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In the increasingly developing world of cryptocurrency, it is important to find the right wallet that suits your needs. This is especially true when you are using your coins to play casino games. You would want a payment method that not only enables quick transactions but also protects your funds from being stolen.

BitGo aims to be your solution for fuss-free and secure casino transactions on the blockchain network. Launched in 2013, the solutions provider started by introducing the industry’s first multi-signature hot wallet. Now, BitGo is one of the world’s largest processors of crypto transactions, offering additional solutions such as business wallets and private blockchain networks.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use BitGo’s Wallet

There are many crypto wallets out there, such as, Coinbase, and Electrum. But the following features make BitGo stand out from the rest of the tools in the industry:

1| Multi-Currency Support

BitGo started out exclusively storing Bitcoin. But now, it can store over 100 crypto coins and tokens. And with new coins coming out regularly, the wallet makes available some of these digital currencies right away, depending on technical stability, market cap, and liquidity.

2| Security Measures

One of BitGo’s strengths is the security measures it has in place. Your wallet is protected with multi-signature authentication, two-factor authentication, and more. That way, you can be sure that no third party will come close to getting a hold of your money.

3| Easy Wallet Access

The wallet is available for use on both desktop and mobile devices. If you are using your desktop or laptop, you can access your BitGo wallet online. You can also download and install software that is compatible with Windows and Linux. On the other hand, BitGo has apps available for Android and iOS devices.

How to Use BitGo

BitGo makes it easy for you to generate a wallet. All you have to do is follow these three easy steps:

1| Create an Account

Simply go to the website and sign up to create a personal wallet account. For security purposes, you have to provide your name, an email address, and a password. After sending your info, check your email for the activation link and you can use your wallet afterward.

2| Activate Security Measures

The simplest security measure you can activate on BitGo is the two-factor authentication system. This can be done using Google Authenticator. Just download the authenticator in your phone and you can choose to scan a QR code or key in a password to protect your wallet from third parties.

3| Deposit Your Crypto Coins

After setting up your wallet, you can now make a deposit. Once you access the wallet interface, click on the Receive icon. BitGo will then generate a deposit address where you can send your crypto coins to.

BitGo is definitely up there as one of the payment providers you can trust, thanks to its secure and easy-to-use-features. You can use this wallet as a payment method on online casinos like BitStarz, FortuneJack, mBit Casino, and more.

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