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iGaming is an enormous industry with many opportunities for the business and individually for players worldwide. Having access to the latest news, updates, events, and so much more brings inevitably the iGaming community together.

Bitcoin and general crypto casinos become more and more popular among the gaming audience and are looking for attracting wider general audience, especially in the current #StayAtHome situation.

But what is always important for a business is where your content is placed. Of course, you can list your project on multiple websites and this is absolutely a big part of your traffic building campaign. But valuable content and partnership with the biggest players in the market will consolidate the trust within your players and help you for the long ride.

iGaming media outlets are the fuel that drives all local and global iGaming events, shines a light on new or established online casinos, reports the dynamic of the sector, and lets the community have a voice of its own. iGaming media can be specialized in a certain region of the sector like affiliate marketing or be entirely focused on news, analysis, casino bonuses etc.

On the quest of finding some of the most popular and wholesome media outlets, here is our editorial choice this March for the top 5 best online sources for iGaming news – both for business and players – to check with the morning coffee.

Gaming Intelligence

Gaming Intelligence is a website dedicated to the business side of iGaming. It covers analysis of developments that impact stakeholders within the industry, and with its sister publication outlet GIQ Magazine provides a key tool for everyone holding the business in their hands.

The team behind both the magazine and the website is highly skilled of analyzing and providing knowledge for online gaming, marketing, law, risk management, and many other crucial topics for the business.

Its known to be one of the biggest media outlets for the decision makers in the industry. Its Hot 50 is the place where everyone in the iGaming industry wants to be quoted – as it is a celebration of the most innovative and inspiring people working in the betting and gaming industry worldwide

Gaming Intelligence Awards is to follow every year as it gives you an excellent map of the evolution of the gambling and betting industry.

For the job seekers, there is a job offer category with most of the latest opened positions in the market listed. Applicants during the coronavirus pandemic, however, must learn how to prepare for iGaming job interviews using Zoom as more companies adjust and opt to conduct interviews this way.

iGaming Business

​iGaming Business has been around for over 10 years! Can you imagine? The company is widely recognized for providing high level information for the iGaming industry through media channels like events, websites, magazines, etc. Over 25,000 executives offline and 75,000 online read and learn about iGaming like never before.

One of the most distinguishing facts about iGaming Business is that it is so well written for the reader and not for advertising purposes whatsoever. This leads to high quality news and information on iGaming.

The company has regular podcasts and webinars such as un upcoming webinar on 7 April 2020 on the topic of Sports betting without live sports, and podcasts with influential people in the iGaming industry sharing their expertise and opinion. Their publications include iGaming Business Magazine (iGB), iGaming Business North America, European Gaming Lawyer, and Marketplace. Their iGaming Business Magazine is one of the most vocal, expressive, and colorful media that touches upon recent events such as interviews, socially-related topics, etc.

IGaming Business hosts one of the biggest summits “iGB Affiliate” and this year the dates are 14-17 July 2020 in Amsterdam and from 19-22 October 2020 in Berlin. These events bring together affiliate programs worldwide.

Gambling Insider

Gambling Insider is the premium media for in-depth analysis of the iGaming industry. Their selection of news cover sports betting, online gaming, analysis reports, etc. They have quite a variety of content such as their monthly edition of “Trafficology” where articles on tips for generating traffic, affiliate marketing and such are posted, as well as interviews with influential people.

Gambling Insider has a “GI Friday” issue coming out every week with summarizing what the current week brought to iGaming.

Then you can always dip inside “GI Magazine” which is a monthly issue and shines a light on recent and upcoming events in the industry, commentary, etc.

GI has a podcast “The GI Huddle Podcast” if you don’t have the time to read. The latest podcast is on the topic of gaming industry conferences and how they can be improved in the future.

eGaming Review

eGaming Review is one of the best and most respected publication medias when it comes to online gaming, news, interviews, etc.

The media provides the industry with top-notch market sources and updates. EGR Global (eGaming Review) is the leading B2B publishing outlet that features stories behind the most influential people in the industry, breaking news, opinion and up-to-date insights on bigger issues that the industry faces, sports betting, decentralized casinos, bingo, poker and affiliates, as well as specialist reports such as jurisdictions and payments.

EGR has a portfolio of upcoming award events (20.05.2020 EGR North America Awards 2020), briefings (20.05.2020 EGR North America East Coast Briefing 2020), summits (02.07.2020 EGR US Power Summit 2020), and webinars (02.04.2020 EGR Weekly Virtual Series).

Their most recent webinars that you can watch is on the topic of What merchants need to know – a joint webinar by SafeCharge, a Nuvei company and Visa.

EGR’s publications include EGR Intel which you can read every month for even more updates on the iGaming industry.

EGR also has a Top 50 chart every year where the media collects some of the best 50 companies that have made their name well known throughout the year.


CalvinAyre is leading iGaming news website founded by the Bodog brand creator Calvin Ayre. The website offers a range of news, interviews, events, opinions all in the name of expanding and making the iGaming industry come together.

The website offers analysis, insights and informed opinions on everything that affects the industry (business, poker, casino, sports, BTC, etc). Its main intention is to start a dialogue and to share knowledge with others.

Apart from showcasing every event and piece of news in the iGaming and crypto industry, Calvin Ayre has a special cause that is called “The Calvin Ayre Foundation” which is an independent charitable giving organization, based in the island of Antigua, West Indies. Its mission is to help out communities and fight poverty, embrace education, and empower men, women, children, and animals everywhere. They are teaming up with youth organizations around to world to make a difference.

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The iGaming industry sure is lucky to have so many good news outlets that provide high quality, structured and educational content for all sides of the industry. Not only is the sector expanding every day but there are multiple medias to cover that and spread it across the world to all to see.

So whether you like playing esports and want to know what’s the latest or enjoy betting with crypto online, you can always have a reliable handful of medias to fill up your spare time of the day at home.

Moreover, iGaming media aspirants who want to broaden their knowledge can take the online courses offered by iGaming Academcy. Ms. Becky Abela-Spearing, Head of Client Services at iGaming Academy, shared with in an exclusive interview how businesses and individuals can benefit from the top-notch online courses they offer for online gaming and online gambling.

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