applying for. Research what type of iGaming company it is: what online casinos does it own, what your role would be within their platforms, what software providers are they working with, how long have they been around in the market, and more. Go on their website, go on their social media or blogs, and get familiar. Second tip is to be honest and don’t lie about your qualifications or background because everything will come to light, once you start working.

Third tip is to always be prepared for unusual questions or scenarios that the interviewer might put in, whilst the process is going. Don’t panic, breathe and give your best answer. You can also google what type of questions are considered (unexpected).


To sum up, going to an interview for an iGaming position is no different than any other industries, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t tailor your approach to the interview. iGaming is booming with new job opportunities and if any of them spark your interest, you should have a “go” with our handy-dandy tips.

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