EcopayzEcopayz is one of the go-to payment methods for many online players. Many online casino and gambling sites accept this e-wallet service.

Ecopayz offers a variety of payment products that can fit to your Bitcoin poker and other gaming needs. Two of its most notable examples are its EcoCard and EcoVirtualCard.

Background info

Ecopayz began its service in 2000 as EcoCard. The company’s first customers are those within the UK. The company changes its name to Ecopayz at some point in the future. This move is to show that the company’s different payment services. EcoCard is currently one of the company’s products at this time.

Ecopayz became a regulated money transfer company in 2008. In 2009, the e-wallet joins MasterCard to create a physical card. It was also in this year that the team has its own mobile app for apple phones and tablets. The physical cards and mobile app make it easier for its customers to make payments.

Opening an e-wallet is easy and free. In order to use a credit or debit card to load your e-wallet, you will need to go through verification steps. Fortunately, this step is actually easy. The e-wallet will perform a small deposit which is between one to two EUR. Once done, you can check your credit or debit card online to see how much was the deposit or check on a bank receipt. When you have the exact amount of the deposit, you can enter the amount on your account to verify your card.

You do not need to own a credit or debit card just to send money to your e-wallet. The company accepts deposits from your local bank. You can also do an international bank deposit to fund your digital wallet.

EcoCard and EcoVirtualCard products

An EcoCard is basically a MasterCard that you can avail from Ecopayz. This works as a credit card for shops or companies that accept MasterCard. What makes this card great is how there is no long bank process that you have to through in order to get it. You can also use the card in Bitcoin casinos that do not accept the e-wallet. This includes some Bitcoin casinos that only take credit cards and the digital currency.

The EcoVirtualCard is a prepaid payment card that you can use for places that take a MasterCard. The card is only for a one time use. Much like the EcoCard, you do not need to sign up for a bank account just to get a virtual card.