How Does the Future of Crypto Casinos in the Metaverse Look Like?

Metaverse Crypto Casinos

Metaverse is the next frontier, a three-dimensional realization of the internet that offers a new and immersive reality wherein crypto casinos can potentially thrive, too.

What is the Metaverse?

The term Metaverse is based on a concept that has been existing in books and films for decades. It pertains to the idea of a new world—augmented and virtual—where individuals can set up their own avatars and perform normal things like earn, trade, and even play casino games as one normally would but within a safe, simulated environment. Think Ready Player One, with its vibrant and interactive world.

If you’ve just heard about it, then you have Mark Zuckerberg to thank for that. The metaverse concept only recently found its way into the mainstream when Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s rebranding to Meta and revealed plans to create their own metaverse.

But do know that there are other companies like Google and Microsoft that share this vision, too. In fact, some metaverses already exist as we speak. Take Decentraland as an example which was launched as a virtual world by Decentral Games in 2017. There is also Sandbox which also highlights blockchain technology.

What You Need to Enter the Metaverse

But before you get excited about living a new life inside the metaverse, do know that there are key things, other than internet connection, that you must have, such as the following:

Metaverse Requirements

VR Headset – If you have in mind the popular simulation game The Sims, then you’re halfway there. But the one major difference of playing your avatar in The Sims and in the metaverse is yourself. By using a VR headset and controllers, you get to be virtually present inside the metaverse and watch your real-life actions unfold right before your eyes in your new reality.

Computer Hardware – You’d need to have your VR headset connected to a computer, preferably a powerful one that is capable of handling high-end graphics and demand. But with rumors that tech giants like Apple developing their own VR headsets, along with the fact that newer iPhone and iPad devices already have AR support, there’s a possibility that mobile devices will soon be able to manage this task single-handedly.

Cryptocurrency – Whether you like it or not, cryptocurrencies will rule in the metaverse. Your fiat money will only be good for purchasing crypto that you can use in the virtual world. There are also talks that you can use non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as was shared by Zuckerberg, as your currency in Meta’s own metaverse.

Make sure you have all these and you’re ready to enter your new virtual world!

Future of Crypto Casinos in the Metaverse

Now is there truly a future for crypto casinos in the metaverse? The simple answer is yes.

In fact, just last year, Atari partnered with Decentral Games to set up a virtual Ethereum casino in Decentraland’s Vegas City. This virtual crypto casino will be built on a 20-parcel estate in Vegas City’s Casino Quarter. Players can use MANA, Decentraland’s cryptocurrency; DAI, a stablecoin, and ATRI, Atari’s very own token.

With the Atari Casino in Decentraland, it’s not impossible for other iGaming companies to build their own crypto casinos in any metaverse they choose. And setting up one may not be too different from launching a new online Bitcoin casino. The only difference is that the companies are establishing their metaverse crypto casinos in what is believed to be the future of the internet and online gaming.

How Can Metaverse Crypto Casinos?

While there’s no doubt that crypto gambling is successful online, it’s undeniable that there’s also a market for crypto casinos in the metaverse. And this may just make crypto casinos even more attractive.

Gaming in Metaverse

For instance, have you ever not questioned why your BTC, no matter how much you have, isn’t good enough for the Las Vegas casinos? This certainly won’t be the case in a metaverse crypto casino.

If you can’t use Bitcoin to play slot machines in brick-and mortar casinos, head over to a metaverse casino. You can virtually walk through its grand halls, play in a table, and mingle with other players. Basically, this is almost everything you can do in Las Vegas, except you no longer have to leave your house and that you can use crypto.

Another way crypto casinos can thrive in the metaverse is by providing players with an immersive gaming experience. Remember Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt? This is a virtual reality game launched by Evolution which is based on the popular NetEnt slot Gonzo’s Quest. With more virtual crypto games like this one, along with the visually pleasing live games like Dream Catcher, casino players in the metaverse are sure to have a leveled-up crypto iGaming experience.

And as for what keeps a metaverse crypto casino up and running—advertising. With Meta’s planned metaverse, along with existing and upcoming ones, one can only imagine how companies can effectively reach their target audience. Now, you no longer receive ads in your devices, but your avatars may just soon do as well.

At the core of all these lies the simple fact that with a Metaverse crypto casino, you can physically—albeit in a virtual world—play crypto games using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. This is one thing you cannot do inside a Las Vegas casino—something that many crypto casino players will gladly be up for. And this will be just the exact driving force for crypto casinos to find its new home in the metaverse.

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